Free Android Zombie Game Earns Real Money on Smartphone | Wowapp 2019

hey what’s up guys Jeremy Lagatule here and in this video I’m gonna share with you a free zombie game that
you can play on your Android and actually earn real money right for
playing this free game okay this is super cool way to earn free money guys
and I have actually been using this for a few years there’s actually a variety
of different games you can play on this app right it’s a free app 100% free you
just download it you can play zombie games you can play other games today I’m
actually gonna play one of my favorite zombie games right so stay tuned for
that if you want to get in and create your free account right this is the
video that you’re watching this is me here all you need to do to create your
free account on this app to start earning money playing games right is to
come down at the bottom of the video here in the description right if you’re
on a laptop is I click this blue link but if you’re on a mobile phone okay
this should be a little arrow just around about here next to the title just
click that arrow and then the description will drop down and you can
see this link here okay so to create your free account all you need to do is
click the link all right and then it’s going to open you up onto a new page
okay and that that new page is going to be my page you can actually join my
network and we’re going to be friends okay all you need to do is click the
button join Jeremy Lagatule Wow App you’re gonna enter into my network
and we can actually talk straight up because we’re gonna be directly
connected okay so if you have any questions you need help or you won’t
want to find out about more games or anything like that you can just send me
a direct message because we’re gonna be like like together on this network
alright so all you need to do to create your free account enter a valid email
address that you’ve got access to create a username right create a password and
re-type your password they can in into the CAPTCHA into this box here
and then boom click the Create account button and that’s that boom you’ve got
your free account ok so once you’ve got your free account you can log in and
this is where I’m gonna show you and I’m gonna jump in and play some game so guys
let’s jump into the games actually maybe I should show you a quick payment proof
on my PayPal account and I actually show you some real payment cash out proof how
this this app actually pays real money ok let’s do that so you can actually see
firsthand ok some real payment proof right 2018 I got my payments received
here if we scroll down here we go you well me limited this is the company that
pays us out for playing games ok 17 bucks this is 2018 here’s another one in 2018
six bucks 82 let’s check out this year 2019 alright I think I’ve had one
yep here’s another one seventeen dollars ninety six right
I actually got paid to my PayPal for playing these zombie games right so if
that sounds good to you you can do that too just go to the video scroll down
click the link set up your free account okay so guys let’s jump in I’m gonna
jump in and play this game that’s called zombie game now this app is actually
available on tablets on iPhones on androids on laptops on desktops so you
can actually download this and play from anywhere I’m just on my laptop right now
okay so maybe the games might be a little bit different on the different
devices a case if if you have a iPhone you might have a different game alright
so we’re just gonna jump in and I’m gonna play this game missus this is a
really cool one it’s a zombie shooting game that I like playing so let’s jump
in and have a go man I I like to do this as a bit of you know stress release and
when I’ve got to put a time just jump on play some games I mean I’m earning money
for playing games so it’s a bit of a no-brainer right
but over no-brainer earning money for playing video games late that’s pretty
cool all right now let’s see if I can concentrate yeah
heat shot boy he shot ah gotta reload let’s go oh okay so I did waste a few
bullets let’s keep going oh I keep missing maybe I need to go
back to Sniper school so just call the what earning coins for playing video
games I suck at da I ran out of bullets again
I think I’m gonna need a bit of gun Oh Oh bad shot I need a bigger gun so did
sight yeah oh yo I just got a new gun and a new friend alright let’s try this
m9 pistol I’m just gonna swap these round Oh
use the m9 pistol as my primary weapon go and find my survivor and put them
somewhere so shooting you can either help me shoot or repair the fences when
the zombies break through or I can send them out in the search party I think I’m
just gonna send them out in the search party for now so hopefully they can find
me some more guns ok new wave let’s go see if I can kill these guys
this isn’t so bad there’s not many right now but I’m definitely gonna want some cool
of guns especially when the there’s lots of zombies coming I’m gonna want some
big guns oh man oh using up a lot of ammo I’ve run out of ammo oh yeah check
it out what did they find new weapon that looks pretty cool all
right let’s just swap these around I’m gonna use that gun see how this one goes
it’s like a little easy kind of thing yeah recoil yeah got them
this goes on beast scope but a recall they’re going all over the place alright got them got them
oh I’ve got a new friend come on friend oh he’s a good he’s good for the search
parties all right let’s go more zombies bring it zombie yeah ho now look Oh – my friends
got killed that ain’t cool got a new gun huh what’s this one mp5 all right I can
work with that you about my friends oh dang sounds like a cat burn
oh my little cap gun this is kind of killing need a better gun tho, need something grunty need some grenades or something oh yeh, this is kinda working, oh yeh this works, this works… dunno how I’m gonna go when there’s loads of oh yo look
I’ve got three new friends nice I got here they can help me shoot yeah
they could shooting put that one for some repairs
just in case some zombies get through and break down my fence
my little cap gun sounds like a cap gun here’s these Usain Bolt zombies alright alright I
might actually just change this no we’re just gonna carry on just gonna carry on
alright let’s go let’s go zombies let’s go it’s dark, it’s night time now, it’s kind of
freaky oh wow all right we’re doing good we’re doing good we remind some new guns
though these guys find me some new guns all right still no new guns okay some
big guns like a 44 Magnum that’ll be more like some grenades cause head shots kill them faster but I can’t
always get them in the head, Rimington okay
don’t think I’m gonna use that because it’s gonna be really slow so I will put
this new friend and they shoot up I think I’m not gonna use the remington because
that will be a really slow fire rate no this is like a pee shooter cap gun all right oh no one my friends died that
sucks out there find me some new guns Oh new friend all right welcome aboard
pal welcome aboard send them out for search
