FULL DAY of EATING – Refeed Day & Rest Day | Weekend Vlog

FULL DAY of EATING – Refeed Day & Rest Day | Weekend Vlog

morning welcome to the vlog everybody
good morning and welcome to today’s vlog today is Saturday July 6th and today is
day so I get a few extra carbs it’s really not that much and I don’t have
enough fats to do anything super fun so I’m gonna go ahead and film a full day
of eating for you guys so you can see what I do on my refeed days I am going
to have coffee water a meal and then go lift and I think I’m gonna feel up easy
I love Saturdays because I feel like I get to do whatever I want now I was end
up doing like kind of the same thing I do every day but just in a different
order inside nice so I’m gonna go ahead and get on my person for meal number one I took a custom
breakfast from icon meals I do three ounces of egg whites three strips of
turkey bacon and one protein pancake and I made it into a little breakfast
sandwich with the protein pancake the egg whites the bacon
I added some Vokoun nuts crunchy nuts peanut butter and then I also did half
of an English muffin raisin cinnamon a little bit if I can’t believe it’s not
butter the rest of the peanut butter from that serving a little egg white a
little turkey bacon and covered it all in sugar-free syrup so meal number one
is like a little treat meal for me this man is Lisa little snack is this coastal berry
trailmix almonds cashews cranberries river chips
and blueberries Alphabet crop tops and guess who I see, robin linum timing I was like get a poster for alphalete then Emily shows up I was like this is too perfect we’re both wearing
red yeah that’s it we actually didn’t plan this believe it or not I am cooking up a storm for meal number
two but I was starving while I was cooking so I had this snack and it’s
just some seasoned in air dried beef it’s too fat one carbon-13 protein for
the package so I had that I’m cooking up some swai which is my favorite whitefish
and then also some quinoa and then I’m gonna cut some of this and the goal is
going to be to mix like a third serving of this I’m sorry not a third serving
like a third of the bag I think yeah there’s three servings per container so
a third of the value with a little bit of quinoa and then I also have asparagus
and have just like a delicious fish medley of things
all right meal number two couscous that butternut squash mix with fresh zucchini
and asparagus just sauteed and then my swive a little bit of Pico on the side
and yes I did eat half the fish already because I was so hungry but this looks
like a delicious meal okay so now I’m just mixing up a drink that I have every
single day you guys will see it on my Instagram story if you followed me there
which is just at Emily Hayden but what I put in my drink every single day is the
OP towards 15 optic greens 50 so the OP towards 50 looks like this and it’s
basically a mix of 50 different powerful vibrant fruits vegetables and herbs all
blended together for like the best antioxidant drink ever which is really
good because it helps with inflammation and keeping your metabolism nice and
running efficiently the opti greens 50 is low-temperature processed greens most
people in everyday life don’t get the greens that they need just from their
diet I know that I don’t which is why I really like supplementing with this so
what I do is I put two scoops in a bottle I notice the difference when I’m
very consistent on it I always feel like I have glowing and brighter skin so it’s
so good for you I feel so good taking it and this is definitely one of the
supplements that I always tell people get in
take you for two weeks straight and I guarantee you will notice a difference
in your natural energy and your skin hair and your health how you feel like
it’s definitely one of those supplements that you will notice how you feel
after being consistent on it for a little while so if you guys are
interested check down below up with you directly to these two products so you
can read more and educate yourself about it so you can make the best decision for
you also that was my first time doing that much water and it actually makes it
so much more smooth to drink so I suggest play around with how much water
you use I also know some people that will put like a scoop of lemonade BCAAs
in there or apple juice PK’s and drink it that way but I
actually just prefer to have the drink by itself and I have my BCAAs in the
shaker cup because it’s like it was just water to me the next little meal or
snack that I’m having is a cinnamon and raisin English muffin so I had half of
one earlier I’m having a full one now and these are great for a refeed day
because they are low in fat so it’s one gram of fat thirty carbs in for protein
so instead of something like this you could do half cup of oats the only thing
about half cup of oats is that your you have to account for three grams of fat
so you’re using two more grams of fat on the oats rather than just one gram of
fat with this which is the reason why I went with this instead of that my last
real meal is a chicken taco bowl so it’s shredded lettuce chicken rice salsa a
