Friday The 13th vs Dead By Daylight | Rap Battle | #NerdOut! (Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers)

Friday The 13th vs Dead By Daylight | Rap Battle | #NerdOut! (Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers)

Halloween’s coming a little early this year How do you kill me? I am immortal. Still here I am the one thats insane. I see the blood in ya veins I’ve become one with the pain. I smell fear we havent been properly introduced Jason C’mere. I got a hook for you in the basement I got a doctor, a nurse, a hag and a hillbilly Yes, we know its not the hillbilly) it’s 1 against 8 boy you lookin real silly yeah, Im ready, I’ll go and grab my machete and watch ya body pop, scatter and drop like confetti Im superhuman. You? just a bunch of amateurs and Myers? please. looking like a junior high janitor Im an undefeated evil in a twisted life so when you’re on the killing floor, you’ll need more than a kitchen knife I’m lurking in the shadows with a big surprise lift you high, slice you chin to thigh, you only you live to die Who is the psycho-killer of the match? chase em through the woods I can see their tracks this ain’t funny, so don’t you dare laugh just another case about a bloodbath Who is the psycho-killer of the match? chase em through the woods I can see their tracks this ain’t funny, so don’t you dare laugh just another case about a bloodbath I insist you give up this instance ’cause I don’t need these misfits to dismiss this dimwit that cant use his sixth sense to get kids with footprints that’s going into this tent. How can you be this dense? listen, this is strictly for vengeance so if you die don’t take it personal, its business I slaughter and execute, the globe will bear witness my carnage will consume the souls of my victims Michael Myers:
Ha! you call yourself a killer? you drowned in a lake, I murdered my own sister killed my own kinfolk, how do you catch this bimbo? just throw a freaking bear trap in front of an open window you know how many people tried to chop me up? you look like you stand in front of nets blocking hockey pucks Little Jason probably fled by the wayside but don’t try to get away, you’ll be dead by the daylight when I show up, its something like a slasher flick the only difference is there is no sequel after this Ask yourself, how long will you last nobody cared about who I was til i put on the mask they called me “freak show” and drowned me down in Crystal Lake They all thought that I was dead, Big Mistake they really think that they can hide behind a tree and kneel I make their skin curl right before they bleed and spill their guts all over the floor, watch em scream and squeal my momma told me to murder, I got some teens to kill and I will do the same to you, I know it seems surreal but now you little killers know that Mr. Voorhees is real Who is the psycho-killer of the match? chase em through the woods I can see their tracks this ain’t funny, so don’t you dare laugh just another case about a bloodbath Friday the 13th vs Dead by daylight Thank you for watching. Be sure to leave a like on this video. Jason vs Michael Myers

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  1. Hey whats up guys. Make sure you vote for who won:
    Click here if Friday The 13th won:
    Click here if Dead By Daylight won:
    Also, go check out the producer for some amazing beats: Caliber Beats

  2. Jason would murder nearly everyone of the original dead by daylight killers if if it was zombie Jason

  3. Bruh Jason Had BARS micheals rap was so damn slow
    So In conclusion micheal sucks jason wins

  4. Guys who would you prefer to have protect you and which one would u prefer to hunt you
    Jason: protect you or hunt you
    Michael myers: protect you or hunt you.

  5. Considering Michael Myers is under the Entitys control and Jason isn't shows a lot, I want them to add Jason but like his lore would be something like, he isn't under control but he still kills. the map would be crystal lake with some hooks smaller then others, ik he wont be added bc of the char owner and what not but hes 100 percent stronger then the entity and mike he could beat all the killers in dead by daylight tbh

  6. But jason and michael never fucking talk that's like if you put rap battle between two quiet kids

  7. Jason definitely won

  8. Michael doesn't know his own kids

  9. Jason dont need any help

  10. Without a doubt best bar was, you call yourself a killer you drowned in a lake I murdered my own sister

  11. That nigga got insane voice!!!

  12. Which one is better

    Like=dead by daylight
    Comment=Friday the 13th

  13. Jason won the battle but lost the modern game war, rest in peace Friday the 13th the game. Still think it would be cool if he showed up in dead by daylight but I don't think it will happen unfortunately.