get me some new guns all right let’s go zombies at least this gun has quite a good quick
reload right I like that so if I unload a lot
it actually reloads quite quickly so that’s pretty cool
hold more friends, all right okay what do we got here this person is good for
search parties, this guy can help repair yeah man got quite a good team here all
right find me some guns kill these zombies going for ham, going for ham oh that’s not really working, I’m just wasting a lot of ammo.. cap gun
need really some real artillery need some real fire power still kind of fun though
shooting zombies earning money for shooting zombies can’t complain with
that the cool thing about this app is like you can get like a huge network
like I’ve seen some dudes on the WoW app groups there’s some wow app groups and
I’ve seen some dudes like in India I like admittedly they’ve got huge
networks like huge like teams of thousands if not even hundreds of
thousands of people in the network and earning hundreds and thousands of
dollars so it’s definitely something that I want to try and catch up to there
would be even cool if we get this up to like earning like fifty or hundred bucks
you know what’s wrong 50 to 100 bucks just for playing video games and messing
around on your phone light and this super cool right I think it’s super cool
anyway it’s not like it’s your full-time job just sort of mess around and used to
be a time and earn some extra cash I mean a lot of people are actually
already playing games like this already right just for fun so you can earn money
for doing stuff that you’re already doing well you know it’s a bit of a
no-brainer really okay I need to concentrate man guys are
gonna give me some move guns soon with some firepower dudes oh yes check it out
new survivor where should I put him think all seen them out in the search
party don’t know if he’s too happy about that
got me an ak-47 that’s gonna work oh yes alright let’s see what this a que can do
oh it’s night time okay bit more stopping car that’s cool yeah but man
there’s a lot of zombies all my reload time isn’t as fast though think my
magazine oh yeah definitely got some extra stopping power oh yeah that’s cool
quite like the a K these suckers down nice alright so they can give me some
more firepower that will be cool we’re an aids or something where are these
boss gonna take them out first good guys this is the crazy thing about making
money playing video games playing video games
and making earning money that you can withdraw to your bank it’s pretty crazy
because the amount of people are yes and your friend matter people who are
actually already doing it seen the mountain is the search party give me
some new guns I know every people out there like oh hey I don’t have time to
play video games or you know only kids play video games but the reality is that
lots of people actually even adults play a lot play video games already on their
phones that’s just a fact you know adults don’t play games they actually do
loads of people doing sir finding people to join your network shouldn’t be very
hard at all you know people like playing video games people like earning money
and everybody’s got smartphones these days so it’s a no brainer early oh I’m
gonna bust up my war they’re not gonna kill any much brains died zombie diet
get out of here oh okay let’s roll we should be counting my rounds like
that this is actually cool oh I think too many got through there
okay my guns Oh made it on man on guys bring your
guns like a big like a big machine gun oh no that’s not what doesn’t
two casualties that is not good oh no what I’m gonna do here search party
nothing would really good at suits buddy sorry dude you’re on your own I’m really concentrating now like this
aks pretty good it’s got a good stopping power but oh yes start a new friend let’s put them out to find me some girls yay light at least live it’s not as
freaky during the day eat shots right oh yes we made it still no guns it’s crazy
look at these guns I can get my guys to find some guns put extra stop power
maybe some faster reloaders or some grenades yes new gun alright scar hopefully this
thing packs a bit more punch hopefully all right see what this can do okay just trying to go for the eight shots
right now I think that might be the way if I can get the head shots I could go
back to Sniper school and actually keep voyage okay
I made it oh look at that what have we here lost a friend gained a
friend okay I’m gonna see I’m gonna put him there because I don’t really need a
search party now I’ve got the Mac Daddy gun check this out
oh yeah I’ve got the big gun although this one will be cool to the machine gun
would be cool but I’ve got the grenade launcher oh yeah alright let’s go get
the grenade launcher humming honestly if I miss with a
grenade launcher there’s something definitely wrong the reloads not too bad on this either close yo oh yeah this is the gun yeah I
think they’re all pretty pretty stuffed now yep
I think they’re all pretty stuffed now can’t really run through an exploding
grenade now Wow there’s a lot of major if this is real that is so terrifying too easy it’s actually pretty easy once you get
the grenade launcher what is it at 3 your name lunch right they don’t really
stand a chance just like taking out four at a time hold that kite didn’t even die all right
so on but how much longer I’ve got to go pretty much eight one game surely they
can’t beat me I’ve got a grenade day 35 or 40 so I’m still got five more
days to survive I wonder how many will be coming at us on date forty that’ll be
a bit scary actually don’t think I can lose with this grenade launcher I’m literally just spamming my lip and
they’re just dying look at that battlefield it’s just like so many of
them so many bodies everywhere – I still don’t think there’s gonna be
enough limb to beat me yeah just have I’m not gonna get any new guns or any
new friends though cuz I don’t have anyone else searching I honestly don’t
think I need three people shooting Plus this grenade launcher and two people
repairing the fence so I think that’s enough get through only three more days
after this so that’s three more ways you know these guys faster there’s a lot of
them oh yeah killing zombies really nearly
there nearly there day 39 got him last round day 40 or 42 easy still just spamming we’re just spamming
the left click on my mouse wow you’re getting close say 40 over alright
congratulations the regular army has reached the town
declaring what’s left of the walkers you’ve made it baboon survivor saved six
walkers neutralized twelve hundred and forty five survivors lost are nine
survivors left at last that kind of sucks never mind but guys there you go
making money for playing this free zombie game there we go
I’m gonna wrap this video up thank you so much for taking the time to watch
this video and enjoy this free zombie earning game earning real money I hope
you are gonna jump on and download the WoW app and play some games and build
your network and earn some free money until next time guys please take care
we’ll see you again soon bye for now

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