Football Training Tips : How to Throw Faster

Football Training Tips : How to Throw Faster

Hi! My name’s Otis St. Clair. Today I’m here
to talk to you about how to throw faster. What I mean by throw faster is: How to get
rid of the football quicker, with a quicker release so that you can avoid the sack and
complete a pass and score a touchdown. Now, in a three-step drop back, or five-step drop
back, the best thing to do is keep the ball up high. So it’s not to bring the ball from
here up — that will help you get sacked. So, when you’re dropping back, in your three-step
or five-step drop back, is to bring the ball up here. With the ball being up here as you’re
dropping back, you’ll step, throw, release. It’s a very quick action and shouldn’t take
much time. It should look a little bit something like this: (Demonstrates technique.) With
the ball up that high, you can get rid of the ball faster. Here I’ll show you what it
looks like if you don’t have the ball there: (Demonstrates technique.) See how I had to
bring the ball up? Wasted time and a wasted step. So, as we close, what we need to do
to throw the ball faster is keep the ball up by our head in our drop back and then release.
(Demonstrates technique.) And that’s how to throw the ball faster. My name’s Otis: Don’t
get sacked!

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  1. "Don't get sacked"….nice =)

  2. yeah and you play in the nfl right?

  3. That is not football where is the foot contact with the ball. A ball is round and should be kicked with the foot hence the name foot….ball!!!!!!!!

  4. …..hehe… sacked…..

  5. listen you limey, take your crappy soccer ethics someplace else. actually, American footballs are produced using materials from dead Brits like yourself. oh, and a bit of love, too!

  6. How about calling it hand egg or egg throw what do you think???

  7. By soocer do you mean the game people play using their feet and a round ball from the latin balloon. Stick that in your pipe mate ….

  8. hehehe, no thanks. i don't fuck guys.

  9. Thanks Oatus.
    I was expecting football throw ins as in soccer, and this guy isn't very funny, wheres the punch line

  10. I could have figured that out…

  11. wow that is not correct. the ball should be up but not above your shoulder. peck height is where it needs to be, that way if your rushed from the backside the ball is better protected. if you want a quick release it needs to be short and controlled, higher is better, but not that high.

  12. if you think "soccer" players aren't tough enough, its because you never played here in south america…

  13. will you stop, you dont have a clue what you are talking about, amercian football players are covered from head to toe in padding,and all that happens them is they get thrown to the ground

  14. yea prob a majority of the kickers do…ive never saw a 300 pound soccer player…ive seen 110 lb mexicans play soccer and they ridicolous endurance and are skinny as shit!

  15. omg shut up football is fucking insane dude i messed up my thumb severly i tore my ucl(ulnar collateral ligiment) thats the ligiment on the inside part of your thumb making a block..i cant do shit now…ive had the wind knocked outta me numerous times football is a great sport and if you dont play for a actual team then stfu and go kick a soccer ball

  16. he better at football then you fagets

  17. Yes, and we call it football here. Get over it.

  18. Sorry to come off as an ass with my comment . . by here I mean the U.S.A. We don't refer to it as "gridiron" here. In fact, the word "gridiron" is VERY seldom used. We always refer to it as "football," so videos like this aren't titled "Football tips" to mislead people and get more views . . they're titled that way because it's what we call the game and what we look for when we search for videos. How do you think I came across this one? I searched for football videos, not gridiron videos!

  19. I agree, it can be extremely confusing. I think it's stupid that we named our sport "football" when we could have easily named it something else and avoided confusion/conflicts all together.

  20. i totally agree. And if you were smart enough, you would search soccer instead of football, since they are different games in america

  21. thats a complete lie. playing AYSO as a 3rd grader doesnt count

  22. I don't know why he says to hold the ball up to your ear… NFL coaches teach holding the ball between the numbers, with the top of the ball line with the top of the numbers…
    ex: watch Montana on a 3 step drop

  23. hes holding/throwing it, its a foul.

