Former Vice Lord Sets Kids Straight

Former Vice Lord Sets Kids Straight

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  1. Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore's classrooms, and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.

  2. Wdf type of dance is that??

  3. Them niggas was getting

  4. 1:45 how you going to be bad looking like Igor

  5. cant tell what thre doing

  6. I get hated for leading kids in my hood to do better in life am all for positive change for are youth check my MUSIK out and subscribe n support

  7. Him: "All my life I wanted to be a gang chief."
    Me: "Don't talk to my goldfish like that." 1:43

  8. That song in the beginning sound like a song some annoying nigga would bump in middle school on the bus in the morning

  9. youth boxing saved 50 percent of my life

  10. Anyone waching in 2020

  11. How he throwing up gd in the thumbnail but got vl on his head

  12. I don’t think a 8 year old can make 100k a year no offense guys

  13. That song was so trash?

  14. 2019 anyone

    Oh just me

  15. The black community will always stay in this cycle of being the lowest demographic in the USA. A whole generation needs to not be like these kids in the videos for the black community to change for the better. Main thing is this FATHERS PRESENCE IN THE KIDS LIFE. 75% of black kids are born out if wedlock. No fathers on the birth certificate. Which means black fathers are by faaaar the worst. And the ones ive seen in the street talk to their kids only as if the kid was only viewed as a financial burden. Reminding the kids who pays the bills constantly. Im not white neither so dont come talking that “oh its a racist white guy”. Even immigrants who are fresh off the boat refuse to live next to black americans. They racist too?

  16. 0:04 when you pull the fire alarm in the special ed class

  17. These vice lords gon make bring the devil outta me

  18. BMO online banking how do I choose the Paperless Statement option?

  19. Same as the dude playing cool math games in the back

  20. Anyone got updates on them?

  21. ?Aye I be reppin’ Bayview San Francisco ???

  22. Anyone watching now?

  23. How you going to let a drop out cut off your VL

  24. 2:48 the sadness in his eyes???

  25. When you win a victory Royale 0:16

  26. Lil nigga vibin hard at the beginning

  27. These kids are now young adults crazzzyy

  28. feel bad for lil man @ 1:44, not only dealing with disabilities, he gotta deal with all that extra gang bullshit. hope he's doing good today

  29. Favorite part. Adult in the classroom just ignoring it and the language. Product of there environment and lack of father figures!! People need to realize it’s not just mothers who raise sons!!!

  30. WTF is that song in the beginning

  31. Keontay has been shot over and over again since this aired

  32. Keontay got the gang sign tatted on his face now ?

  33. The real vice lord is that nigga in the back playin run 2

  34. Lovin the kid playing cool maths games in background

  35. Literally wtf was the beginning of the video

  36. That’s song in the beginning was trashhhhhhh?

  37. I mean by now hes out of school or in his senior year

  38. Wondering what happen to keontay is?

  39. All these African American men and kids are way better at all sports even stronger than the average white person and are better at lots of other things and they just waste their lives away. What im trying to say Is they have the ability to do anything they want especially professional sports and choose to sell drugs and gang bang. Of course it happens with any race but it seems to be more noticeable within the black community.


  41. I came to just say GDK

  42. Tell that kid i said 60s for life

  43. My mother won’t even let my younger brother who is 11 years old walk to school and we live n a gated community like wtf… he went in the streets when he was only 8 years old.

  44. "You wouldn't even believe the things I been through. I been shot, kidnapped, and that's about it"

  45. The fact that most of the kids in this video are dead, in jail, or a gang banger

  46. This is some wack music

  47. Keontay that man got the same name as me

  48. They call that dancing more like having a seizure

  49. Look at em go..look at for me


  51. Song in Beginning Bopkingz Kemo dlow and Leon

  52. Anybody know the song at the beginning LMAO

  53. Why is this young boy threatening his little brother I would back hand his ass

  54. If he was a real VL he wouldn’t let em cut his hair

  55. How he vicelord buh in tha pik throwing up gd

  56. 0:37 bro bro in the back playing cool math

  57. Yall know nothin bout this gang. Stfu. My grandmas cousin is the queen of the vice lords

  58. Wack ass dance moves and music

  59. Basically a school for people with ADHD

  60. Oh the way rap has changed over the years,

  61. “When I was 13 I had the same haircut”

    Me : wait you had hair ?

  62. Was that suppossed to be a good dance,cause he look like he trynna hold in a shit and take a shower at the same damn time

  63. The kid in the background on coolmath lol

  64. My guy dancing with a mavrick top on

  65. Boy at 1:43 said ?______? I felt that

  66. He’s a lord but he’s throwing up GD in the thumbnail

  67. Who else heard Boxing out Nigativity

  68. This makes my school look like heaven

  69. @9:18 what is tht he did

  70. Beyond scared straight will be good for there kids

  71. 0:07 i swear he look so familiar

  72. Looks like they arent gay anymore ??

  73. Aye no cap I would not let nobody touch my hair if it ain’t no real barber ??

  74. Keontay dancing at the starting is definitely LIL NAS from old town road ?

  75. No Role Modelz

    ~J. Cole

  76. At the first second of the vid I knew these kids coudl not dance

  77. I was confused at the beginning but then I realized this joint frm 2014

  78. Kids should be taken out nothing but a flea on Society

  79. Dancing and sports. Better hit the books

  80. 3:28 they fighting

  81. Damn what was the kid selling to make 500 a day at school

  82. Dude in the blue coat is back to gang banging and shooting shit up… hes a Vice Lord from west side chicago named Lil Spark hes got a fat "VL" face tat now

  83. This city as a whole is full of lames❗️ they raise they kids to be this way, they kill kids and innocent people, they can barely hold a conversation, they all sound slow. Smh what makes it bad is that they think it’s cute


  85. Keontay dance like nle choppa

  86. in the beginning im was like: ok zoomer.

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