First to Find KEY Wins GAME MASTER TESLA! (Secret meeting reveals Daniel is next target)

First to Find KEY Wins GAME MASTER TESLA! (Secret meeting reveals Daniel is next target)

– Do you hear that? – Yeah, what is that? It’s a phone. – What? – It’s a phone. They left a phone. It says, first to find keys
wins game master Tesla. We must’ve intercepted a message between the quadrant network. – They left the quadrant phone. – [Man] Oh! – Look Matt, there’s coordinates. If we get there first, we can
win the game master’s Tesla. – And we have the disguises when we took over the safe house. – Let’s get going. – [Man] Let me see this
phone real quick, hold on. So, if the quadrant sent out this message, that means other quadrant
members might have it too, right? – Oh no! So, we need to go fast. – Hold on, let me hack in real quick. – [Matt] You have a hacking device? – Yeah, you never know
when you’re gonna need to. Okay, it looks like I can delay it because we intercepted the message beforehand. – Okay, can you delay it for 24 hours? – Not for 24. It looks like the max I
can buy us is 30 minutes. – [Matt] 30 minutes? – 30? Then we need to go fast. – Yeah, we gotta hurry. And 30 minutes. Let’s go. – Okay, grab the disguises. ZamFam, smash the thumbs
up button right now if you think we should go and try to win back the game master’s Tesla. Daniel, grab the pants. I’ll get the hoodie. – I got the pants. – Matt, get the masks. – So, it looks like this place is at the Museum of Selfies in Hollywood? – Selfies? – That’s a really public place. – Yeah, and that’s where a lot of YouTubers and Instagrammers go. ZamFam, comment below why you think the quadrant would
be there? It’s so public. – I don’t get it. – [Matt] And did you know the
game master had a Tesla too? – Well yeah, I knew,
cause it goes really fast. – I had no idea. Okay, well we got to go. – [Matt] Let me grab the masks. – Alright guys, this is the coordinates, definitely. – So how do we know for sure this is where the challenge takes place? – Hold on. Hold on. – Get Back, get back. Okay, well, we need to follow him, right? – Yeah. Everybody, put on your masks. – Okay. – I got my mask right here – Matt! – Where’s ours? – You guys didn’t grab the masks? – We told you to grab our masks. – I didn’t hear that! – I told you to grab everyone’s. – I only have one mask. – Only one? – So there’s three of us, and one mask? – We gotta be, like, stealthy, Like, spy intensively. – Yeah. – We gotta know how not to be seen. – Exactly. – Yeah, I’ve done this before. Remember, with RZ Twin,
I pretended to be her. So we just need to not
show our face, Daniel. – How do I look? – [Daniel] I think you
need to put the hood on. There we go. – Smash that thumbs up button. Good luck you guys. – Alright, we gotta win a Tesla. Woah. – Where do we go? – He must’ve gone up the stairs, probably. Museum of Selfie, and there’s
like a phone on the stairs, you guys see that? – [Daniel] Oh wow. – What are we looking for? – We’re looking for the quadrant member. What is this place? Mona Lisa? It looks like, like Kylie Jenner lips, but on the Mona Lisa. – [Daniel] Matt, where are you going? – In here, but it’s
like a secret trap door. – Maybe there’s another
one, where he went in. – [Daniel] Maybe we need
to keep our eyes out for something like that. – Like he went in the trapdoor? – Yeah! I mean, think about it. This place is a public location. So the only reason they’d have it here is if there is if there was some type of hidden room or hidden
door from inside here. We need your guys’ help
looking for a hidden door, or a secret door, or a
trapdoor of something, alright, ZamFam? – -for a giant woof bomb – Okay, this looks like
the quadrant stuff. – [Daniel] Oh, you’re right. – But Matt, you have to put the mask on if we see the quadrant
as soon as possible. Look! This is like, to give
prospective like you’re- like you’re on a mountain
or building or something. Maybe there’s something
where you have to stand and you can see something. – This like a hook thing of something – [Daniel] Nothing? – No, it’s not there. Hey, wait, Matt. I kinda wanna photo on this. – Right now? – I mean, it’s for, like,
Youtube, Instagrammers. Might as well take a photo – Rebecca, it’s the Museum of Selfies. – [Daniel] Yeah, you gotta selfie it. – Oh. Comment below if you think I should do a full photo shoot here.
