Football physics: The “impossible” free kick – Erez Garty

Football physics: The “impossible” free kick – Erez Garty

In 1997,
in a game between France and Brazil, a young Brazilian player
named Roberto Carlos set up for a 35 meter free kick. With no direct line to the goal, Carlos decided to attempt
the seemingly impossible. His kick sent the ball flying
wide of the players, but just before going out of bounds,
it hooked to the left and soared into the goal. According to Newton’s first law of motion, an object will move
in the same direction and velocity until a force is applied on it. When Carlos kicked the ball,
he gave it direction and velocity, but what force made the ball swerve and score one of the most magnificent
goals in the history of the sport? The trick was in the spin. Carlos placed his kick
at the lower right corner of the ball, sending it high and to the right,
but also rotating around its axis. The ball started its flight
in an apparently direct route, with air flowing on both sides
and slowing it down. On one side, the air moved in the opposite
direction to the ball’s spin, causing increased pressure, while on the other side, the air moved
in the same direction as the spin, creating an area of lower pressure. That difference made the ball curve
towards the lower pressure zone. This phenomenon is called
the Magnus effect. This type of kick,
often referred to as a banana kick, is attempted regularly, and it is one of the elements
that makes the beautiful game beautiful. But curving the ball
with the precision needed to both bend around the wall
and back into the goal is difficult. Too high and it soars over the goal. Too low and it hits the ground
before curving. Too wide and it never reaches the goal. Not wide enough
and the defenders intercept it. Too slow and it hooks too early,
or not at all. Too fast and it hooks too late. The same physics make it possible to score another
apparently impossible goal, an unassisted corner kick. The Magnus effect was first documented
by Sir Isaac Newton after he noticed it while playing a game
of tennis back in 1670. It also applies to golf balls,
frisbees and baseballs. In every case, the same thing happens. The ball’s spin creates a pressure
differential in the surrounding air flow that curves it
in the direction of the spin. And here’s a question. Could you theoretically
kick a ball hard enough to make it boomerang
all the way around back to you? Sadly, no. Even if the ball didn’t
disintegrate on impact, or hit any obstacles, as the air slowed it, the angle of its deflection
would increase, causing it to spiral into smaller
and smaller circles until finally stopping. And just to get that spiral, you’d have to make the ball spin
over 15 times faster than Carlos’s immortal kick. So good luck with that.

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  1. Grande Roberto Carlos! ????

  2. Make an episode of Quarisma

  3. He kicked it with the left foot. Not the right one

  4. You have to know how to play futbol and be good at it to know how a .00something of a second took for RC to hit that ball, while knowing exactly what he was doing

  5. Ponen el título en español y el hijo de puta video es en inglés :v

  6. Please make video on Cristiano ronaldo's knuckle ball….. Please….Please…..

  7. referees: WOW HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?

  8. Roberto Carlos kicked with his left leg

  9. Actually, it's a wrong explanation of the Magnus effect… According to the explanation in the video, ball would go to opposite side, where relative speed between ball and air is higher (and the pressure is lower, according to Bernulli law). But if you consider the layers of air, rotating with ball because of friction between the ball and air, you'll get the correct picture of pressure distribution, causing a curve trajectory

  10. Altyazı cevirmeninin anasını sikiyorum

  11. In my opinion is just training and luck..

  12. You should do a video on Australian Rules Football (AFL) it's Australia's national sport and we're crazy about it over here but its almost unheard of overseas. The AFL Grand Final is the highest attended club championship event in the world including the super bowl and the players can run upwards of 20kms per game compared to soccer player's 13km. The game is fascinating and unlike any other sport around the world and it's so crazy that its such an institution in Australia but even American sports fanatics have rarely heard of it.

    Check out the video called "What is AFL? Aussie Rules Explained"

  13. He just did it again, check his Instagram lol

  14. His name is Roberto Carlos, his last name is da Silva. Don't call him Carlos, we are not all gringos.

  15. I'm pretty sure all of this wasn't going through his mind when he was about to take the kick

  16. I can give shoot whit some effect but not like that

  17. I bet you 5$ that Roberto don't know anything what you have said ib this video

  18. Just one name:
    Andrea Pirlo

  19. The Roberto Carlos goal wasnt a curve ball…but a knuckleball…look at how little the ball spinned…remember, he was known for his POWER…

  20. سواها قبل روبيرتو كارلوس
    لاعب الهلال موسى نضاو ضد النصر

  21. So Foreigners call it Banana kick, huh? We call it "trivela".

  22. its an old kick – was called cut kick

  23. おそらく日本人1コメ笑


  25. Here, in Brazil, this kick is named "três dedos" or "three fingers". Bc the three fingers of the feet cause this curve…

