Franklin – Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet – Ep. 1

Franklin – Franklin Plays the Game / Franklin Wants a Pet – Ep. 1

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  1. A friend of mine he's giving me a Guinea pig at no charge! He's giving me a female he showed me a picture of a female than he told that she's pregnant my mom said no way! He's giving me a male!

  2. I remember watching Franklin on Nick Jr.!

  3. I would of picked a puppy over a goldfish, are you kidding me? I guess however, no real dog can replace his Sam doll.

  4. I used to watch this show when i was a little kid

  5. Hey, It's Franklin!

  6. by the other episodes of franklin I looked at I knew he was getting a fish

  7. "SOARRY" -Canadian animals

    It kills me every time I here them say "Soarry". Something about that word, it haunts me…

  8. I never woched this old show

  9. I loved this show so much I don't even know if it is still on air

  10. just wish the closed caption not there on all of these

  11. I remember having all of those Franklin Books, i always readed them before sleep, i still have them. <3

  12. What would think which pet Franklin wants? a bird? a cat? a bunny? a puppy? a hamster? etc.

  13. loved this vid, keep it up! will stay tuned for more!

  14. OMG Franklin tank you. i'm french

  15. "Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes." …what shoes? he never wears any shoes XD ah well this is cute cartoon

  16. Whenever I see Snail, I begin wondering if I should invest in a mallet…

  17. I'm like Bear, I'd want to have a bird for a pet.

  18. poor snail he can't play soccer with his friends and he only can watch!?

  19. this was a Series Premiere am i right

  20. I use to see that on milkshakes when I was 4-5

  21. he plays for a real football club Boca Juniors from Argentina

  22. i used to watch this before bed every night with my mum

  23. 15:15 a bird is nice bear but birds can sing very loud and they sing so early in the morning

  24. This motherfucker been feeding us lies saying turtles can remove their shells.

  25. the beaver sounds likes mufy in arthur

  26. Favourite show when I was a little Chile.

  27. Poor snail, cheering made him exhausted.

  28. Franklin's choice of a pet is awesome.

  29. I love franklin!!!!

  30. omg……nostalgia…i used to watch this to learn english when i was little….

  31. And yet when he finds a puppy that doesn't belong to him….he wants to keep it, and almost doesn't give it back….

  32. GOOD TIMES I MISS watching this oh my

  33. Where could i get a script??? I want it. Who is get that let me comments please!!

  34. Quem gosta dó Franklin deixa seu link

  35. 1:35 "Do a flip." Flips pancake I just burst out laughing.

  36. man I used to love reading the books I still have them. I got 2 with multiple books in it as well as a few single ones. I also have a Franklin and fox small stuffy.

    I didn't grow up with a TV thanks to youtube I can watch what I missed out on this and Arthur. yes im 20 but I still have a spot in my heart for my childhood and I actually enjoy watching it. ☺

  37. Apparently Cody Jones from Dude Perfect voiced Bear in season 1.

  38. I miss the old drawings and the old voice cast. The new 3D version is nice,but not as artistic.

  39. I think he's too small to have a pet

  40. this show was my childhood, along with little bear?????

  41. 19:42 is she ignorant or what? Dinosaurs died a loooooooonnngggg time ago!!

  42. am i the only one but i think frank

  43. why argyue they aere

  44. why bunny jump when shrek is frank?

  45. why said they that no me is no u

  46. manete reklamite be pan

  47. zaio tujen zayo iska kur

  48. wait why trotise walking on?

  49. why the bird wants duck

  50. He veut see episode enfrancais

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