Frisbee Ping Pong

Frisbee Ping Pong

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we won’t be needing these Because we are playing with other sports equipment. Let’s find out which one is best for table
tennis! I’ve been preparing for the big fight Against the extremely lightweight champion. Skiing is not my strong point But I’m sure that I can play table tennis
with this ski. We are going to play a match to 5 points I’m going to be using the badminton racket And I’m going to be using the tennis racket. But first, we are going to need some practice. Okay I think next we’ll have to play with
a frisbee. But since we only have one frisbee That means me and Miikka will have to share
it. This should be fun! Here is a challenge to all you football players
out there I’m gonna see if it’s possible to play While bouncing the ball. Now that we are warmed up, it’s time for the
big match. He is going to have no chance. We’ll see that! We had a lot of fun filming this episode Let us know in the comments below Which one was your favorite item! If you enjoyed this episode make sure to leave
it a thumbs up! Subscribe right here And watch our previous episodes here. Until next time!

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  1. JACKPOT! ? Share this video around with your friends and give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed! Which sports item was your favorite? ?

  2. Boxing and final match 😀

  3. 7:30 was so close

  4. Help me with the sub please

  5. 2:46 when the meme was born

  6. Miten Vitus voi pelata frisbeel

  7. do your intro in swedish

  8. Jackpot xjxjdjdkd

  9. Лайк,кто из России

  10. play bowling with a table tennis ball(hit it with your racket)

  11. the real jackpot

  12. Could you introduce us your Rockets?

  13. Where are you from Pongfinity

  14. Play with a skateboard

  15. Match with badminton racket

  16. Miikka is a sharp shooter

  17. Can you play with ?

  18. Where IS baseball stick

  19. Record your intro in urdu

  20. The short one is soooo cute lol

  21. please serbian intro please

  22. Frisbee was my favorite

  23. give your intro in nepali

  24. ugh miiika is so attractive?

  25. Is Miika English? He has a really strong accent

  26. My favorite sport is tabble tennis ???

  27. I have already Subscribe your channel . And I like your Videos ????

  28. 1. Rule don’t give pongfinity any racket except for a table tennis racket ?

  29. Do your next intro in Dutch

  30. Lawn tennis racket

  31. Captain frisbee vs. Ping pong Man

  32. very good, you guys really wanted to know how to play like this 🙂

  33. Use shirt to play

  34. Introduce while kissing

  35. Very impressive but can you play table tennis with a bowling ball instead of ping pong ball?

  36. Bro he actually has good form with the boxing?

  37. Я одна здесь русская

  38. Boxing gloves are best because you can punch Emil with that…..

  39. Есть кто из России?

  40. If you want to play table tennis with a tennis racket you need to roll your wrist

  41. I would to see you guys play a rally with a cricket bat vs baseball bat.

  42. mikka you should involve all games

  43. How many ping pong balls can you juggle across the table?

  44. 0:37 he looks So cute and aggressive at the same time ?

  45. This is getting boring day by day. Kill it before it becomes lame

  46. should of said feather weight but…that works too

  47. Are we all just gonna ignore the 90 year old grandma playing in the back left 5:35

  48. Please say in urdu ????

  49. 4:32 kick actually worked lol

  50. JACKPOT?????????????????????

  51. My favorite word is Jackpot!!
    That's an interesting scene!!??

  52. were are you from

  53. 5:33 the lady on the back

  54. hey another table tennis player was found because of you

  55. Use earphone to play ping pong


  57. Play frisbee golf

  58. what is the brand and model of the badminton racket? just curious xD

  59. Buat badminton trick bang

  60. すげーな。

  61. Do your intro in spanish ??

  62. Karma for saying JACKPOT!!

  63. Try using cricket Bat

  64. Nonscense. Fools

  65. Best was boking gloves

  66. Their video very interesting!

  67. О, привет!

  68. Everytime emil causes a mess, he tries to get out of the crime scene and pretend nothing happened by trying not to laugh.

  69. 2:47 JACKPOT ?????

  70. A bit cheesy but whatever 😛

  71. It was so good when mikka uses the boxing gloves?

  72. I am so happy I found this channel! ??

  73. Frisbee is the best!!

  74. 5:39 does anyone know what the name of the music is?

  75. You're s-o creative… Congrats

  76. Voitteko joskus tehä suomalaisen videon

  77. Play table tennis using hoverboard

  78. Play with frying pan

  79. Try to play with a scale

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