Game Day Gone Wrong for Bailey and Asa?

Game Day Gone Wrong for Bailey and Asa?

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  2. My college state K-State beat OU at our homecoming game and knocked them down from 5th in the country!!! Awesome that y’all got to play them too haha

  3. I love ur guys soooo much

  4. I just realize I’ve been a cute girls hairstyles and Brooklyn and bailey subscriber for eight years now I’m 15 now I watch your guys channel since I was an elementary school. PS can I get a shout out I’m Jamie Cox I love you guys so much❤️

  5. Love your vlogs so so much this was amazing I literally get scared that easily to omg you scared her so many time haha ????

  6. I saw the game on tv. It was an interesting game.

  7. Where can I get that cheese bowl? I’m headed to Dallas this week and NEED that in my life

  8. I'm from Oklahoma so I love OU. But I still like Baylor

  9. I loved Dana’s reactions ?

  10. I saw bailey and asa at the game, and i said hi! y’all were so sweet!!!❤️❤️

  11. I watch the cheerleaders too

  12. Who’s here after they changed the title?

  13. 5:08 did asa wear bailey glasses? hahahhaha

  14. Christmas and did Bailey die her hair?.love you guy’s.

  15. I am an easy scare too!! It’s no fun! Don’t scare Dana anymore ??

  16. What!! You had dinner with Rachel Parcell?! That’s amazing ?

  17. Your vlogs are more entertaining than my life??

  18. Learning asa is in band makes me like him even more. You got a good man ?

  19. Wow for some reason in this vid i noticed how similar Bailey and Kamri are to Mindy!

  20. As much as I love the McKnight family (and have for years) and want to see more of them, Sana is so underappreciated and needs her own segment cause I love her. I'm willing to start a fan club, that's all, carry on 🙂

  21. Baylor bc I live in TX

  22. for anyone wondering, OU ended up winning & it was INSANE!!! boomer sooner ♥️ born & raised!! while watching w my family, I told them I knew people who went to Baylor referring to Brooklyn & Bailey, even though I’ve never met them ?

  23. Where I live in Minnesota we are getting around 10 inches of snow tomorrow night <:) 🙁

  24. check out CMT for Dallas cowboy cheerleaders making the team


  26. I like Shawn. Shawn funny. Shawn good.

  27. I’m like Dana, easy to scare.

  28. Wait bailey has pink hair now?

  29. Awww… Love this family!! ??

  30. Sic 'em Bears!! ??

  31. Lol I loved Dana’s reactions. Definitely scare her some more and do more elaborate scares 🙂

  32. I live in Minnesota and we are supposed to get soooo much snow this week.

  33. Who else thinks Sana should make a youtube channel too?! She is good at this!

  34. It was kind of funny to hear Dana scream. I'm Dana lol, I'm the one who always startles easily and people are amused. We're not boring lol! This does make me get Christmas wish list ideas;).

  35. OMG Mindy you look so much like my mom! BTW YOU should where your hair back more it brings out your eyes

  36. omg i live in minnesota!

  37. We love the s is in Minneapolis! Maybe not in April but it’s still fun this year.

  38. Why are your flights always late or delayed

  39. Yay you guys in Minnesota!!

  40. Aww I love Bailey’s berrish hair!!! ??

  41. please do an office tour!!!

  42. It's funny how they didn't film OU making a comeback and winning!!? BOOMER SOONER❤

  43. I love the scaring part! Her scream is so funny

  44. Anyone notice they changed the thumbnail and the title of the vid? Still love them?

  45. Wait a second. Y'all missed out on the part that OU came back and won baby!!!! BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!! I was at that game and sat in the Baylor student section and let me say it was a crazy historical game!!!

  46. What restaurant was that at the end of the video?

  47. Poor Dana! Love the playback of her screaming! Hahaha!!!

  48. 2:30
    Welcome to my world! Im Canadian lol

  49. this year i was a cowboy cheerleader for my school

  50. Going to Noosa??‍♀️

  51. Oh yeah I saw them on tv I screamed so loud btw my cousins go to Baylor there names are Andrew and Patrick

  52. I live in Oklahoma but love Baylor
    Sic’em bears!

  53. Fettuccine is the noodle not the type of cheese. So the wheel can’t be a fettuccine wheel. Loved the scaring though!

  54. Didn’t show the end of the game. Wonder why? ?? Boomer!!!!

  55. If you were in Minneapolis, hairitage must be coming to Target! Woo!

  56. i live in michigan so i think we can all agree i know that’s snow

  57. Funny how y’all don’t show anything about Baylor loosing that game. BOOMER SOONER!!

  58. Love how they are complaining about the little bit of snow we will easily get a foot in Wisconsin this winter

  59. Bailey has pink hair wth

  60. Dana reactions were amazing

  61. I am a OSU fan but I have to cheer on the big 12

    Baylor had OU till the end

  62. My fav holiday is _'Durga Puja'_, cauz here we get almost an entire month break from school/college & its also a tradition to buy new cloths for this & my b day? occurs this season as well & many more…. Its the best!!!!❤️

  63. How does the title of this video have anything to do with the content? Bailey and Asa were barely in it….Click bait? If so, it worked on me lol.

  64. Is sana from India?

  65. I would like yall to know that OU won!!!

  66. I am from Fort Worth Texas

  67. You cut out the part when OU came back and won the game! Ha! Boomer Sooner!

  68. I live in Arkansas.. where were you guys in Arkansas

  69. If you let me come I will literally pack anything lol!!!! It looks so much fun!

  70. I saw them and I got so excited And I got so happy

  71. Poor Bella looks completely mystified at the game. Kinda 'happily confused' ?

  72. When you were talking about snow in my lovely Minneapolis, I was thinking it was so normal so I didn’t understand the deal. Then I realized y’all are are from the south aka warmth and no snow

  73. It’s not snow or salt, it’s hail! I’m from Canada btw!??

  74. Me in Minneapolis:?

  75. It’s snow ❄️

  76. My favorite is Christmas

  77. GO LSU!! 7-0 wins-losses. #1 in college football rankings

  78. I bought the lash next door makeup bag and I love it!!!

  79. Sorry not sorry I'm from Oklahoma so I love ou

  80. nice to meet camera

  81. talking very soooooon

  82. I saw you guys on TV
    l was so surprised!!!!!

  83. I settle for nothing less then the best you guys

  84. Wait Mindy was in my hometown LOL

  85. I was watching this game cuz we’re OU fans

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