Frost Runner Let’s Play! (Free to Play PC Parkour Steam Game)

Hey guys, Azalea 22 here! It’s like freezing cold outside… Oh my gosh, freezing! Frost runner – it sounded like a very appropriate game to give a shot. So we are going to do the way it’s meant to be played. Woohoo! This is gonna be fun! Reach the exit gate to finish the level. Haha, wow that was easyyy. Well I wasn’t trying to be fast. Just knowing the basics here. Eh? What? Stuck somewhere press R to reset okay. What is that? I’m trying to figure out what that is. Ohh that’s there. A block’s there all of a sudden, okay. Find collectibles to unlock INSANITY levels. Hmm. Ummm, I think I will stick to the less insane level. Final test. Prologue, okay last of the prologue. Oh, what is that? Look at that. That arm! Very very
interesting style there. Oh crap. I was still looking at his arm and how cool it
looks ha. Oh I almost died again. Not cool. Whoa, hoo hoo. Don’t hold the space bar too long. Okay, so this is ring 1 Through A Loop. Okay so rings activate moving platforms. You’re supposed to jump through the
rings to activate them. Seems easy enough, right? Ha! Simple. I’m going through these levels like nothing. Stair-stepper. Whoa. Oh ho, gosh. What in the heck man!!! Was that?- I don’t- Whoa – oh God no. Haha, I was taken aback by the weird glitchy- whatever that was. I’m like ‘Oh what the heck will happen if I jump on that.’ Keep up, keep up with what? Okay so it’s gonna start getting- Oh! No! No, I failed! I’m confused. If I land on that then- Ah, okay. Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god oh ho ho. I am not used to playing games like this on PC at all. Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my God, no-o! I’m not that far into this. I can’t just die a bunch of times here. Oh my God, I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t thinking. I forgot about the platform there. I’m just moving and not thinking- oh God. This is like a new challenge on top of a regular challenge for me. Gotcha. Gotcha, gotcha. Oh no! No! NOOO-O-HOOOOOO!!!! Like I said. Like I said- I’m not used to playing this kind of game on PC. Come on, I can do this. I can do this! Oh my god, why did I wait?
Why did I wait?! Oooh, Huuuhhh! I made it! Haha, see. See, that was really easy. No problems there. Go around, oh great. What- pu-blah bluh. (gibberish) When….some hard- pa-pa-par-parkore hah- Hardcore parkour. I can’t like grab onto the ledge
can I? Because I really would love that option. You can grab onto the ledge-
it just, it’s a really good feeling. Oh my god. Aha!! I’m standing on nothing! Woo! Yeah! You have to be so good with the keyboard I feel. This is like huh, ho, ha, huh. You have to be at one- at one with the keyboard, I swear. My thumb wasn’t cooperating with me! Ughh! Bad thumb, bad thumb! Ugh, fudge. Oh my Goddddd… OOOh the pain! Oh my god- Ugh, I don’t care! I don’t care! Cuz it’s too scary, I’m not gonna make it! I’m not gonna make it!! Ah! Ah! I made it! Hahaha. What’s gonna happen now? Oh yeah. I d- ha Ha! That’s what that is. It’s like spiky
things that kill. Wait, you’re supposed to hold the spacebar for long jumps. Oh my god. That was definitely not even a jump. LONG JUMP! Oh my god, long jump- long jump worked. Spacebar. Spacebar! Oh god. Too much on the spacebar. Man, I swear. God dang it. Oh. Got this, got this. Oh- Oh my god. You just really have to master that
spacebar. Slip’n slide! Woohoo! Remember those? Ever have one of those when you were younger? I guess you can use it when you’re older too- You move fast on ice, but have less control. That makes sense. Oh. Dang it. That was not cool. Oh! it’s right here, I moved past it. I was like- I wanted to continue the fun of sliding around. Slide to the left, woo woo! Slide to the left- oh, oh oh oh- I want to do it fun and fast. Not slow, but I think I’m gonna have to be slow here. What- what is that? What the? Ahhhh!! Okay, I am going to try to go
for that treasure. I am. I am I am, I AM! Not… good aim, not good aim. NOT good. Dumb block get-! This block shouldn’t exist. Thank you. Why does it feel like it’s- it’s like it’s supposed to be so much easier than I’m making you out to be huh- Oh!! Oh my god, are you kidding me!!! Oh, I don’t have to get it again. Okay, that is great. That’s great news – I don’t have to get it, but I feel so- yeah- I don’t know what that was. Speedy, fun. Even if it makes it more challenging, it’s
just- it’s just so fun when you can just speed through it fast. Fun fun fun fun! Wooooo! Yeah, woo yeah. This is kinda cool. Oh, did I get that? Oh well. Keep sliding. Oh! Sounds good to me! That wasn’t a very good slide. T-ch. Oh my- Wow. I can’t even get on here to slide, what
