FULL MATCH – John Cena vs. Randy Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title TLC Match: WWE TLC 2013

FULL MATCH – John Cena vs. Randy Orton – WWE World Heavyweight Title TLC Match: WWE TLC 2013

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  1. Werstling is false!

  2. Screen freezes after every headshot.. pfft and a small 7ft? Ladder. Compared to those old school 10+ft ones.

  3. I love RKO… Super match

  4. ~~ why do you censored the headshot attack

  5. make them tag team partners instead of rivals DO IT FOR ME WWE

  6. The Winner Of This Match & The First Ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

  7. Randy is cheater and idiot

  8. One of the best ppvs of 2013 right here, punk vs the shield, Daniel Bryan vs the wyatts, ahh memories, 2011-2014 were the best years of wwe for this past decade

  9. Liker pour ce qui conte pour John cena

  10. john cena no skills no style

  11. I hate Randy Orton

  12. stuff randy he cheted

  13. why is Randy Orton fighting against nobody? ?

  14. I’m saying this BEFORE I watch the vid, and don’t know who’s gunna win, but let’s spam in the comments



  16. Orton is the greatest

  17. My favourite ?? WWE star big dog

  18. شقد ابو اذان

  19. John ena vs randyorton 2009 breaking point match ,please upload

  20. Randy orton are you crazy?

  21. wow John Cena is very smart

  22. Randy the the returd

  23. If Randy Orton son of Vince McMahon His name would Randy McMahon

  24. Randy Orton cheater ****?????

  25. i could beat randy orton in a fight including john cena boys

  26. 저거 반칙아닌가요?

  27. Stupid randy greedy until like this, why handcaf bcz he scare John cena. Nooob randy.

  28. اكو عرب بالطيارة ??

  29. Orton sucksss cheater

  30. John Cena ❤️❤️❤️

  31. I don't like Orton. I like this cena

  32. Это постанова

  33. This was the best tlc match between john cena and randy orton

  34. Jhon cena the randy orton

  35. A great theatrical actor Randy Orton The minute 5:53 could climb the ladder in a second and take the belt … Why did I slow down?

  36. Rendi orton kaya kobtol

  37. 7:30 Wtf gay cosplay lemme find out

  38. I big fan of John cena

  39. Cena trận này đánh như cc

  40. Owow randy is the best

  41. John cenas combo into the AA always works he does the shoulder tackle and then they’ll swing they’ll mid and then that suplex thingy and the 5 knuckle shuffle and the obvious AA

  42. Xin hỏi đánh thật hay là diễn da

  43. Thua tao vs đạt nửa :))

  44. first time i am watching wwe??and this is nothing more than fight of street which happens everyday but peoples calls this professional wrestling ?

  45. I miss these two bestfriends together

  46. Joncena semagat horr????

  47. Thằng gà randy orton chs bẩn

  48. Đánh như thế này sao không gây xương nhỉ

  49. Join cena ke fain like kare

  50. Rendy orton nao sabe luta minha opinião

  51. Nadie que hable español latino

  52. Sana all clearskin John cena HAHAHA

  53. Never give up: am i a joke to ?

  54. What a wonderful fight

  55. randy orton is apparently tied by the hand of john cena

  56. randy orten played badly, played handcuffing others like a coward

  57. Please come back cena

  58. ผมรัก Jhon Cena

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