Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Best Of 2019 (Part 2)

Funny And Lucky Moments – Hearthstone – Best Of 2019 (Part 2)

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  1. Rdu is the future of Hearthstone.

  2. 8:21 Control!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Laihoard the fact you have 2 losses with that deck proves you're terrible. And by DM me and then unfriend shows you're a 12 yo little coward

  4. I'll be waiting tomorrow for part 3 🙂

  5. Does anyone have the name of the first song of the clip of Regis Killbin? It is not the good one in the description :

  6. 6:43 : Shit this edwin's gonna be thick af
    6:46 : heart attac

  7. 32:10 … Yeah well, who doesn't :>

  8. 17:12. That is absolutely freaking beautiful. That match is anime tier legendary. Would love to see this kind of beautiful stupidity again.

  9. The glowtron will be my all time favorite ?

  10. 12:15 best hearthstone clip i ever seen

  11. 8:57 when you tryna figure out the chances of a getting a certain legendary from Rafaam


  13. thjis is an unlucky man who still can get to legends. If you get him some luck, he is just gonna be so op

  14. 11:39 this was so cringe

  15. 18:35 when an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force

  16. at 12:10
    Wait! That's illegal!

  17. 11:27 looks at rank nice

  18. 0:10 Big Brain
    2:41 infinite bullets
    4:49 me and the ghost boys
    6:16 diva betrayals and backstabs
    7:20 pure skill no luck
    7:40 task failed successively
    8:57 math men with one job
    9:58 armor she THICC
    11:50 BELIEVE
    12:17 the ghost of mayor Noggenfogger
    12:49 Opposite Day
    14:27 Pro war hippies
    15:03 Jurassic Hunting Party
    16:50 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lackeys
    17:40 line crackhead

  19. 17:11 The biggest battle ever



  21. Funny And Lucky Rdu Moments – k

  22. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Swamp music…? That's a like from me.

  23. That attack on titan ost in the background

  24. Тайс где паки?

  25. No double Grom + King Krush clip 🙁

  26. Like this video and we might get a chance to see part 3!

  27. Thanks for Uldum ending. It is the best

  28. 12:24 hit me like a truck

  29. 9:39 두노따 미쳤냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. The sad about this videos is to see how many good streamers we "lost" this year (that they stopped playing HS) 🙁

  31. Чего в моменте с Рагнаросами удачливого? Все же знают ,что он плюёт либо в фейс ,либо в свою копию на стороне противника? Там 100% шанс на победу вроде бы был.

  32. I just want to thank Haksu, Nicolas JV, and all the other translators who gave us access to many clips we would otherwise not understand. Here's to another year of Hearthstone clips!

  33. 18:29: Hunter: Hold my beer

  34. 한국인 없나요 ?

  35. 9:39 따ㅏ아ㅏㅏ아아ㅏ아아ㅏ아아아아아아아아아악

  36. 9:40 두노따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  37. Fuck, I just realized that 1:02, the OST of Attack of Titan S1 Opening is being played. I can always recognize the beat when the YAEGAR is shouted.

  38. Thank you Haksu for all this translations! It's on point these clips from year 2019

  39. 9:40 두노따 보고가세유

  40. 17:00 it was lethal even if he won't summon spell damage.

  41. Love the HOMM 3 soundtracks

  42. 한국어 번역하신 학수씨 고생 많으셨습니다! 재미있었어요?

  43. 19:03 Вот это я понимаю, азиатский уровень игры. Набрать миллиард атаки чтобы убить друида с миллиардом здоровья))

  44. Thank you for your videos,it's very funny and interesting!

  45. 22:23. Clearly he missed the lethal. He could draw the rest of his deck and play Zephyrs, which gives him frost bolt.

  46. 1 billion armour?

    That’s cute

  47. King Krush: Gets summoned

    Melodica: Now this looks like a job for me

  48. I'm super glad that Hobbs made it into this comp ? Check him out people his stream and Youtube are loads of fun!

    8:09 Talk about a counter ?

    12:29 Well ok then

  49. Ну челы блять без матерей сидят

  50. 25:18 that "kurwa" was beautiful

  51. 15:58-music please

  52. Music 13:45 – 14:54 pls??

  53. Everyone knows Ddahyoni.

  54. YOUR TURN ❤️❤️

  55. 2:26 music from Heroes of might and magic 3 ❤️❤️❤️

  56. 17:05 confirmed, chat carry streamers everyday

  57. "This is the strongest mage turn I have ever seen!"
    Dude, really? I mean, it sure was nice, but that was overreacting…

  58. when korean play hs it's like kaiju battle

  59. Thanks for ending) anigilations civilization

  60. I could watch 30 minutes of thijs’ pain.

  61. 15:57 song? Happy Holidays everyone.

  62. 두노따 두노따 신나는 노래

  63. Равенсвто

  64. And now Hearthstone Best of the decade

  65. I litterly knew every one of this clips but I still enjoyed it. Thanks for creating such nice content for us over the year Trolden

  66. 15:58 how to find that music?

  67. 12:48 мне показалось это Томатос

  68. That blingtron clip was inspirational.

  69. Dat Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Fortress Town Theme at 2:25 😀 brings memories back.

  70. I'm just glad I don't play this anymore..

  71. Too much thijs unfortunately, hope he dies a horrible death.

  72. 20:53 some say krip is still buffing up the boar

  73. At least you choose the better of the 3 songs released this year.

  74. algun latino que me diga que dijo el del ultimo video

  75. 18:27
    Opponent: "oh, you are approaching me?"
    "yare yare"

  76. That Fortress theme though…

  77. I just love that King Krush has its own theme song that always plays when he hits the field, he really is the king of "Whoop, there's lethal out of nowhere." And rusty horn Jurassic Park is just perfect for it.

  78. 28:49 I love this face 😀

  79. Respect for Heroes 3 music

  80. Me: Mom, can I put platebreaker in my deck?
    Mom: We already have platebreaker in the game.
    Platebreaker in the game: 19:10

  81. 20:33
    Лучшее, заслуживает топ-1

  82. 7:15 why is he recording in his toilet? Ahhh oh wait, a true gamer right there

  83. Ребят у кого есть все заставки друида Малфуриона с заставок Трольдена? не могу все собрать, поделитесь, пожалуйста

  84. Половину я видел уже до этого , найс трольден.

  85. 23:00 жулик не воруй!

  86. 7:00 а что я пропустил, Пукича в дурку забрали?

  87. Like for HoMM music!

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