I am finally back doing a football video Boys, Maverick wolves, you’re very blurry crossbar you ready? bitch so we were trying to do a video and uh this happened Yo guys, whats going on and welcome to a penalty shoot out I vs maverick wolves we’re gonna take five penalties each it’s a little bit different to normal we don’t just have a normal goalie, in goal We have all of these guys. 1,2,3 show! heeeeeeey you’re first 1,2,3 show! your second the crowd were dealing with. there’s a lot of pressure on this. all right, you can’t much worse than mavz, so ey ey ey ey ey ey you guys ready no step pen alright, round two were doubling the goalkeepers nooooo just gonna hit it really softly in the middle and hope they can confuse each other Dammit I thought they both fell for it. Round three two more goalkeepers here we go gingers have no souls I’ve realized this plan hasn’t worked. I couldn’t score with one goalkeeper, so yeah. Tactics, tactics. It’s like a wall. That’s just scary that was the area. Everyone get in. Every one who wants to go in. Score this, you win. Even though he got two, he’s the one who suggested it. It’s weak on the right. i’m seeing, i’m seeing top right. He’s off his line. I haven’t scored one yet, so throw the arrogance out there, go for a Rabona good luck. If i’m not score, i’m not gonna score in style. Alright so Wolfie won that challenge, were gonna try another challenge, were we get three penalties each against the final boss he plays for Hampshire County, he probably is awful. Ah, that’s calm. Can he make it two people behind my camera, what am I doing where you going,where you going? It’s fine, its off camera. OK. He’s offering 20 quid for a back heel. You didn’t say I had to score. You said 20 quid for a back heel. He does not know where he’s going. If he scores this, he wins. I have to score to draw with him. Your going top right. Yeah. Time to smash it. Lets go sudden death, for second place. One step round. Trick shot. Trick shot. That’s how we do it. Top bins. It gotta be top bins. It was definitely not top bins. OK. Now its over. All I gotta do is score. Yes. Get out my face. Thank you guys for watching, make sure you check out Maverick Wolves in the description, subscribe while your over there and PEACE!

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  1. Are they in Basingstoke

  2. Whats the song at 3:04

  3. The ‘final boss’ kid sucked

  4. Chavs are overtaking the world

  5. All of those kids have the same fucking hairstyle lmao

  6. Okay fr all these uk teens though are fuckin hella cute why can’t they be here in the US

  7. tbjzl I want your phone number please bro

  8. 1:12 proud to be an indian

  9. The ‘supposed good goal keeper’ only saved 2 ???

  10. The goally was crap

  11. 5:03 stupid buck teeth guy mocking you he’s dumb

  12. 5:03 stupid buck teeth guy mocking you he’s dumb

  13. On the outro what was that boy doing ????

  14. Come fly with me ????????

  15. That goalkeeper at the end was terrific

  16. Callie in the sidemen is better than the gk

  17. I’m from Hampshire

  18. i train football in juventus and juventus is the best club ever

  19. What the family how did you miss a open goal

  20. The boy who was goalkeeper near the end is crap
    I am better then him in goalkeeper

  21. That keeper is shite ?

  22. hes crap in nets

  23. Hes crap in nets

  24. You wore the shirt! Sheds tear

  25. Did anyone spot allies violet because I did twice

  26. Brutta maglietta

  27. The last goeli sucks

  28. The last goalie was awful

  29. I know most of them kids??

  30. How didn’t you score with one goalkeeper Simon

  31. M Mm mm mmm,.m MM m m m M mm Mm mm. mM, Mm mm mmm mm m mm mmmm m mm m mm mm, Mmm m mm,mmm mm mm mmm mm mmm, m m mm mm, mm mm mmMMMMmm mmmm mmm mmM m m mm m. M m. m mm mmmm. M mmm. Mm mm,m mm mmmm m m m mm, mmmmmm mm mmm m m mmm m mmm mmmm. m mm mm mm mmmm m,m, m m m mm m. Mm M Mmm m. Mmm. M mm mmm mm m mm mm m mm, G mmm m. mm, m m m m, m m m mm. m,m m mm m m. m m m. Mm mm m m m m m ,m ,mm mm , mmmm. Mmmm m . m. Mm m mMMMMM M, mmm.m m m mmm. M m m. Mm. Mh

  32. Mini! Yesss Juventus,!

  33. please come here again

  34. Hampshire academy top goalie,

  35. Hey I’m ginger and you say gingers have no souls very mean

  36. Simon should do more videos with mavric wolves

  37. 5:03 Those are the type of kids I hate the most

  38. lol 5.05 look that face haha

  39. Gingers do have soul

  40. 4:05 that kid that saved the cam is a hero

  41. These fucking stupid thumbnails ?

  42. If u have heard of clickb8 go sub to rob rg

  43. I know that kid who said time to smash it

  44. Side men need to have another mach

  45. im sorry but that was the shittest keeper ever he went the wrong way every time?

  46. Hertfordshire County my ass!?

  47. 5:02 the dude at thefront

  48. 4:42 well it’s definitely not top bins

  49. R.I.P Simon's pride @4:03

  50. 5:02 ive never seen so many gay white boys

  51. Hey so this video is from ages ago but I’m watching it again ?

  52. And is it just me who thinks the lad who came in at 5:23 is fit ??

  53. The kid in the grey shirt at the end ????

  54. 0:40 Akinfeev took notes

  55. Why r they all hite

  56. I saw you get nutmeged

  57. Simon I have got the same boots as you

  58. what did the keeper smoke before the video

  59. Because they r racist

  60. Did the keeper even move

  61. I don’t think it works if u start the meme when the ball irl starts to drop. But still a kl vid

  62. 3:03 background music?

  63. How is that kid a goal keeper there is a kid with no legs in the man united academy he plays in goal and he's still better then that kid ????

  64. Sei un gobbo di merda, ti credevo diverso… caduta di stile, veramente

  65. Miniminter vs Jose Park The Bus

  66. I love how there is randomly a girl in there. Just saying.

  67. 4:05 yo give that kid who saved the camera a shout man ?

  68. this is the son of ronaldo

  69. It was not 2017

  70. i’ve never seen more chavs

  71. That Hampshire keeper was so bad at judging where they shot

  72. 4:47 white goalie


  74. I still wanna know who are this kids ???‍♀️

  75. 1:30 mins
    Big OOF

  76. Simon : I had never lost any rock paper scissors game

    My eyes : * 0:31 – 0:35*

  77. 1:55 LMAO Simon ???

  78. That reminded me of the video you did with jj when everyone was celebrating when jj did something but did not celebrate when you did a trick

  79. They are all Chavez

  80. 4:21 someone’s playing his diss track on Demi lolllllllll

  81. Those kids were eshays

  82. 1:56 fuck this guy im unsubbing

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