First Impressions – Inferna 2019 – New Indie MMORPG

First Impressions – Inferna 2019 – New Indie MMORPG

What’s up guys, welcome back..As you can tell,
I am still sick…Which is why there haven’t been any videos lately and why this video
is a bit later than I thought, I literally couldn’t get out of bed for like 4 days due
to the flu but I dragged myself out of bed for this video. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Inferna,
a new indie mmorpg released on the 20th of december on steam. It’s a free to play game and yeah, let’s go. Right off the bat, this game is very blatantly
very unfinished, very low funded and for that reason I’ll try and be a bit less harsh on
the product as I would be if it was a fully funded, semi legit game. I was actually surprised though that in their
discord, they have a bunch of people who were waiting for the game so that’s off to a good
start. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt
where possible and I don’t like talking negatively about games that are clearly very early on…But
they opened up the game for review when they published it on steam, they also asked me
to review the game so here it is. When you are getting into the game you have
4 classes, the warrior, wizard, assassin and half demon. Warrior wizard and assassin are pretty self
explanatory, half demon seems to be some kind of spellblade style class, or battle mage
whatever you like to call it. Using weapons up close and then spells at
range. I picked the wizard and got started on the
game, it is worth mentioning that there is no gender locking which is a bonus I guess. Immediate reaction upon loading into the game
was…Damn this game is rough. The font of the character names just existing
on the screen going everywhere, that’s really bad. Fortunately you can turn names off so that’s
alright I guess. The interface is serviceable, there’s not
really a lot going on to be honest, it’s simple and does the job it needs to do. Starting off I equipped a 2 handed staff,
I didn’t have any abilities and was told to kill 15 foxes…That wasn’t exactly fast or
fun when the combat involved left clicking a fox and waiting 30 seconds for my character
to auto attack it, if it even did auto attack it and didn’t just stand there swinging at
thin air. I eventually equipped a wand and that was
slightly less buggy but still, not really what I’d call a thrilling gaming experience
so far. Apparently I needed to get to level 5 to unlock
some spells so I did that, followed along the quest line which is about as basic as
you could imagine and to be honest something it seems they threw together in the last seconds
before publishing the game as the quests were literally 1 hour long total and involed run
to this area, talk to this guy, he will tell you to kill 15 animals, then the next guy
will be absolutely miles away and will tell you to kill 30, then the next guy will be
again miles away and tell you to kill 50 and repeat, all the way up to 150…Then the quest
line ends and you’re on your own. So make of that what you will, I personally
don’t need quests in a game to enjoy it, in fact some of my favorite mmorpgs of all time
don’t have a single quest and are sandbox games. This game however doesn’t seem to be a sandbox
since it haas levels and level requirement gear but also has no quests so that’s a bit
of a head scratcher. Well I got my spells, combat improved slightly
because now I had 1 button to press that did some AoE compared to my just left clicking. In terms of the map and the aesthetics of
the game which are massively important, the map looks good…Like graphics wise, aesthetics
wise, this isn’t the worst indie mmorpg I’ve ever seen, it’s actually half decent looking. The map especially looks half decent, not
the best I’ve ever seen but certaintly not the worst. The issue is of course is that the entire
map is basically one big invisible wall. Like the worst I’ve ever seen in a game before,
I thought Astellia was bad and their linear maps with invisible walls everywhere, that’s
like the most free game in the world compared to this one. At least in that game the map accurately reflected
where the walls started and ended so you could know you can’t walk into this area or whatever….In
Inferna, the whole map looks like you can walk around it, but you’ll get stuck literally
on nothing, constantly and it’s massively annoying for me. Like you’ll try to walk off a road and you
just can’t, try to walk up a slight incline of a hill that is still on the road, you can’t,
try to walk by a tree, you can’t, try to walk by a wolf, you can’t…You just get stuck
inside everything. At one point I legitmately thought I was playing
a game about escaping an invisible maze because I tried to take a shortcut over a hill and
got stuck walking backwards and forwards trying to find my way out of this hell. Let’s take a break from the negatives and
talk about something I liked about the game. They have player shops, which is kinda cool. They have gear drops off even low level creatures
that are for high levels like I got a couple items off level 1-5 mobs for level 29 which
is interesting, I think that is an undervalued aspect of mmorpgs now days, being able to
find cool stuff that might be rare and worth money from a low level. The spell effects are pretty cool…Like out
of the ordinary cool. At least as a wizard and a few others I saw
from some other classes. It came totally out of nowhere like the spells
are about the only truly impressive thing in the game, it’s unfortunate that they way
you control them is awful. Also if you look at their discord in the announcement
section…They’ve been putting in some fucking work man. Like they’re dropping patches and fixes out
left right and center even in just 2 days from release. So they’re obviously committed to this, which
I respect massively. Unfortunately that’s about it for things I
enjoyed. One thing I’ll say also is that the controls
of this game are really, really bad. Like the saving grace for a game this unpolished
could always be the combat…But it’s just awful. The visuals of the spells as I mentioned early
is really, really cool. The actual reality of using them though? Terrible. You have to click an enemy to target them
before you cast, clicking an enemy also makes you attack them…Which then makes them move
so if you click to attack then use a spell, they could legitmately have moved away from
