FIRST VLOG (late night cricket match)

FIRST VLOG (late night cricket match)

asalam-u-alaikum todays’s situation is like this that i woke up in the morning at 3am ,after that i offered namaz then i did iftari and now i prayed Taraveeh after praying Taraveeh,now we friends are gathered to play cricket and there’s the team waiting fo some boys they are gone to buy ball and tape e.t.c recent update is that our friends and group its not zooming well they were playing football they got to knew that we are playing cricket here so they came out that’s called BROSHIP after some time so the legend person has arrived atleast show ur face bride shies like this ok come! lets meet *LAUGHS* so the situation is when you are in problem so make solution out of it so its our is this a story? yes! this is story too,put this too WoOoOooOw!!!!! chaudhry sir! how are you feeling after getting out What?? how are you feeling after getting out Don’t say 18+ content i’ve to mute it now so the match has been finished and now we’re at Tea corner,to have tea as usual he has scored many sixes of chuss(lame jokes) you would’ve seen many singles,very single,but not as single as him poor soul see his pain but still he is smiling motivation late night walk to digest the Iftar ok brother! ALLAH-HAFIZ We’ve come to have Lassi(desi punjabi’s drink) i thought you are clicking picture we’ve done sahri,we are here to fill the remaining space in stomach ok so finally i’ve arrived at home and with this today’s vlog comes to an end and any suggestion you would like to give because my editing is very weak,i know so any suggestion you would like to give,so do give them so that i could make more better vlogs

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  1. Sehri ker lee aor jo jaga bachi hai wo lassi bghar….? roza kaha gaya?

  2. Han to kal kya scene hai?

  3. Music very loud and picture so dark mostly

  4. xD dude. Keep it up

  5. Hahahaha itni hassi ajj tak nahee aayeee

  6. Haha haha haider bhai nice editing lol

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