Food fights to be thankful for: WWE Playlist

Food fights to be thankful for: WWE Playlist

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  1. Wow, they're wasting food in thanksgiving…….i think that is disrespect the Thanksgiving

  2. I can imagine myself eating food off of Layla and Kelly Kelly's bodies!

  3. Titus threw up during his match 2 after that food eating contest

  4. WWE should be banned, how come wasting food is entertaining.

  5. Don't u have scene in world food crisis are there but ur playing with food bulshit

  6. Excuse me Thanksgiving food fight now this is what I called entertainment ???????????

  7. Eat It Eat It Eat It Eat It?

  8. Play this in countries that are starving

  9. Do you know when my dad will come back with the milk

  10. 0:41 see this ?
    We know it's scripted and fake but please make it look real ?

  11. Still here wondering who pie’d Kevin Owens at that Fourth of July Barbecue…

  12. Oh oh ohhhh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. ???????????????????????

  14. ??? happy Thanksgiving wwe???

  15. Oh no?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  16. ?????????????????????

  17. You’re wasting the food

  18. ????????????????????????

  19. ????????????????????????????

  20. im sure we all miss Debra….

  21. Superb wwe fans hit like?????

  22. This is utter nonsense… spoiling food for whatever is **** nonsense when there are thousands die without a bit of food…

  23. Love u new day ❤??

  24. Nearly half of the world is starving to death, and look at these bastards

  25. 14:46
    I just love how Big show and Foley don’t care and be happy

  26. I hate food fights. Some people worry where the next meal will come from and some people have to choose what bill won't be paid so they can eat. Wasting food is not entertaining to me.

  27. I totally forgot how cute Big Show and Joy Giovanni were <3

  28. Holla.Kelly Kelly fans ❤

  29. Tantos Lugares en el mundo que no tienen Para comer y como la wwe se pone con esas cosas que feo les Quedó. Que feo faelo y no importa que sea un show o entretenimiento les quedo Feisimo.

  30. Legend has it that we still don’t know who threw that pie to Kevin Owens

  31. they actually show Adam Rose and Aj Lee

  32. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving this year

  33. Ridiculous! many people around the world are still fighting with hunger whereas wwe is wasting so much of food in the name of thanks giving. They should think about it

  34. And kids in Africa dont have food to eat and are starving…


  36. I hate Vickie she's such a bad actor

  37. People who think WWE isnt scripted

  38. It's inappropriate to threw foods or to ruin it like that

  39. Haii wwe
    We do not have food everyday..we have no money..
    But u waste food …it is not good

  40. Best tag team in the world New day Rocks

  41. This playlist clearly proves why NXT is doing better than RAW and Smackdown. It's sad that WWE thinks that wasting food is entertainment when millions of people are starving around the world.

  42. Thanksgiving is time for family, but it’s also a time for WWE Superstars to get together.

  43. Ej Kelly Marrise omgggg

  44. No one in their right mind will find this utter waste of food as funny or thankful. Well what else we can expect from privileged first world country.

  45. To everyone saying about the missing "KO getting Pied" , it was on 4th of July, not Thanksgiving.

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