Football Basics : Passing Route Plays

Football Basics : Passing Route Plays

Hi my name is Otis St. Clair and I am here
today to talk to you about passing route plays. Now every team or every organization has a
passing route tree so I’m going to show you the passing route tree and probably show you
a couple of routes that you can run with your offense. The passing route tree starts with
the wide receiver and goes up like this which would be called the fly route and then off
of that we have our branches. The first branch we will draw is a quick out and that runs
about 3 to 5 yards and then we have a slant route which is also running about 3 to 5,
maybe six yards, going up from there and staying on to the outside we have a deep out, we have
what is called a flat route which is running to the flag part of the in zone and then coming
off of that and going back to the inside we have a curl which used to be called a butt
hook and we would have a post route and then we have what is called an in or square in.
These routes also numbered as well. This one is called a one route for the quick out, two
for the slant, three for the deep out, four for the in and five for the flat and six for
the curl and we have a post corner that I forgot which is the seven route, eight is
for the post route and the nine is the flat route. So that is the passing tree. Our even
numbers are to the inside with the football being right here so if you call an even number
the passing tree, the passing routes are going to the inside so if you call an out route
with an odd number you are going to the outside or towards the sidelines. That is your basic
simple passing route tree. You can make your play book from this tree right here, run your
routes and score touch downs. My name is Otis and that is our passing route plays.

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  2. Fly route is a "9," his 9 just looks like a 7

  3. so for 1st route, you go 3-5 yards in then go to straight down to the right, for 3rd route,you go up w/e yards then you go straight down to the right, then the flag route you run up, then run slant towards a flag? Am I right or wrong someone check me

  4. you forgot about the hich
    going about 5 yards out and then planting and going to the quaterback

  5. wat about comebacks n a corner post and drag n digs…?

  6. @SexSteakSoda lol…or maybe i play reciever for my highschools football team…..didnt think of that tho…

  7. @SexSteakSoda u played in the nfl?


  9. @Jinzune
    someones raging..

  10. @dimant more like ripping

  11. good stuff here man thanks!

  12. truly did help me ! im a girl on north chicago community high school boys football team as sophmore #34 , and ireally do need to make sure ihave this PROGRAMMED in my brain (: thanks ! – Asha , Renee .

  13. @Jinzune u kiddin me man? u will never be good enough to play cfl, it doesnt matter if its not as good as nfl its still pro football and u will never be a pro football player bro

  14. @Italianproductions11 ..this convo is 10 months old….so leave it there -___-

  15. @SexSteakSoda congrats man on the scholarship man. I'm from Australia and play in victorian league I hope I get noticed but its not going to happen though I wont give up. What college you hail from?

  16. thanks man 🙂

  17. Really helpful for me especially because this is my first year playing Football in HS and I'm playing WR, except the 0 route we run a yard and come back to the line of scrimmage.

  18. good job bro beans

  19. FOrgot the shallow

  20. can someone tell me what a hook pass and like a quick and turn or something like that is? I dont care if you call me stupid or whatever..

  21. But a hook route is like mini curl

  22. Thnx now I have a chance

  23. Catching and throwing tackling is easy but the play book is the hard part

  24. Thanks man i just joined the foot ball team at my HS and im a freshman and they put me in Junior varsity and im a freshman and i needed to learn these routes

  25. What about a 0? (Five yard hook)

  26. i see says the bilned man

  27. Do you have videos of how to improve your speed

  28. Thank you so much this was really helpful

  29. This is really helpful because I want to play wr in highschooland now I know a bunch of the plays.

  30. This was very helpful thx man

  31. This guys wrong, 5 is supposed to be an out route not corner. 7 is a corner . the post corner doesn't have a number

  32. thanks bro this is help for me

  33. does the numbers and names apply to every team in football?

  34. what would a wheel route be numbered?

  35. Ok im hearing different things. For example, one video said 1 is an out, another said a 1 is a hitch, and another said a 1 is a curl. So does every team have their own route tree. Videos i find have different numbered routes.

  36. Does every team have their own route tree???

  37. Lol look at the "9" it's a 7

  38. Thank you so much I'm trying out for QB in middle school this year and is is almost exactly how it is in outer play tree.

  39. I learned a lot thanks

  40. Thanks brother just started coaching 3/4 grade, looking for easy passes for that age

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