For These Tiny Spiders, It’s Sing or Get Served | Deep Look

For These Tiny Spiders, It’s Sing or Get Served | Deep Look

Behold a very small and rather cute spider. This is clypeatus. A jumping spider. He doesn’t spin webs. Instead he uses silk as a lifeline, reeling
it out as he hops from place to place. But right now, he’s looking for a mate. The thread of a female spider that he can
trace back to its source. Problem is, she may have other priorities. While he’ll jump on pretty much anything
that moves…She only mates once. She’s picky. So he’s going to make his case… on the
dancefloor. Male jumping spiders perform courtship displays
that would make Bob Fosse proud. Jazz hands, leg-lifts…they even shimmy their
pedipalps. But he needs a soundtrack. So, by beating together the front and back
halves of his body, he creates vibrations that travel through the ground. This is what her ears look like. Tiny membranes stretched across slits in her
legs. To study these jumping spider pulses, researchers
at the University of California Berkeley use a sophisticated laser vibrometer developed
for quality-testing cars and airplanes. It turns those vibrations into something we
can hear. And guess what? It’s a song. The first verse sounds like this. A fast heartbeat. Thump thump thump thump thump thump thump. Then, more thumping. Followed by something new. A “BOOM.” This is verse two. That pattern, over and over again. For verse three he adds a third element. Almost like he’s casting a spell, right? From species to species, and there are thousands
of different jumping spiders, the songs vary. But one thing never changes: Male jumping
spiders sing like their lives depend on it. Because they do. She may mate with him. She might refuse. But she might just eat him instead. When the Berkeley scientists prevented the
males from singing while they danced, the females were three times as likely to hunt
them as prey. So he needs to go big. The closer he gets to her, the more danger
he’s in. The dance and the song get more and more urgent. But even with all that… She’s still calling the shots. Hi, it’s Amy. If female spiders are picky, with males, the
bar is so, so low. He’ll do this courting song and dance with
pretty much anything. In the lab, scientists use frozen specimens
this one. A dead female spider! And he still tries to mate with her. While you’re here, subscribe to Deep Look,
and thanks for watching.

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  1. Admit it.

    That spider hs better dance moves.

  2. 2:21 I lost it when she looked toward the screen.


  3. This is….actually pretty cute.

  4. Then why females in homosapiens are so hostile??

  5. Poor spider at the end….had intimacy with a corpse?????

  6. I saw one of these guys! Such a cute little face ❤

  7. 3:36 Top Spider: AAAAAAA
    Female spiders are STRONG.

  8. 2:33 eh idk just sounds like a constipated spider ?

  9. I’m convinced this is the spider Lucas was based off of

  10. Doesnt seem any different from our way of mating..

  11. Selena and Justin are wilding

  12. "Hey girl, wanna check out my Sound Cloud music?"

  13. Male spider: that annoying kid who has a crush on you
    Male spider: walks up to the female spider

    Female spider: 3:33

  14. this reminded me of timon's hula dance so much

  15. Jumping spiders are like the only spider i dont get afraid of.

  16. Coming To Spotify?

  17. I never knew Lucas could dance and cast a spell at the same time

  18. Male: (Verse 1) leedle leedle leedle
    Female: "……k"
    Male: (Verse 2) leedle leedle leedle SHIKAKA!
    Female: "Ok….I dig it. Or I'm just hungry. Get on your knees and beg…we'll see."
    Male: °•●•●•°

  19. That's why males are creative, driving innovation. A species could not exist without male courage to challenge death. Females are basic, just along for the ride.

  20. Disappointed they don't make that sound when they jump

  21. The spiders are so cute!

  22. Females are picky in every species

  23. That spider had his phone on vibrate.

  24. No one:
    Male jumping spider:
    Ayo girl go listen to my sound cloud

  25. No wonder. Why mmy wife so angry I think she is related to spider

  26. Lucas is that you?!?

  27. Cannot someone tell me the soundtrack at 3:28??

  28. Omg I always see these! I live in Virginia. Anyone else?

  29. No Lucas the spider comments? Really expect to be loads of it

  30. I just saw a jumping spider today

  31. Christ. The things males of all species have to do to impress a girl. Sheesh.

  32. Beatboxing jumping spiders


  33. She like: oh shoot dat mi favorit song

  34. My name is Lucas and I am a spider ???

  35. lee taemin is quakingg

  36. 3:37 who does that spider think she is Ronda rousey

  37. So I guess spiders like dubstep

  38. That poor spider got rejected

  39. Dubstep was quite different back then

  40. Just like human males lol we will try to jump on anything human and femal that will let us

  41. do you love me, now that I can shimmy my pemipalps

  42. I didn’t know spiders could use sorcery

  43. Aww they are so cute

  44. Bruh the dubstep masters of the spider realm

  45. Spiders that sing?
    Weird flex but ok

  46. 3:37 bruh did she just yeeted him

  47. when a tiny spider has better love life than you

  48. 0:09 hes praysing the sun


  50. 2:29 thats what i call a subwoofer

  51. 2:46 me when I'm trying to start my 90's motorcycle.

  52. 0:32 be like: Spider Has Left The Chat

  53. oh, lucas is real

  54. spiders made dubstep before humans change my mind

  55. Hey baby, you dig on dubstep?

  56. I’m watching like ???

  57. why is this creepy ?

  58. I prefer little jumping spiders. Not big jumping tarantulas.

  59. I didn't think it was possible, but this spider is adorable

  60. 2:33 who needs ipods a,m i,m right.

  61. 2:33 Strider sounds from half life.

  62. "Very small and very cute"
    M O M G E T T H E V A C U U M

  63. So spiders invented beatboxing and dubstep.

  64. I guess male jumping spiders aren't much different from the male human species.

  65. Still no where near the dance moves of the peacock spiders. Look up peacock spiders staying alive.

  66. just wait till kanye samples this

  67. Spider was like, 'hey girl, wanna hear me freestyle?'

  68. that aint a spider, its a race car

  69. The third verse sounds like my Honda civic

  70. Cute nopes, what could go wrong?

  71. Lukas! What are you doing!?

  72. Why am I watching this in bed

  73. So he is a natural DJ

  74. Jumping Spiders become necrophiliacs out of desperation owo

  75. Lucas the Spider?????

  76. I have thoes but my friend battles my spider to battle his spider and you all know what it means rip my pet spider

  77. Shes beautiful. I'd dance my heart out too.

  78. I love your voice and thank you for helping me with getting over my spider fear

  79. but when i do this in library they call the cops

  80. Not sure I’m okay with the scientists purposely killing their spiders.

  81. FAKE 2:22 spider looks at camera

  82. (Sounds) about right. Ears on your legs.

  83. nah fam, she looking at him because she know he about to be sniped


  85. The DJ got us falling in love again

  86. they dont jump they friggin teleport

  87. Y O U L I K E J A Z Z?

  88. That was awesome thanks ??

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