  26. No one :
    Literally no one:

  27. Por que isso tá nos meus recomendados?

  28. Or use the jabulani soccer/FOOTball of the 2010 fifa world cup

  29. Scientists is Scientists, they don't know the banana shot is very easy ..

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  32. Banana kick? Cerra el orto la concha de tu madre. No sabes un choto

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    yarısi eksik elinin emeğinin amına koyim

  34. Do one for messi's goal vs Atletico Bilbao 2015 Copa del Rey final

  35. The corner kick is called an Olympic goal

  36. Ok read about magnus effect but in reverse mangnus effect why ball curve to high pressure same as in jasprit bhumrha balling tell me

  37. And could You describe bumerang in the same way?

  38. Most people call it “bending the ball” not a “banana kick”

  39. So do with Cricket, as Reverse swing needs the same process. The balls swings on the rough side with the air flow.

  40. I have never once heard the act of curling a free kick being referred to as a "banana kick"…

  41. Football physics: Impossible
    Wind: Anything is possible!

  42. You can just say the wind helped him

  43. you should try to play super shoot soccer on ps1

  44. Wait I swear Carlos did score from a corner when he was playing in turkey or something. I can't remember but he had curved it from deep in the corner and score too

  45. There was wind coming from the right of the stadium, that helped him too.

  46. 日本人いる?

  47. Also make a video on reverse swing of cricket ball

  48. No it never has nor never will be called a banana kick. LOL

  49. Its not just the magnus effect.. its also the air pressure inside the ball which moves to the right of the ball at the point of contact with the boot. While the ball is approaching the goal, the air pressure inside the ball shifts from high pressure area to low pressure, creating a movement towards the left. Goodnight.


  51. Physics: bla bla bla.
    Juninho: hold my beer.

  52. This is educational mom!

  53. E ele conseguiu fazer isso sem ter qualquer estudo de física, e meio que improvisado…é um gênio do futebol

  54. 3:07 hahaha boa tentativa mesmo porque aquela bola que o Roberto Carlos chutou atingiu mais de 100km/h e é o OITAVO CHUTE A GOL MAIS FORTE DE TODOS OS TEMPOS

    tipo,de todos os jogadores que existiram,aquele é oitavo mais forte

  55. What you're missing out on is that the reason why this goal was so sensational was not the curled shot itself. This had been done for decades already. The reason was that the ball didn't fly a regular, steady curl, i. e. from the moment of the kick to the goal, but changed its direction extremely late, and almost in the opposite direction of where it seemed to be curling. Also, curling a ball that was hit as hard as this was something that hadn't been done before. Good video on curves and rotation though!

  56. Who the fuk calls it banana shot

  57. Banana kick?? it’s called a trivela mate

  58. People forget that R. Carlos scored a bunch of blinders… there was the one that was almost from the corner flag… Give him a Nobel peace prize ???????

  59. It’s not a banana kick stop making things up

  60. Yall making a video about a guy, that just took a shot and scored "randomly".

  61. So kicking 15x faster than Roberto Carlos

    Calling Superman …..
    Superman :- sorry call Flash

  62. Long Story Short, He shot a travella

  63. It’s called trivela

  64. Pls explain Faiz Subri's free kick that won him puskas award

  65. You can’t deny
    He was the most inhuman free kick taker of all time

  66. Bruh… I score corner kicks like quite commonly at school so…. JUST WORK HARD ON CORNERS AND YOU CAN SCORE THEM.

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  68. Ну так, то он так. Но именно в гол Карлоса вмешался случай, а именно боковой ветер.

  69. That wasn't his impossible goal. And from a football culture that comes natural whenever you use left or right, there are different ways to kick the ball, what Roberto did in this case is a "tres dedos" (3 fingers shot) meaning hitting the ball with the outside 3 fingers of the foot, causing a high amount of rotation.

  70. 1:33 não não não, isso não se chama "the magnus effect" mas sim "trivela"

  71. Just admit it, Roberto Carlos is a genius ?

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  73. 2:15 This is oficially called paco

  74. Now there are 5 year olds doing it.

  75. nobody ever except for you have referred to that as a banana kick

  76. TED without talking humans.

  77. Yeah. Tell this to bollywood film makers

  78. Now explain Cr7 knuckle ball goals….good luck

  79. Le people before Newton playing football.

    What kind of socerey is this?

  80. kicking with your left to the right and waithing for a spin to the left is hard yes

  81. never heard anybody say "banana kick"

  82. I never knew knuckle balls were so advanced lol

  83. Roberto carlos didn't knew magnus effect to score the goal????

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