is- Why is it so hard to slide?! Snow Cross. What the heck is all this? Noooo! Why can’t I just climb on here. I mean look at that. Looks like a- Got little gaps and stuff, like- come on. Ugh! Okay- Yeah, I think double jump would be pretty- pretty awesome right now. Oh god. What in the?! I don’t even jump on that do I? It’s a trick. You don’t- you know jump on it. HAA! Ha, don’t stop me, don’t stop me. No, don’t stop me. Where am I going? Where am I going- oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. This is
gettin crazy. I know! My momentum, my momentum! My momentum. Need my momentum. Wait, what the heck. Okay, we got a crystal. Pass through the crystal. Oh, nice and easy. I like that. Short and sweet! That sounds nice, right. Oh god, no no. Oh short and sweet let’s get this! Yeah… Don’t- I can- I can jump on a simple platform at this point, right? I mean, come on. Thank you. Now you’re hooked! Oh, I am totally hooked man! Totally- Can I do it while I’m jumping? Woo-hoo! Yes, I can I can I can. Jump! Woohoo! Yes! Yeah! Oh, quick turns. What? Quick turns. What am I supposed to do- a quick turn- Ah! Quick turn, yeah I did a quick turn! Woo, come on! Woo, okay! Reposition self. Quick turn! Jump jump jump! Yeah!! Ca-dence? Cad-ence? I’m not sure how to pronounce that. Ah ooh… Okay, I don’t know if I like this one. Looks kind of scary. Hah! Oh, did I get it? I got it!! Awesome! My first try there. I like that, I like that. Fling. Fling sends you over the crystal. Oh. Wooo! -Ugh… Great. Wow, I don’t know if I’m gonna like this new mechanic here. Not liking it. pfft. ha. I was thinking like oh nice, things are- the flow is getting so good- And this new mechanic is- oh my god. If I have to do that a bunch of times I don’t know how I’m gonna do. Look at all this! Look! Look at this, now I’m gonna have to do it a whole bunch of times. How am I gonna do this?! I don’t even know how- Uh, I kind of forgot to click on the mouse, yeah. Nah, okay. Okay. Yes, yes! Jump, as you hit it, jump! Jump! Ugh! You got, you got it, yes you do. You got it, you got it, jump! Jump, jump! Okay, so you gotta like
jump right as you touch it or something. Paaaah!! I thought I did the same thing I just
did. I thought I had it figured out. And now it’s not- it’s not working, great. I knew this was not gonna be a good one for me. Oh, wha- One more, come on you can do it. You can do it. This is- do it! No! Yes! Noo-Oh! I almost like went over the door. I don’t want to do any more flings. I don’t like the flings, I don’t like the flings. They’re scary! Holy God. That treasure can just uh- It can just stay there and chill ya know. Oh god! What? What am I doing? What am- What am
I doing?!! Died anyway. Ooooooh, that’s so sad. Okay, jump and land. Thank you, thank you. It was kind of close, but you did it! Good jobbb!!! Yeah! I am on top of uh, the
door. Yeah, looks cool! Ah okay, not helping my time at all pfft. Left or right, right or left? No! I choose the right side. Ha! I choose it! Never mind. Man, so it’s like- okay come on guys. Land! And jump. And land. And I’m going to like talk myself through this, ha. Chain tethers together to
move over large spaces. Maybe that could be- Oh my god. This is easy stuff here, easy stuff here. Like that one, like that one. Don’t like that one. Oh, ooh wow. Oh my god. What happened? Disorientation! Disorientation! Ahhh! Will this make it easier or harder for me? Aaaaahhh!!! Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter! Okay. Tether power! Tether power! Tether power, tether power! What the-?! I don’t like this, I don’t like this. Uh, here! Jump! Thank you, thank you! Jump!’ Can you jump over here? You are so so wonderful! They’re not gonna stop giving
me these ones, haha. Arrggghhh! Errrghhh! Yeah, I should’ve just pressed restart right away. Come on! Ooof, ah, AAHHHH!!! Ah, Ah AH! Oh my god! Oh we did it. Why can’t you just stick to those nice ones? It feels so so easy when the flows so nice and fun. See, look at that. It’s like oooh, I can just
relax. Then you get these other- Oh see look at that. So easy, so nice so calming. Oh, calming ones are done again. Ah! I pressed the click button! Jump. Jump! Jump like you’ve never jumped before. It’d be super super fun to be able
to jump like, wouldn’t it? Whatever you tethers. You annoying tethers. Land! You have no choice you land, you land. You land and you land well. You’d better not mess this
up, don’t mess up. Ugh!! Do not mess it up, do not mess it up. Good.
