Forehand Basic (INDO Life)

Forehand Basic (INDO Life)

‘Hallo, assalamualaikum’ Waalaikum salam. ‘How are you?’ I’m good. ‘Coach, what is our lesson today?’ OK, our today’s lesson is about forehand Forehand is rightside For right handed player. OK, for the grip, it’s like hand shake place your thumb up here.. the handling must be comfortable as you like Next, When you swing, don’t hold the grip too tight or … too loose. Just relax.. When you swing, give your strongest power. do not overpower or underpower. The grip looks like this. it’s like hand shake. place your fingers at the bottom part and the thumb at the top part The forehand swing (shadow position) looks like this place your right foot at the front, for the right-handed player. swing the right side Swing (down – up) and come back to the first position Do the repetiton for 12 times. For the forehand swing we just learned, Do the swing again and again How many the repetition is up to you, But, the more you get, the better you will be. ‘Can it be 300 times?’ yes, it can be. until, you really .. Your swing, get the perfect impact ‘I think that’s enough for today’ ok, today is enough for the forehand don’t forget and don’t give up, keep going.

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  1. Semangat terus yaaaa, demi kemajuan badminton Indonesia.

  2. mantap, sangat bermanfaat…

  3. Good Advice Coach?

  4. More Content Please ?

  5. bahas tentang latihan untuk pemula dong coach, terutama bermain ganda !!!

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