where your spell will land by the time it activates. So you have to take damage from creatures
as a wizard to actually cast spells and just stand there. Also clicking an enemy basically animation
locks you into aan auto attaack that for some reason would never end, so I legitmately got
killed repeatedly by clicking an enemy and then trying to run away and just couldn’t,
spammed all my buttons to try and run away and couldn’t stop attacking, it’s just a bad
system. Sometimes my spells didn’t even register damage…Which
is not good when they’re on a massive cooldown. It also has no jump…Which I hate in mmorpgs
anyways but it seemingly has no jump for just no reason I can tell right off the bat and
the spacebar actually makes you attack…Which is just super weird. It just seems like the game is very early,
like way earlier than you should be launching an mmorpg especially if it’s supposed to have
structured content. Like it feels empty in terms of actual stuff
to do and features even from early levels. As soon as the quests ran out and the game
was basically telling me to progress I had to go back to a location and grind the same
boars or wolves over and over for minimum a few hours to get to the level required to
leave this zone, I immediately turned the game off. The issue you have when you launch an mmorpg
is that you need the new player experience to be good so it draws people in, this isn’t
a game that is going to be drawing a lot of people in based on the first 2 hours of gameplay…It’s
basically just killing the same mobs over and over again in the same area, running from
the same exact spot to and from to hand in quests…Which yeah you could say that’s what
most themepark mmorpgs are but at least in those there’s some good writing, some cutscenes
maybe, some structure to the gameplay and polish most importantly. Inferna doesn’t have any of that and I can’t
really blame them because they’re a small team making a gaame that small teams typically
can’t make well, it’s just too much work. That’s why small teams usually make sandbox
games, if this game was a sandbox you could get away with what they’ve done here…But
it isn’t…So they can’t. You get this terrible quest line that structures
your gameplay and shows you almost nothing except how to genocide foxes and then it just
stops and you’re like okay well, guess that tiny bit of structure is gone now what do
I do? Genocide foxes for the rest of the game or
move onto these wolves or these boars to then move through a gate like thing at level 15
minimum to the next zone where I’m told there is also no quests. On top of that, performance wise…The game
is just not good. Like actually the minute to minute fps of
the game isn’t awful, it’s not the worst I’ve seen in fact it’s probaably better than some
of those unreaal engine 3 games you see released out of korea once a year that are an absolute
computer destroying abomination.. But the game just crashes randomly. Like 2 hours of gameplay and I crashed 4 times
and not a normal crash, like the game logged me out to character select and made my cursor
vanish. So all I could do was quit the game and load
it back up. That as well as a few slight freezes for a
second here or there. So It’s actually not the worst at this but
definitely not polished. Monetisation wise, which is always a big sticking
point..The game isn’t terrible for this but it’s also not great either. They basically haave a cash shop with potions
in it, you buy the potions and they give you a boost. Coins are 100 for 10 dollars us, you can buy
potions for 15 coins eaach, they all last 4 hours each and give boosts such as 25% loot
drop rate, 20% move speed, 25% exp gain and 25% monster gold drop. They also had a potion which did more monster
damage but people said it waas p2w and it was removed almost immediately. That about covers everything I experienced
really…I know I say this all the time but I try to judge games based on their station
so I’m not going to talk about Inferna and compare it to even a mid sized korean mmorpg
and give them the same length of rope to hang themselves with so to speak, because they’re
different scenarios. So while I was a bit critical in this video
about this game, if this was a game that I knew had a team that were paid full time for
this and they had worked on it years and charged a price for it…I’d be tearing that ass up
right now. But it’s a free to play game made by god knows
who, in god knows how much time and it’s obviously just too early for the game. I honestly wish they had waited a few months
or a year and just ironed out some of these really simple, rookie mistakes that they have
even in the beginner area and then I’d have probably been more receptive to playing it
for a longer time. The thing is with first impressions for me,
I’ll usually play the game for about 4-8 hours to get a good idea of what the actual first
impressions are, with the intent to move onto a full review with much more hours played. I knew after 2 hours of inferna that another
2-6 hours would be a waste of time and no full review will follow unless they drastically
improve the game. It’s just one of those things, if the beginning
area is that buggy and such a mess, it’s not going to get any better guys, that’s just
how it is. Unless they designed the game with absolutely
zero thought and made the end game amazing and the early game a challenge to see how
fast they can make you quit, it just isn’t likely to get better. What you see with this one is basically what
you get and that is a game that will likely have a tiny niche of players who are die hard
fans for whatever reason and it eventually dies off or exists in this permanent space
of almost dead and not talked about for years. It feelsbadman to be mostly negative about
a project that they’re likely very proud of and that they obviously care about…I mean
case and point is them same day removing an item that people considered could be p2w,
they obviously care about the health and longevity of their game which makes it even worse of
a feeling for me to then come in and use my platform to talk negatively about it….But
at the same time, it’s released into the public domain at this point into early access. So it’s open to criticism and they asked me
to review the game…So here it is. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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