pico de gallo and a little bit of Bolthouse farms dressing on top oh look
at that smile it’s so cute he’s so happy Vinny we have one more
stop on our date do you know where we are
it’s Petco do I go inside he bet you lots of stuff okay so I got
the none of these soft and chewy bacon recipe treats I so gotten these crunchy
peanut butter flavored treats and then I got home with this thing which is like
an interactive ball treat ball thing where there’s like treats inside and he
has to roll it around and get them out so hopefully that’ll keep them busy
while I do cardio and then also some refills for the everlasting treat ball
which is like another thing like this where he can just look at this endlessly
and never finishes it change boost cardio got my swim suit on and now I’m
gonna go hit the hot tub and get all these sore muscles nice and relaxed I’ve
been putting together a new opposing routines so I’ve just been practicing
like a ton of different things and I know I’ll figured it out the closer that I
got but I’m just so excited my last meal of the
night is my famous protein ice cream and that is extra delicious because I have
decided to add Greek yogurt to it this time so this is a Greek yogurt I use I
also added this gingerbread cookie which gives it a nice little twist some stevia
to make it extra sweet one scoop of level one Ice Cream Sandwich my favorite
protein and it makes it super fluffy and delicious like ice cream and then just
some vanilla unsweetened almond milk so give that a shot it’s freaking delicious
it fills you up so you go to bed nice and satisfied good morning happy rest day I just got
dressed and ready and I’m gonna head to church I’m wearing one of the alphalete
new cropped long sleeves which I love some black trip jeans and some chunky
shoes so this is my Sunday rest day outfit quick grocery store haul I picked
up my swai fillets I would absolutely love this fish so I got two bags of that
I got asparagus and zucchini those are my go-to vegetables right now I picked
up this Epsom salt off that has equipped ‘since spearmint it’s gonna be so
amazing to help with recovery so I’ll take bath the night with that I got some
more stuff eeeh almond milk I can’t believe it’s not butter
I found these yaso bars that are sea salt caramel I’m really excited to try
them they are 0.5 grams of fat 18 carbs in five protein so really excited to see
if those are worth it or not they had a deal for two for whatever so of course I
had to buy the two and then rice cakes I got pop-top kicks me any day and I
want something delicious I haven’t really had something off my program
really so hop hop chips IU tuna steaks and
frozen blueberries to throw in my smoothie at night and then this little
trick that I have for you guys if you’re dieting always have something like this
so these are individually wrapped special dark kisses I also have Reese’s
miniature cups here because you can just grab one and have it at the end of the
night and it helps you stay on your goals and the back rows are not bad for
just one or the serving size for that is three the serving size for this one is
like 7 pieces well usually just do one or two a day to help curb those cravings
so definitely a tip get the share package but make sure that they’re
individually wrapped don’t get the ones that are just in there girl silly all of
them also picked up egg whites and that’s it for this little video wait I
tell you this all you do in a steak I might have already showed you but I’m
really excited about this so that’s it for the grocery haul
I have been super lazy on this rest day and it was exactly what I needed
I just watched I would say 3/4 of a stars born and I have seen it before
it’s amazing but I was just being lazy on the couch watching it and then I
realized it was 7 p.m. and I need to get my stuff together before Monday starts
and gets rolling I got a wake-up call at 5 a.m. so I want to show you guys I’m
prepping tomorrow’s meals really quickly and I’m also doing everything that I
need to do for tomorrow morning really simple I’m just making two different
fish slime eels with asparagus and zucchini I also have green beans I’ll
add to this meal also if you guys want to know what I do the morning before a
I’m sorry if you want to know what I do the night before a morning gym session
actually did a whole video on it where I show you guys exactly what I do so what
I’m doing right now isn’t getting my shaker cup ready and I tried to get my
gym bag my shaker cup my outfit everything that I need for the morning I
put it out ready to go so that in the morning I literally like wake up wash my
face brush my teeth grab my stuff put my clothes on grab my shaker cup and go
because honestly even just like putting ice in and then putting water in and
then putting your BCAAs in and then if you want pre-workout it takes a lot of
time in the morning so I try to cut down all of that time by doing it the night
before like I said it go look at it it’s my nighttime routine video you

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