Forehand Topspin Against Backspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Forehand Topspin Against Backspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we’re going to talk to you about the forehand topspin off backspin. This is one of the most critical strokes in
a game of table tennis because it’s your chance to convert a defensive rally into an attacking
rally. The three things we need to think about, like
with all of our strokes at PingSkills are the feet position, the start position, and
your finish position. So let’s first have a look at your feet position. Your feet position
needs to be nice and wide with your knees bent. You can still be quite square to the
table. If you do happen to get a little bit more time you can turn slightly more but basically
let’s think about a nice square on position with your knees nice and bent. The start position is with your bat around
about knee high. Have your bat open so that you can lift the backspin. The contact still needs to be a brushing action
so that you are generating the topspin. Then you follow through and finish with your bat
up above your eye level with a 90 degree angle here and a 90 degree angle here. So the stroke is very similar to the forehand
topspin against block but the main difference is that we are starting lower, finishing higher,
and your stroke is more vertical. So with more backspin Jeff’s stroke becomes
more vertical so he can lift the backspin over the net. With less backspin he can come more forward.
Still starting quite low but finishing more forward. So with heavy backspin, vertical. Less backspin,
more forward. Heavy backspin, vertical. Less backspin more forward.

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  1. Great video as ususal and thanks for sharing with us TT enthusiasts. Just wanted to add that it would be easier for a long shot ball, but what about a shorter ball closer to the net?

  2. @PingSkills 
    Fantastic video jeff & alois. You guys are doing a lot of good work here in sharing your TT knowledge with the rest of us. Keep up the good work. Can you make a video about forehand topspin against side spin. 

  3. Thanks for the kind words about our videos Harihara Sundar. We'll add your suggestion to our list of videos to make.

  4. Please Coach What Is Your Compination Blade And 2 Rubbers !

  5. Great video guys! You guys are the best!

  6. Recorded with iphone 6?

  7. Nice video! Now , could you help me with one thing , might even be a good video idea. I've been playing table tennis for 5 years now and recently I feel like I'm losing my form and I've been playing worse and worse. Any suggestions what to do?

  8. It would be helpful if you could show us how to do the forehand tomahawk serve.

  9. Can you guys do a vid on BH against backspin. This would help a lot. 

  10. Hi Jiecheng Zhang,

    We already have a video on that. You can find it on our YouTube channel or on our website under the strokes & techniques section of our Lessons page.

  11. Hi guys

    If I compare Jeff's stroke with that of some Chinese pro teaching videos, what I observe is that the pro will let his forearm drop so that it almost hangs vertically and then they will rotate about the elbow while performing the weight transfer. Jeff's elbow remains fairly hooked and the rotation mostly comes from the upper body and shoulder. Is this just a difference in style or an optical illusion or is either technique more effective than the other?


  12. Is it ok to keep your wrist bend while forehand topsin or we should keep it flat
    i keep my wrist bend too much while forehand topspin

  13. I have zero confidence in this shot. I practice the starting and finishing positions, body rotations and footwork each time at the club and it feels fine, but in practice drills I don't connect at all on probably two thirds of the balls. Earlier tonight at the club I wondered if my playing height is still too high off the table. I'm fairly tall at 6'5 (195cm – credit to Google translate) but I do squat down during my swings, to the point where any more feels like I will be immobile. Anyways, thankyou Alois and Jeff for the awesome tutorials!

  14. Hello 🙂 This is one of my fav shot in the game, but some time when I play it goes further out of the table if you you could point me what I am doing wrong?

  15. Luv your vids-but can you also please put more slo-mo as well to see action breakdown of strokes,etc…-that would be fantastic:) Keep up the great work-appreciate it!

  16. sir You are doing a great job..Thanks
    I would like to see Topspins in running game where the length and direction of ball is not fixed.
    Can you please share some vids

  17. Muchas gracias por los excelentes videos, son motivadores e ilustrativos. Me han ayudado a mejorar como tenimesista.

  18. How would you attack a high lob with backspin? I seem to hit too flat and it goes straight down.

  19. Nice Guide Sir, I got have problem when I Play topspin(more often in backhand) (If I use wrist to brush the ball,my shot goes wrong,but If don't use of wrist the to brush the ball shot goes right but in this ball don't get brushing properly).
    So please sir tell me can I use the wrist to brush the ball?

  20. Superb!
    That's always my mistake.
    Thank you very much.
    I'll never forget this:
    "Heavy backspin, Vertical; Less backspin, more Forward"

  21. my top spin's ball doesn't spin sideways left or right , it just goes on spin straightway
    after hitting the opponents table it goes on straight rather than deviating right or left

  22. i have watched almost all your videos and need to thank you for awsome guidence

  23. wow sir u are great .

