Focus More while batting | Concentration Improvement | Nothing But Cricket

Focus More while batting | Concentration Improvement | Nothing But Cricket

Hello viewers ! Welcome to NBC in this video am gonna tell you how to focus more while batting and also gonna mention where the concentration will be distracted and how to overcome it.. from the beginning many of them were asking for this video.. There is a simple solution which I will mention in the end of this video.. meanwhile I’ll talk about the distractions so if you overcome the distractions you can focus more and go for huge scores so before going into the topic please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol so that you can receive instant notification whenever I post a video.. lets go into the video so first of all I’ll mention 5 main distractions that can happen when you are batting so that you can focus more in these instances first distraction is that happens after drinks break you might have noted during IPL after every drinks break there will be a fall of wicket and the commentators will also mention that this is the most common distraction When I was playing 3 day matches , batsmen often gets out after tea breaks and lunch breaks a well settled batsman will be playing in a flow with more focus until a break he’ll go inside the pavilion with the confidence he had when he returns to the crease after the break it’s difficult to have the same touch as he had before break So he should start his innings from the beginning as if he is playing from ball one.. then slowly he’ll get his touch after playing number of balls in the middle by having intense focus if he is gonna play the same way as he was playing before break without settling then surely he will get out second kinda distraction happens is when an injury occurs… when an injury happens during an innings it might distract you even if it is less painful your thoughts will be centralized towards that sore part so when the bowler bowls the same delivery in same line you might change your technique coz of fear so if you get hurt and if you feel like you will not be able to continue , walk out without second thoughts.. it’s a much better option comparing loosing your wicket if the situation requires your presence in the field then it’s a different case but if you are batting first and nothing will change if you walk out then don’t overthink.. just walk out .. and wait for the next chance which you’ll be getting down the order.. third type of distraction is coz of sledging.. sledging is nothing but the humiliation caused by the close-in fielders or bowlers by words or action to the batsmen by doing this they’ll try to distract the batsmen It’s a really sportive aspect in cricket it’s a healthy habit as it brings the best outta the individual.. they might be friends off the field but inside they might sledge in the spirit of the game it should be taken lightly but if you are a victim then you gotta focus only on ball, bowler and batting without any distractions if you are being sledged then just talk to yourself to focus only in the game.. then surely your focus will be only in batting fourth distraction occurs when you reach a milestone when you score a half century or century or when you are in the brink of victory your mind will start to relax assuming that you have achieved it already.. so when ever you feel satisfied after achieving a milestone surely distraction occurs only when you are hungry for runs and stay unsatisfied , you’ll be able to focus more but when you think you’ve achieved something then distraction occurs which will lead to loosing wicket this is the fourth distraction fifth and most important kinda distraction occurs due to over confidence It is not necessary that you gotta carry the overconfidence while walking to the crease when you get some loose balls and score runs of it and continue hitting the follow up good balls then you’ll loose the wicket coz always you gotta play for the merit of the ball and not slog with overconfidence and then when you have got enough runs of the over then you should play sensibly by rotating singles and playing along the ground instead if you play with over confidence then you’ll end up loosing your wicket so during that time we have to focus more and play sensibly for the merit of the ball so that you can survive and overcome overconfidence factor there is a simple solution for all these distractions Rahul Dravid is specialist in this people call it SWITCHING ON AND SWITCHING OFF that is , only when you get into the stance you have to switch on your mind when you play a ball and it goes straight to the fielder then that delivery ends there so you have to switch off the mind (focus) at that point during switch off time , you should relax your mind by thinking about something other than match then when the bowler goes to his run up you gotta consciously switch on the mind telling yourself to focus more and get into stance position you can do this technique using various methods.. in initial stages MS Dhoni used to open and close the glove strap before he get into stance position It means that he is switching on himself.. similarly William Porterfield from Ireland used to play a ball then he goes away from the stumps and remove gloves strap and start swinging his hands till the bowler reaches his run up mark he does this then he closes the strap and get into stance position this is different kinda switching on and off technique similarly some players used to draw some symbols near the crease before getting into stance it means that once he draws that symbol he is gonna switch on and focus on the game so before a delivery you gotta switch on once the delivery is over then you gotta switch off intermediate time is for relaxing by doing this you can focus or concentrate only when it is necessary and there will be high focus at the required period of time this might sound simple but is really efficient technique switch on and off technique is all about using the concentration only when needed and relaxing rest of the time which will never lead to any distractions and provides focus in the right time all you gotta do is get ready and switch on when the bowler is ready to bowl you can use any technique for that like glove strap removing or drawing symbols whatever.. from then you gotta focus on the bowler after that when you bat your concentration level will be very high you can play bigger innings with this very simple technique if you find this video useful then leave a like share with friends and before leaving please do subscribe and also press the symbol to get notified whenever i post a video.. thanks for watching !! keep supporting !!

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