Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

-(GUNFIRE) (MAN SCREAMS) Whoa-ho! Mondays, am I right, Joe? -You said it, Guy.
-Yeah! Don’t have a good day,
have a great day. -Everybody, down on the ground!
-(ALARM BELL RINGING) Hey, Bud, you ever think that
there’s gotta be more? BUD: More to what? GUY: The stuff we do,
day after day. Being shot at… run over… taken hostage… Everybody down on the ground! GUY: Today’s gonna be different. Hi. Oh! Guy, this isn’t you.
You don’t do this, man. Maybe I do. (GRUNTS, YELLS) Oh, this is scary! (GUNSHOT) -He’s just resting.
-In pieces! That man is dead! He’s so sleepy. (ELECTRONIC BEEPING) GUY: Wow. Oh, my God! (YELLS) Whoo! Is this what
recreational drugs feel like? Guy, this world,
it’s a video game. And it’s full of bad guys. ♪ I’m a rule breaker ♪ ♪ I’m a rattle–
chicka-chicka-chicka– snaker ♪ WOMAN: We need you
to be the good guy. -(SCREAMS)
-Oh! I’m sorry! Oh, God! Wow, giddy-up! -Is that a Glock in your pocket?
-No. -What?
-It’s two Glocks. -(GUNS CLICK)
-Oh! (MOTOR REVVING) GUY: I’m not gonna be
the good guy. -I’m gonna be the great guy.
-(GASPS) Okay. Well, enjoy your
lifetime supply of virginity. -(LAUGHS)
-Off you go.

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  1. The start actually feels like being inspired by Rexonna stunt-city ad from 2000s, lol

  2. Ryan: two glocks
    Deadpool : hold my beans

  3. look, I get people are like "omgawashhh hshshshs that's so like *insert popular movie/video game here*" But the base concept is original cause it takes the perspective of an npc in a video game that isn't aware of it. I find that in itself a really cool idea and I hope they play with it well cause this is gonna be an easy one to stuff up.

  4. Wrecking Ralph breaking the internet for adults

  5. I am from that 1% population of the viewers who didn't like the trailer and not gonna watch the movie.

  6. The gta 5 movie we finally got

  7. This is totally GTA

  8. Basically Fortnite the Film

  9. so hes a npc that becomes a player

  10. Oh My Freakin' God, just when you think, Ryan's at the TOP of his game… Boom! I'm seeing This…Alot…
    Thank You Ryan and uh.. Everyone else on this project!

  11. i feel like their selling the utility of glasses for the 3d version of this film.

  12. Basically, NPC guy turns sentient.

  13. It didn't even make sense but we'll still watch it cause of ryan ….

  14. try my channel give me a chanse to be a star

  15. So, inverse motivation Wreck It Ralph with Ryan Reynolds? Ok.

  16. copying ready player one?

  17. Grand theft fortnite battle Royale

  18. Now this is called a concept…..

  19. This is like that will ferrel movie where he thought he was in a book

  20. Looked interesting until the whole video game part

  21. A corporate artistic mess created by suits.

  22. ?​?​?​ ?​?​?​ ?​?​?​?​?​

  23. Why does this feels like it's gonna be like R.I.P.D.?

    A disappointment

  24. If GTA is a movie :

    And you activated all the cheat

  25. Everyone is talking about Ryan Reynolds and here I am just excited to see that Steve Harrington is also in this movie

  26. This is just like Ready Player One again or maybe even a little bit of Pixles..


  28. ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Steve(joe keery) +Sunglass = Wooow

  30. Player number two Ready

  31. is it inly me think this kinda similar to emmet lego movie?

  32. Enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity???

  33. Did I just see Steve the Hair Harrington??

  34. Basically EpicNpcMan the Movie

  35. Inspired from GTA and viva la dirt's epicnpcman

  36. So basically Gta online

  37. No one:
    Ryan: I’m gonna play as many heroes as I can.

  38. First movie appearance of ducati v4 streetfighter, can't wait

  39. So it's Deadpool 3 The Movie The Game?


  41. This is so Cocaine induced WTF is thsi?!!?!

  42. JODIE COMER!!! Yes!

  43. So… Basically its GTA Online meets the Matrix meets the Lego Movie?

  44. 1:11 1:15 1:18 This guy has Ghost mask?

  45. Basically a glorified Wreck It Ralph.

  46. RALF 3! Now with Deadpool


  48. If someone gave Ryan Reynolds a green suit, he would definitely burn it.

  49. Have u heard of " Memories of Alahambra" k drama?

  50. its a comedy version of The Matrix

  51. Free guy: when an NPC gets protagonist vision ??. Hope this goes well.


  53. Wow

  54. I think its the gta5

  55. Ryan Reynolds the real Legend27

  56. Good idea for a movie but why choose him and why add a love story? He's corny and a one dimensional actor

  57. Take note
    This was made by the people who made those children’s films

  58. Please release this movie in hindi

  59. If he doesn't get an N-word pass, this isn't worth watching.

  60. Wreck it Ralph breaks the internet in human form…basically….yawn…lol

  61. Villanelle undercover as Molotov Girl

  62. In the end the girl ends up being a fifty year old man in real life

  63. Full entertainment
    Movie l am waiting
    Who waiting this like???
    Pls subscribe my channel

  64. lambily squad where are you????

  65. Twice?
    Me: I like TT Just like TT

  66. Spoiler Alert. This is a trailer for gta 6

  67. I'm in love FANTASY BY MARIAH CAREY…

  68. I didn't know Ultron had an origin story

  69. This looks like something Jim Carrey would do back in the 90s

  70. Wow! The new Saint's Row game looks fantastic! But wheres all the purple?

  71. Who are watching this trailer becoz the soundtrack playing is mariah carey’s classic song fantasy! ??

  72. 草!真人GTA,666666

  73. So is he back as DP then?

  74. Shaun Levy, Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi and Joe Keery!
    This looks awesome!

  75. Free guy?

  76. I love the look of this movie, everything Ryan Reynolds touches is absolute gold, the man can do no wrong ?

  77. Me after seeing the trailer:WHAT THE HELL REALLY HAPPENED ??

  78. This movie is gonna be a blast, it might lift up year 2020! ?

  79. The music look like Chrismast Vibes 😀

  80. Agent Smith the good guy

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