  24. I am really watching all videos uploaded since six months from now. my play has been dramatically changed. many thanks for your great efforts and support in all sessions introduced. I can say that ur videos are the best for learning all the basics of all play styles. thx

  25. Thanks so much for these videos! A group of friends and I started an informal table tennis club a couple months back. 3 tables in a studio space and about 12 semi-regulars. We were all typical, average, dozen or so games a year players, (with drunken marathons back in college) but have now been playing a couple nights a week for a few hours each night. Lately, we have been watching your videos on spin techniques, serves, etc. I have such a hard time returning backspin balls. I finally stopped hitting most of them into the net, but now I am going way too high with them and then I am immediately forced to block the oncoming attack. I've gotten fairly decent at blocking because of this, hahaha. Anyway, I guess I will work on returning the backspin low and short before trying to add any attacking…. Anywho, forgive my rambling personal story, I just wanted to say I really appreciate these videos! They have really helped me up my game!

  26. Would it be easier to execute this stroke and get it over the net with a high throw angle rubber?
    I most often end up smacking the ball into the net!

  27. love all of your videos

  28. hello coach i have a question some of players are serving and while they serving they are attracting or putting their leg to the ground u know i dont know how to explain that its like shooting ur leg to the ground and my question is what is the advantage of that and coach as you know there are many videos about forehand backhand topspins but i didnt see any backhand topspin from the table which many players do it like fan Z.D and others can u make a video for us please and if u remember i have asked u a question about forehand and u answered me then u said let me know if it will work so yes it works and thanks for info.

  29. wow! superb video. Every skill in table tennis can be learnt from your videos.I frequently watch your videos to improve my game.I am thankful to you for providing such wonderful table tennis lessons.But i have a question.Do we have to hold the racquet with a soft hand or a tight hand?

  30. Thanks for all your videos. I am really getting better with every video i watch and i am really thankful to you guys.

  31. its very learning video

  32. question. I noticed that you don't swing with your hand. like your elbow stays 90 degree during all the length of the shot. is it good to do that or I need to open my hand before the shot and the. close it as I swing up? thanks for the answer

  33. I can lift the ball against backspin fairly easily. However, my problem is it doesn't have enough pace and gets driven back at me. How do I add pace and lift at the same time?

  34. hope i got such a couch

  35. im trying what u told … bt nt able to put the ball over the net …do u think it problem with d bat ? …i use a gki offensive xx bat

  36. penhold grip also same?

  37. Alois/Jeff: This is an excellent tutorial. The forehand topspin (against any stroke) is perhaps the weakest part of my game. My forehand counter-hit and block are effective; however, neither stroke allows me to take the offensive. Also, any "loop" I successfully hit is either too slow or too high which allows my opponent to seize the advantage. I look forward to practicing what you've suggested…

  38. can i use this if they serve short?

  39. Is this(Forehand Topspin) the same thing as a Forehand Loop?

  40. I've spent the whole day watching your videos on this channel. Good job!

  41. I'd like to know what rubber do you use on forehand

  42. what blade & rubber? used jef

  43. Best channel to learn table tennis – ping skills

  44. What's the significance of angles between your arms?

  45. This shot has been one of my problems recently. I find I often play against choppers, and it's hard for me to convert the rally into an offensive one, and I usually lose the chopping game.

    It's always been hard for me to counter their backspin and create my own topspin. Now I understand that my mistake is I'm trying to do a FH loop or FH topspin, which requires the bat to be a lot more closed than this shot requires.

    I'll try it tonight with my practice partner, I hope I can surprise him with some awesome shots! 🙂

    Thanks a lot, PingSkills!

  46. Please put subtitle in spanish? Thanks

  47. But is there any trick to attack even on a short lenght backspin

  48. ah so its like a buggy whip in tennis, makes sense now. ive been having trouble returning strong backspin shots with topspin, this helps a lot

  49. Actually i am confused when to use loop when to topspin and when to do smash and my main problem is everytime my ball goes out of table …please help me

  50. Such pure strokes ?

  51. Coach, what is the difference between a backspin ball and an underspin ball?

  52. video starts at 0:00 thank me later

  53. I have learnt topspin perfectly through your videos….Thank you ! ?

  54. PingSkills , can you recommend a bat with thick sponge i really like ti spin, but also i want control

  55. Thanks for your support. You can watch all of our strokes & techniques videos in a logical order on our website:

  56. my opponent chop the ball in which after first bounce the ball comes near the edge of deep and the ball doesn't bounce much what should I do??

  57. Very helpfull…..thx

  58. What do you do if the ball doesn't reach far enough on the table on your opponent's serve?

  59. You are my only coach in my Table tennis life

  60. how to chop against topspin

  61. It must be mentioned that every single ball is different in terms of speed and spin, so one sole movement like this would be rather hard to apply in a actual game. Also, you can tell that it is weak backspin, in reality no one professional would offer you such a move. They would either apply heavy backspin or aim it somewhere else. This just demonstrates the easiest version of forehand topspin against backspin. Easy placement. Easy spin. Try using this move on a heavy backspin which isn't in a comfortable position.

  62. Do you do weight transfer with your knees on this stroke, the same way you would with a regular loop?

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