freekickerz vs. Manuel Neuer – Ultimate Football Challenges

freekickerz vs. Manuel Neuer – Ultimate Football Challenges

1:0! Who’s the next one? Ready?
Go on! I won’t even throw for that one… Those are some fast shots! Come on, show me a knuckle ball! Be sure to have the seam at the right spot! That’s already it?!
Thanks a lot guys. Jan, try to relax!
Do it! Yeeess! Easy! Now I’m under pressure! Manu, remember it’s a really small target! I’ll try to get as close as last round. Jan, that one wasn’t bad. Okay Manu, I WON’T cross my fingers for you.
How unfair, dude! I like to touch it, everytime… Should I come close as well? That was sick! … Nice overstepping Let’s go, Manu! No pressure, but… The kick outs have to win it! I was too eager before! Come on, you’ll get this one! Yeah sure, I’m cool as always… My final throw!
Okay. The wind, the wind, oh…! Shall I shoot? Do it arrogantly? First try, a shot? We should say: That was planned, that was planned… Damn…
Not bad, not bad! I am really happy that Manu’s shooting is the same as mine. You’ve still got one left. A kick though… however you like. You’re the boss. Did you hear that? That was enough for me. I can actually go now! Crossbar! That one’s not easy! I totally missed… Do I have to pay respect now? Sick dude! Lukas, dude! That was a close match! Next time! Come on guys, give me a chance! And bye… God, he just easily saves them… Lowest (doesn’t move)… Top bins, come on! Knuckleball! Sick! Without diving! Come on! Other top corner! Yes dude! Too easy… Now he’s on fire! That one would’ve gone over. Didn’t want to let you wreck the GoPro! Easy, watch! Goalkeeper against goalkeeper! Goalkeeper saves! Your weak corner or what?
Well, look at it! You didn’t get one through that side yet! Feinted! You’ve only got that gap there… Yes! Nice! Sick shot! No goal! Good save…ok Well but it’s said that the woodwork keeps you in the game! Concentrate! Semi-high shoots are ugly, right? Do the Zaza! Well Zaza always misses! Yeah that’s why I missed! Back post, right? Ohhh good save. Held on to that one! Come on Konzi, concentrate bro! Uhhh second time no problem, bro… Good old Manu…it’s him again! So guys, that were the challenges against Manuel Neuer! And for you, we’ve got a little prize draw! One of your comments will win you a whole years supply from Head & Shoulders for Men and a signed jersey from Manuel Neuer! I’d say front side…. I hope you had fun!
See you next time guys!

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  2. Я падумал што ето рародия на фифа мо байл в первюшкк

  3. You make best video in the world

  4. Manuel fai il frigo ma intanto son ti ha messo un gol su per il

  5. Neuer is your friend?

  6. Manuel Neuer könntest du mal zu Westfalia dortmund-kirchlinde kommen zum Sportplatz Fußballplatz

  7. Zaza avrà anche sbagliato un rigore ma voi avete perso delle partite importanti contro di noi
    1970 4-3
    1982 3-1
    2006 2-0
    2012 2-1
    E quante altre ne potrei elencare???

  8. Congratulations you’ve found the rare English comment

  9. Crucchi bastardi pezzidemmerda

  10. Türkiye sabri 225

  11. Мне можно плиз

  12. Zaza,zaza… ma di del Piero non parlate crucchi di merda

  13. bölüm sonu canavarı

  14. Kova neredeyse her attıkları girdi

  15. Head&shoulders for mens

  16. Crucchi di merda fate schifo neur ritirati coglione …..forza italia

  17. Залайкайте плз что бы англичане подумали что я написал что то крутое.?

  18. oooooooo yaaa man

  19. Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world

  20. Mangiate il mio wiustel bastardi è sempre bello vedervi piangere dal 2006 al 2018 contro la Corea

  21. I just randomly clicked on this 4:48 and I thought it 's a crossbar challenge, I was like WTF???

  22. А почему название на русском ?

  23. das war die beste challenge


  25. Sao neuer ko bay vậy?

  26. Sabri sarı oglunu biliyorlar

  27. E inutile che prendete per il culo perche tutti sanno che avete sempre avuto paura di noi

  28. ノイアーって笑顔少ないね

  29. Please ,I didn't win anything in my life ??

  30. Были времена когда Ману тащил

  31. معقول انزل ٣٠ تعليق ولا اشوف ولا تعليق عربي
    عيب يا شباب??❤

  32. Кто -нибудь русский

  33. Стоп я не понял вы что русский знаете ?

  34. Mi portero favorito Manuel Never.

  35. 4:22 that's the moment Manuel Neuer f up

  36. Neuer es muy bien

  37. ボール投げるやつなら勝てる説爆笑

  38. 7:40 마 함 가자

  39. 한국어 찾는사람??

  40. Просто топ

  41. Rip Germania 2006??

  42. Manual, I really love you so much!!!!

  43. Abbiamo vinto più mondiali di voi crucchi??????

  44. Tanto il portiere più forte al mondo e buffon germania 0 Italia 2

  45. E inutile che prendete per il culo zaza tanto poi non avete vinto

  46. Po po po po po po po

  47. Ancora cannavaro via i contropiede con totti detro per giliardino la puo tenere vicino alla bandierina dentro per del piero goallllllll andiamo a Berlino beppe

  48. 2006 winner italy

  49. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  50. Karol bleibst besser im Tor ?

  51. え、これゴール普通の大きさだよね?

  52. Turkeyyy sabri vay be altyazi

  53. La mette fuori Cannavaro ci prova polosky Cannavaro ancora Cannavaro la passa a Totti incontropiede giardino gilardino dentro per del Piero Gol alex dellllllll pieroooooo Si va a Berlino beppe si va a Berlino andiamo a berlino

  54. Ich verstehe alles nur diese sche*ß Kommentare nicht

  55. Tedeschi demmerda! Forza zazza

  56. Me fai schifo crucco bastardo?

  57. Nei giochi di guerra voi ammazzate zaza e io voi merde

  58. これはなにをやってるのん?のん?のん?

  59. ウイイレでノイアーを愛用してる甲斐があった

  60. cannavaro ancora cannavaro

  61. やっぱりキーパーはノイアーだー

  62. 8 Mio Abos Hohli ??

  63. Это не ноер

  64. This is the English comment you are looking for

  65. Spreken jullie Nederlands!

  66. Manuel neuer hate 1000 Hände er hält jeden Ball ⚽️

  67. 最初のボールで当てて止めるやつ昔部活のとき遊びでやってたけど、まじムズい

  68. Crucco dell’ cavolo hai perso contro la Corea dell’ sud??

  69. 2006 tutti a casa

  70. Crucci di merda ti ricorda qualcosa il 2006 si va a Berlino beppe e voi si torna a Berlino beppe merde

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  72. Why not using the bare hands of neur? ? I want to see the free kickers to cry not scoring a single goal

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  75. Cosa volete da Zaza crucchi?

  76. I love manuei good

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