Obviously, we don’t have time right now, but when it, opens, maybe I’ll be able to take pictures. – Do you see any trap,
hold on it looks like there’s something right here, See that? I feel like were missing it Is this place even open
yet? I haven’t seen anybody – No, its not open yet that’s why I thought it was weird that this is the location. – Maybe were on a time limit right now we need to get everything
done before it opens – Yeah, we need to find that trap door as soon as possible Whoa, look – I’m gonna put back on the mask – Yeah yeah yeah – This could be it this could be the hidden door – Look it there’s two doors here and then ill go over here? – [Daniel] Okay we-well take this way okay, careful Matt – Quadrant, quadrant now – Guys, what are you doing? – [Daniel] What? What? – Oh my gosh look, Its a fake mirror! – [Daniel] Oh that’s cool – [Daniel] Hold on, I’m gonna go around Really cool – You think you’ve outsmarted me – Oh my gosh this is so weird – Okay okay okay we gotta- we gotta finish checking – [Daniel] Okay this is it right? – [Rebecca] Its locked – Its locked – Gold? This is like the quadrant masks – [Daniel] Is there a way to get in there? – This room has to be – [Daniel] Nothing in here, no – ZamFam let us know if you see any hidden doors in here – [Rebecca] Oh, how pretty its a sunset Out of all the places, why would the quadrant pick this place to hide keys to a Tesla Matt, what is that? – Come here – [Daniel] Whoa Matt, you okay? Oh, he’s fine – Giant ballpit? Its like a ballpit of emojis Oh my gosh – [Daniel] Maybe the trap doors in here – Maybe its in here – [Daniel] Keep, search in here – This is so cool – Here we go, ah – Isn’t it kinda soft – Its pretty cool – [Daniel] Any luck Matt – Yeah I’m gonna see if
there’s one over here – [Daniel] Okay I don’t see anything – I know hey Daniel, I might take a photo of you – But we still haven’t found a trap door – [Daniel] Yeah and we haven’t I haven’t seen that quadrant member at all – No, where did he go – Maybe there has to be
something in one of these – A trap door to one of the paintings? – [Daniel] Oh, yeah what are these – [Rebecca] Move, oh yeah – [Daniel] Nah, they’re pretty secure – ZamFam, there’s a door – [Daniel] Oh, lets go check it out – Oh, what – Its like a phone – [Daniel] It is real – Its like an iPhone X – [Daniel] Oh – Look I’m levitating isn’t that cool haaaaa, this is kinda cool – Its like a safe almost? No its just a knob – [Daniel] Okay – I kinda want to do a photo
shoot here because look watch, if you do it from the side Daniel it looks like I’m like upside down holding it – [Daniel] Oh right – Its pretty cool right – [Daniel] Pretty cool – Did you hear that – Who is it? Is it somebody – [Rebecca] Its the quadrant – [Matt] Yeah – [Rebecca] Why are they going on stage? – [Daniel] I don’t know lets follow, we gotta follow right – Its like there’s a hidden room – That’s where its at – Hidden room is on the stage – [Daniel] Ohhhh – Selfie awards – Shhhhh – It looks like they
went through right here – [Daniel] Oh back there, okay – Oh he’s scolding him she must be the leader of the quadrant – The quadrants afraid of her – [Rebecca] Look look,
she’s handing a paper – New recruits did you hear that? – Yeah – Did she say three items? – Yeah, its like a mask – [Rebecca] A star, and then like a – Tro-trophy? – Yeah yeah it looks like a trophy – Or something – Yeah – I’m getting a message its a riddle – Daniel – Hide – [Matt] They’re coming, come on come on – Hey hey hey – [Daniel] Go go go go hurry hurry – Okay, we need to get out we need to get out, come on this way – Come on come on – Okay – [Matt] Were going out this way? – Matt, Daniel and I are turned around – [Daniel] Okay I’m gonna
turn the camera around but I can’t show my face – Ha ha – Okay I-I thought it was down here Okay See ya there – Okay, so lets start
searching for the three items no ones here yet – Yeah, we have the
clues we have the riddles – What did the riddles say Daniel? – [Daniel] Hold on let me – That you intercepted. Okay – Okay first one days, hit a home run to take home the win and then there’s a smiley emoji face – Okay – And you can’t mask what wasn’t seen – And the final was it that- it just A star is born – Star is born ZamFam comment below which
rooms we should look in okay homerun, homerun we’ve seen some of the rooms go in there – Lets go check it out – Oh! Emoji there were the balls – [Matt] Lets go lets go – Okay – Lets check in here – Okay, Matt we need your help too – [Matt] Oh, yes, okay – Oh, you found one – I got it I got it – Okay ZamFam Daniel
found the first one so that means we have two more left which is, the mask and the star So the next riddle said something about you can’t mask what wasn’t seen – [Matt] There’s a room we
didn’t check out over there – Oh in the corner, here Matt, ill – [Matt] I don’t remember any mask at all – [Daniel] Okay – [Rebecca] The mask – Maybe it has something to do with photos Van Gogh we can’t mask what wasn’t seen – Hold on hold on hold on this room over here is an