  14. I love bass and music

  15. Michael Myers you’re not Pennywise can’t smell fear Jasons better

  16. I hate the Dead by daylight because they didn’t add Jason

  17. You look like a high school janitor got me jason for the win

  18. No it’s chchch chachacha

  19. Dead by daylight best game

  20. The only way you could permanently kill jason is to throw him into a wood grinder and put his remains ina car inside a car locked inside a van with chains on and sink the car all thw way in the Pacific

  21. In part 8 jason is like a disease he comes to manhattan to play uno in the sewers but jason goes to hell he is a literally a disease but that movie is to fucked uo to understand properly

  22. Dead by daylight is more balanced

  23. "Hillbilly" shows the Trapper

  24. Let's be real; if this were a physical fight, Jason would win. Neither of them talk anyways.
    please don't kill me I like the song and both

  25. Can I just point out…..

    Jason had 11 sequels…

  26. I've never played Friday 13th but I would like to try it as for now the only game I play is dbd

  27. Imagine instead if Myers vs Jason
    The trapper vs Jason.

  28. Michael is my favorite

  29. am like Dead by Daylight

  30. This is still awesome!

  31. shows trapper

    “And I got a hillbilly”

  32. Jason kick his but

  33. Now if the entity had his own side Jason would litterly die

  34. the lyrics of jason are lies "I'm undefeated". hes not undefeated he got killed by a child in part 4 and is only alive because the same smart kid grew up to be a retard and resurrect jason, where as michael has never died. (sorry Dead Meat)

  35. If you think about it when Myers says, I got a nurse, hag, and a hillbilly he has way more teammates including the legion, the pig, the trapper, the clown, ghost face, the plague, the wraith, the huntress, leather face, Freddy Kruger, and the spirit. I’m sure they’ll beat Jason in a heartbeat.

  36. Friday the 13th is dead
    Dead by daylight is still alive
    People play dead by daylight more

    You know what I mean
    Dead by daylight is definitely better

  37. hi dooooooooommmmmmm

  38. Friday The 13th is dead

  39. Dead By Daylight—>Like

  40. 2:18 nobody care who i was before i put the mask

    mii gunner : same

  41. The Trapper: Am I a joke to you?

  42. I thought jason dont talk

  43. A nurse a hag and a hillbilly…. That's only three not eight.

  44. Song: just another case about a bloodbath

    Me that is a geometry dash player: DONT MENTION THAT

  45. Who would win

  46. Friday the we the I vote

  47. 0:31 that a trapper

  48. I thought Michael myers was not suppose to talk lol

  49. yeah im ready ill go and grab my machete and watch your body drop scatter and drop like conffeti im superhuman you just a bunch of amuteras and myeres please looking like a junior high janitor ive undefeated evil in this twisted life when your on the killing flor need more than a kitchen knife im lurking in the shadows with a big suprise slash you high slash your thin to thy you only live to die

  50. micheal myeres you drowned in a lake i murdered my own sister jason killed more people than you

  51. I think Jason Vorhees did I cool rap because because the first verse bit Jason did it really cool

  52. Michael thinks hes cooler and stronger but we all know Jason is a goddess killer that cant be defeated i have proof and that is the movie called Jason vs Michael and what do u know Jason won! hes a super strong bad ass, like my comment if u agree & if u have a ps4 you can add me my user is TrollBoy702 exactly spelled like that and i have a 10 star level and my profile has a green goblin face, and just want to let who ever gets this message know that i only have 56 wins all together if u play fortnite than thats all i got to say peace:)

  53. "and i got a hillbilly" *shows scene of trapper"

  54. Jason and Michael tie

  55. A got a doctor a hag a nurse and a hillbilly

  56. So don't u dare laugh it's just another song that sounds like ass

  57. Just go look at the twitch numbers and see the winner

  58. Jason will win because has a mshetey and they are brothers

  59. Jason Voorhees with slice of Michael Myers dick

  60. give it up for my man Jason and like what I said before I get you a slice off your balls

  61. Michael Myers said he got brown dinner Lake because everybody did not like it so you talk about my man Jay so you got to go down brothe

  62. Friday the 13th is actually worse than dbd dbd is better trust just play the two

  63. Both of them cant even talk xD

  64. Jason win in my opinion because his to big and strong even if Michael brought all the killers in dead by daylight Jason would win because he would just throw them like they are garbage cans


  66. 1:54 Heavy Trapper Breathing

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