Ouch. School gotcha down? Sometimes it seems like you just can’t catch a break, doesn’t it? Ugh, way to gloat, Amy. But what if we told you that you’ve just been doing school wrong this whole time? Grab your pencils and thinking caps, we’re about to drop some major school hack knowledge on you that’ll leave you feeling like the smartest kid in class. Why do my eyelids always feel heavier in my classes just after lunch? Um, am I boring you, Ms. Sophia? Wake up! What? Oh, shoot, nodded off again. Wait a sec, I have an idea. Wish you had a pair of glasses like this to wear through those extra-boring lectures? Print out a large picture of you in a pair of glasses like this one. Cut out the lenses of the glasses. Next, stick those suckers right onto your actual specs. You can put double-sided tape on the eyes or clear glue. Perfect fit! Woah! That looks creepy real! So next time you’re sitting in another boring class, fighting to stay awake, pop on a pair of these bad boys and head off to dream land! Hey Sophia do you —uh, Sophia? Ah, that explains it. I’ll let her borrow my notes later, she’ll need them for sure. Sweet dreams, girl! Ah, another day, another fun project. Hey, what’s the matter with these? Why aren’t they cutting? There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pair of dull, weak scissors. Pss, Sophia! Can I borrow those scissors? Please???? Mmm, don’t think so. Ugh, that Sophia can be such a snob. Okay, so how am I going to tackle this? Well, I do have these two rulers, maybe these can work! Take two rulers like these and criss cross them like two blades on a pair of scissors. Start cutting paper with them, pushing them up and down as you go down the page. Woah! How did you do that? It really does work! All it takes is a little creativity and making use of what’s around you. Now that’s what you’d call crafty! Ooh looks like it’s recess time! Hey guys! You’ve gotta check out this video. Ugh, this is so annoying! No worries, girls, I got this. Never mind, I don’t got this. Nope, wrong again. Actually, I think I may have the perfect idea. Hmm… Okay, let me take care of this. Let me borrow one of these paper clips. This little guy is all we need! Bend the top of the clip back like this. Now bend the tip back the same way. Place it down with the bent pieces pointing upward. Now stick your phone right in the little slot and voila! Now you can watch your favorite videos comfortably! Aw man, that Vicky girl gets me every time! When it comes to math class, Mia knows all the answers. Oh no, please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me! Aw man! Ugh, 28? No? Yes? It’s 27. Is that right? Amy over here! It’s 36! The next one is 36!! Okay, got it, it’s 33! Really…? Well, I tried. I’ll fix it, teacher! Pick me! When it comes to multiples of nine, you can literally just count to 10, see? Then do the same thing but backwards from 0 to 10! Ah, it feels good to be right, doesn’t it? Wait, I get it now! I better write this stuff down before I forget! While this trick doesn’t work for all the times tables, it’s always helpful to find patterns in the numbers to help you out. Sometimes, you need a little brain food to help you get through a lecture. But chips may not be the healthiest choice. Oh, these are good. Uh oh, your loud crunching gave you away, Mia! If you’ve got the mid-day crunchies, you’ve gotta learn how to be a secret snacker. Stick a pen or pencil through the side of the bag. Now balance it between you and your neighbor’s desks. Is it just me, or do they actually taste better this way? Uh oh, teacher spotted at 10 o’clock! And when it’s time to hide, push the bag on back and put your notebook over it. Oh hello! Nothing to see here! Just listening to the riveting science lecture! Alright, where can I put my cheat sheet during the test? Well, Mia, you definitely don’t want to put it up your sleeve again, remember what happened last time? Or the time you stuck it into your sock and you lost it without even realizing it? And don’t forget the smudged ink fiasco you pulled during last week’s exam. Hey Mia, having cheat sheet problems again? This time, why don’t you tape it right onto my back? Aw, that’s what friends are for, right? Just make sure you have your hair down to cover it! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late! Hmm, I think it’s time for a little help. Amy, it’s time… Oh let me just whoosh my hair beautiful hair around like this! There it is! Yes! Mama’s gonna ace this test today, baby! Hey! Watch where you’re going, buddy! All my notes are out of order! Okay, don’t freak out. Stupid boy! Let’s see if I can salvage this mess. Hey, can I borrow that stapler? Now my papers will all stay in order. Um, aren’t staplers supposed to come out of this thing? Geez, can this day get any worse? Wait! I know! If you have a box cutter or blade handy, cut a couple slits in the corner of your papers like this. Next, tuck the top corner back and into the slit just under it! And don’t worry, your papers will stay secure, see? I know, you’re impressed. Just call me the Clever Queen! These school hacks may look easy, but these bloopers prove there are some bumps along the way! Check them out for a good laugh! Become a life hack master and check out all our videos on 123 GO! YouTube Channel! Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends who could use to smile today! See you next time!

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