Football Heals the Wounds of War in Darfur | VICE Modern Football Stories

Darfur United! Darfur United! Ramadan. Come in. Come inside! How are you? Thank God
– Thank God This is the kitchen where
we cook and eat. This is my donkey but it’s still
too young to be ridden. Life here is very hard.
We spend our days hustling. That is why I want to play seriously and secure my place on the Darfur United team. I can’t praise myself! Yes. I feel, just, like, one tribe! I put in my mind like, one tribe. Asmaa wa quol “Listen and say” Number one. Hamid is number one. At the beginning, people really stuck to their own tribes because this is tribe X
and that’s tribe Y. It’s insane to see the goal right
there and you can’t score but after everyone realized that unity was a must and we share the same goal we became as united as one body. Leave the music but
change some of the words. “Darfur is beautiful, wth unity and connection, we will create peace, this is how we feel, Darfur is beautiful.” Selectee number five: Abdulraziq Horoon. No, that’s not how it goes. It depends on your skills. All we want is to challenge and make our team an excellent team. I feel so humbled and happy, I can barely express my feelings. Football has different
fundamentals than politics. There is no “tribe”
in football.

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