  24. Tom Brady never holds the football that high, but Manning does.

  25. looks like he throws like a girl

  26. You hit that spot on, there is no "perfect" way to play Quarterback. Everyone has their own style of play as you already pointed out

  27. 1:04 In our back drop… our drop back. lol

  28. kk boss i wont get sacked

  29. back drop umm drop back no dack brop ! SHIT!

  30. Ya now that "skeezy" knows how to throw faster. Now all he needs to know is how to spell.

  31. lmao this dude is even slow throwing like that, he must not watch alot of football.

  32. if you want to learn how to thorw a football faster I suggest you just look at clips of a pro, look at how they move an throw. pratcie how they do it an you'll surely be able to step up your game.

  33. dumb ass he played football

  34. lol…just watch tapes of greats like Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Steve Young, and Peyton Manning….
    you'll step your game up

  35. WTF LOL the form is horrible at the end u dropped the ball right before release

  36. This isnt Football this is american fucking rugby with more violence cause they dont even use theyre feet to play only to walk or run!!!omfg

  37. when i throw it i make shure my foot is where i want to trow it becuase that is where u are going to throw (that is why im good at soccer and bowling too) and at the end of my throw i point to the person i want to throw it to….just some small tips

  38. So not only are you vulnerable to being sacked, but you're telling the defenders who you're passing to!?

  39. yo dis did iz as skinny as shit man. but i shouldnt be talkin. im skinny 2.

  40. imma jus ignore wat u said. i dont want 2 start those retarded youtube arguments. but sum were typos.

  41. this is what tim tebow used to do

  42. @superbowlmvp13 football is the real deal soccer and basket ball are for pussys that cant whipe there own ass ! no contact please pusssys

  43. lol why is a black QB giving advice on throwing with technique?

  44. @ bballmike52, ur totally right lol lol

  45. lol "dont get sacked" words to live by..

  46. Bullshit…that will cause your ball to sail over your target under pressure name one NFL QB that places the ball there or good college QB. this kid has no clue on quickness.

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  48. @r3v3r3nd2008 all of those but brett favre….. haha unless you want to step up your game AND get sacked or throw incomplete/intercepted passes

  49. Another way to " don't get sex" is by not dipping the ball down right before you release it. If you keep the ball up high when you rotate the ball you'll also have a quicker release. Just watch Kellen Moore. He's pretty good

  50. why do the ball look humongous?

  51. @ThirdClick thats the real college football

  52. This Guys Skinny His Shirt Looks Like A Dress On Him.!

  53. terrible release. you have a looping motion like tim tebow! That definately slows down your throwing motion

  54. @lbcdrama123 Cam Newton?!?

  55. @RavioloMagico haha!

  56. pause this video at 0:45 lmfao!

  57. I didnt know dave chappelle was with expert village

  58. @RavioloMagico he said my name is otis don't-get-sacked.

  59. @lbcdrama123 Michael Vick??

  60. Nice video…good way to show some important info…im an 8th grade QB in TX…let me know what you think about my video..

  61. @gcsn01 Way to ruin a good joke..

  62. The ball is as big as his head o_0

  63. @superbowlmvp13 called football because it originated from 'mob football' which started it's roots back in medieval england. this sport later developed into association football (soccer,) rugby football (league and union,) gridiron football of all kinds, and australian football and more. but yeah, it's just a name. i prefer american football anyway.

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  65. absolutely crap, with it your his chest is natural stance allowing your body to flow as move and a proper motion and torquing of body which means better accuracy speed and spirals..

  66. this is what rg3 does

  67. My teacher can throw bullets

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  69. This guy literally has no idea what the hell he is talking about! You cant talk about having the ball higher but then drop the ball back down to your hip when you're going through the motion smh he's retarded & throws like Tebow

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  71. This is sad, i broke my collerbone and i used to be a great QB now i cant throw for shit, plzzzz help me

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