exact replica of this painting – [Daniel] Oh you’re right – What if its like one of those puzzles where there’s something
different in the photo than in this room ZamFam right now were
gonna put the photo up here I want you to comment if you can see any differences between
this room and the photo maybe that’s where the clue is So Matt, do you see a chair – Oh yeah, you know, ill
stay over at the painting while you look over there okay I see two chairs, there’s a desk – Desk – [Matt] Two bottles that
looks exactly like that there’s a towel hanging kind of – [Rebecca] Towel hanging
and like a window mirror – [Matt] The towel, look,
is at a different spot is there something on the towel? – No – [Daniel] Nothing? – Nothing on the towel – The bed – [Rebecca] The bed, okay – Everything looks good on the bed – Okay there- are there
shirts hanging on a- a rack? – [Matt] There’s two shirts on
the right and one on the left – [Daniel] Oh, so the shirts are different – Is there a heart – [Matt] There’s no heart – [Daniel] No heart? – There’s no heart – [Daniel] He’s right – [Matt] No, there’s no heart – Looks like a piece of paper or something its a little arrow come here, its the mask! – [Daniel] Oh – [Matt] Grab it grab it – That means we found two of the things we just need the last one – [Matt] What’s the last clue – Okay the last clue was a star is born – A star is born ZamFam do you remember any
of the rooms that we’ve been in already because we’ve done all of them now this was the only one we missed – A star is born was
a movie, famous people won an award – [Matt] Yeah lady gaga – There were the selfie awards remember where the secret room was – Oh yeah the stage – Yeah lets go there – Okay lets go – Okay, a star is born – Here here, okay switch – Let me know if you guys see anything – There’s so many tiny places here – I know – [Daniel] I don’t see anything – What it it, it looks like it was like a a gold star – [Daniel] Right – With like a little,
crystals on it or something – [Daniel] Diamonds maybe – Yeah like rhinestones or something – Comment down below is
you see it anywhere in here I think were in the right spot – We’ve searched for these in escape rooms sometimes the clues have been higher up so maybe-maybe its a clue higher do you guys see anything up, awards? – Matt – [Matt] There it is – Can you get it – I got it – Wait, so that means we have all three hold on, this makes sense you guys why they have it here this is where youtubers
and influencers come Daniel – [Daniel] To take photos – And what do they do
they can hack into phones – What if their grabbing
information about the influencers – Exactly or is getting
access to their phone – Okay we-we need to do
this so we can get the tesla – We have all three items now – So now we just need to present it so we can get the keys
to the game masters tesla – Okay the only place we haven’t
gone yet is right up here maybe its like, up here there-there he is – He’s there ZamFam smash the thumbs up
button to give us good luck so we can get through and so the quadrant does not figure out that we were in here Daniel and I can’t go over
there we don’t have masks on – Okay, I’m gonna create a distraction and you guys run by okay? – Okay, okay what are you gonna do – Don’t worry, ill take care of it – Yeah, I have all three
items this one is this oh, oh – Nows our chance – oh sorry, I’m so sorry – Come on – Here okay, okay – ZamFam, there’s a real
quadrant member right over there – [Daniel] Oh no, Matts
gonna be in trouble – [Matt] Uh oh uh, I gotta go, bye Come one run, run, run – [Daniel] Lets go – Come one now. Come on Daniel whoa come on come on – I got this – Daniel, there’s like
an exit sign right there if we can get to there – [Daniel] Oh you’re right you’re right – Okay – Come on come on come on – [Matt] Run, run – [Daniel] Lets go – Right there right there right there – [Daniel] The tesla – Come on – [Daniel] Yeah this is it this is it – Oh, go okay – Okay – [Rebecca] I can’t believe we did it – [Daniel] Just go go go – [Daniel] I just got a
message and its giving us the next coordinates – What – [Daniel] Yeah you, make I
a left, yeah and just keep going straight just keep driving straight – [Rebecca] Okay right up here? – [Daniel] Yeah just keep going – Whoa, what’s going on Matt – What-what’s happening – Wait why’d you stop what – [Daniel] What’s going
on with the screen? – Tricking the quadrant is one thing but tricking me is another I’m shutting this tesla down – Its the person in the red
hood that we saw earlier – And he hacked the car – And I’m coming for you – Okay ZamFam so we need
to get to the next location this tesla isn’t working we need to figure out how to get there check out the video on
our Matt Rebecca channel it’ll be right here and hopefully we get to location 2 let us know if you found any clues in our other videos and
we’ll see you guys soon – You think you’ve out smarted me? HaHa, let the games begin

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