Football Basics : How to Coach Youth Football

Hi, my name’s Otis St. Clair, and I’m here
today to talk to you about how to coach youth football. First and foremost is, use a smaller
ball. And keep it simple. Teach the basic fundamentals. Make it safe. Make it enjoyable.
Teach the basic skills and fundamentals, and most importantly, be positive. Kids normally
react to more positive feedback than they do to negative feedback. So make sure that
if they drop a pass or miss a block, remember they’re only seven, eight years old. They’re
not high school players or college players. So be positive. Tell them they’ll get it next
time. Make it fun for them. Any of the drills that you do, make it a competition for them.
If they’re doing a blocking drill, keep score. You know, just make sure that they’re enjoying
themselves, that they’re having fun. If you’re doing conditioning at the end of practice,
make them race each other so that they know that they’re not really working, but they’re
out they’re playing. They’re having fun. That’s mainly what you have to do with kids is make
sure that they are having fun while they’re working. Because if they’re not having fun,
they’re not going to enjoy it, they’re not going to be as successful as they should be
in the sport. So again, how should you coach football for kids? Make it fun, make it safe,
make it enjoyable. Be positive, and just teach the basics skills and fundamentals. My name
is Otis St. Clair, and that’s how you coach youth football.

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