Whoa! Finish line? Did I just win the game? I guess I won the game. Credits, oh you’re gonna do stuff with the credits too. Whoa! We got the glitchy, the glitchy
platforms again. Frost Runnerrrrrr! It’s so fun when you can like go on the slides. Oh, that’s kind of a cool way to be having the credits. Nooo! Guys, do you have to put
that there? I was gonna go straight this way all nice and happy- and then, haha. Glitchy, glitchy woo! Trippy! Of course. Add this to top it off with. Add the icing to the cake. Except that icing tastes disgusting. Okay, no more glitch platform. Glitchy platform’s gone. Oh, do this you can do it you can do it! Success! Insanity?! Oh my god insanity. That already felt like there was some
insanity involved there. There’s no insanity unlocked. Oh well. Haha, guess I’m just
gonna have to pass on that one, oh that’s okay. So I unlocked one mode for insanity. So, I guess we can try a little bit of
insanity right. We’re all insane in here. Oh my god. Nay!!! *death cry from character* Haha. That sound when he dies, ha. That sounded kinda funny. It was like ‘owe!’. *a different death cry sound* That one’s different that time. Hey, yo. It sounds like a DJ. Uh-huh, yes. Spin that record! HI-YA! woo, ha! Hehe, yes yes. yes yes yes yes yessss! What the heck- is thi- Ugh, are you flippin crazy?!!! Why do those spikes kill me?! Are they really that that deadly? Why don’t they just poke a
bunch of spikes in your butt or somethin. One insanity level and I will feel pro
enough in this. I don’t know what it wants me to do. OH, ju-bu-ju bu Ugh! (gibberish rage) So mad, I
I don’t even speak in English anymore. Angry, Angry ANGRY! Shake my head at this game okay. At least the insanity world. Insanity level- Ra, ra rarararara! (*gibberish sound*) Ttake a nice drink of some
relaxing tea. Motherfreakin! Ahh!! I pressed ‘R’ by accident, but I would have died anyway. Cuz ‘R’ resets it. Oh my gosh, what if I do that by accident when I make it? Checkpoint me hear you you mean meanie. God darn this part. Fudge! AH! Heart attack time! Heart attack! Heart attack! Oh my god!!! Look at this look at this! Oooohhhh, no hu ho. Oh the pain. Oh my god! OH my god! NOOOOO!!! Hate that feeling-
one last little area is all you need to get through. And you don’t do it. Not fun! Not fun! I’m putting on my happy face now okay. Happy face time. Think happy, positive- Happy flowers. Happy happy. Oh my gosh, okay Happiness! Happiness. God dang it!! Flippin game. Flippin game!! I am so….uh. Please please! Please please please please please! Just gotta do the same thing. Oh god! Holy! Holy, holy holy! I did it! Ahh, thank you. And that is my dosage of insanity for today guys. That like super tireded me out, even though that’s not a word. And now I need a nap or somethin man. Thank you so much for watching as always guys! And please click that like subscribe and the beautiful share button. I super appreciate anything for support! Have a wonderful day guys! I’m gonna see you in the next video. And stay frosty!

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