Football Basics : Running Back Football Drills

Football Basics : Running Back Football Drills

Hi, my name is Otis St. Clair, and I’m here
today to talk to you about, a few running back drills. Now playing running back is one
of the most prestiges positions you can be on the field. But today I’m going to go over
a few drills that will help with some foot work, some cutting, and some balance. First
drill we’re going to do is work on the one foot plank drill. What we’re going to do is
approach the cones, plant one foot, cut, accelerate to the other cone, plant, cut, accelerate
to the other cone, plant, and then accelerate through, which will be our imaginary end zone,
it should look a little bit something like this. So that’s the one foot plant, cone cut
drill, again, plant, accelerate, plant, accelerate, plant, accelerate, accelerate through the
end zone. Next is our hop cut drill. Basically it’s the same thing, except we’re going to
use two feet this time to make our cut this time, instead of one. So follow me as I do
this; we’re here, two feet, two feet, two feet, and accelerate through. That’s for those
guys that like to stop on a dime, make a defender miss, and then run through the cones. Now
the last one is just for balance. This is if you want to get those few extra yards,
this is something you can work on, I call it the one arm bear crawl, but you can call
it what you want. It’s when you’re getting hit, and you’re trying to get that extra yard
or two, what you want to do is, you want to pretend that you’re falling, put your hand
down, and try to crawl for a few yards, something like this, that’s just to help build strength,
work on your balance, so that you get those last few extra yards. So the drills for today
are, our one foot plant and cut, our two foot hop cut, then our one on bear crawl to get
those last extra yards. My name is Otis St. Clair, and those are a few running back drills
for you can do. Have a good time.

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  2. @ludacrisbig Depending on how psychical you are, you be play any position except for O-Line or D-Line

  3. @ludacrisbig play safety can you hit hard?

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  6. These drills are good. I'm going to start doing that 1-hand bear crawl.

  7. Why does the title say football? This is throwegg..

  8. @KingSerjTankian because Americans refer soccer as soccer while the rest of the 6 billion people refer to it as football

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  10. lol that guy shouldnt come here n start an argument about this but i will never call football soccer. its football and american football, unless ur main sport is american football, then thats football. soccer shouldnt even be in the dictionary

  11. Actually its fútbol and football…great video

  12. He needs longer shorts…

  13. you know i think its pretty simple when you do running back.

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