GAME MASTER Take Down PROJECT ZORGO Date REVEALED! Underground Tunnel leads to top secret cave

GAME MASTER Take Down PROJECT ZORGO Date REVEALED! Underground Tunnel leads to top secret cave

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  1. I think the safe I found has something to do with what the game master is doing!!!

  2. 734 that cod is for the box and for hh and bb which is big bear

  3. Yellow is 7 Blue is 3 Red is 4

  4. 557652345890654321234555667889087)77767789988988((77777666766799982236

  5. SLH stands for Santas Little helper

  6. Who saw the go pro when Matt and Rebecca opened the Door
    after doing the sign

  7. It will be the code

  8. That dog is flip and pumpkin patch is rocky

  9. Santa's little helper

  10. I think slh means show the help

  11. 12 347 You use this

  12. I helped solve Clue's

  13. I think will get it 👍

  14. I love your videos ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  15. SLH is

    Santa’s little helper

  16. Slh means santa little helper

  17. SLH is Santa’s little helper

  18. I think pumpkin patch is rocky

  19. The chant was second target

  20. 2019? 3:56 you just gon ignore the roach💀

  21. Slh=Santas little helper

  22. Slh stands for Santa's little helper

  23. SLH=Santa’s Little Helper

  24. that dog is Flip rocky kanaka's dog

  25. the code the game master tipped was 125 7193

  26. SLH stands for santa little helper

  27. Thatcdog is roky kanaka

  28. It's the three didget code you did itYAY

  29. I think it's Santa's little helper

  30. I think it is the code

  31. If you guys knew that that was rocky Kanaka‘s dog flip give this a thumbs up 👍

  32. 734yellow blue red

  33. I think that SLH stands for Santa’s Liter Helper

  34. up👍🙅 i dont know

  35. SLH Santa's little helper

  36. Slh stands for :

  37. Sink + ball= bath bom!
    I think…
    I am not certain!

  38. SLH stands for santa's little helper

  39. Slh stands for

    Santa’s little helper

  40. Slh means Santa's little helper

  41. I know the game master is

  42. SantaLittleHelp…

  43. YELLOW 7 BLUE 3 RED 4

  44. SLH means Santa’s little helper

  45. Santa's little helper

  46. SLH stands for Santa Little Helper

  47. Slh speal Santa's little helper

  48. The dogs name is flip

  49. Did anyone notice the big roach

  50. Was that a roache when Rebecca found the note that had 3 different colors

  51. Count up the number of yellow

  52. I think to be the 3 digit code

  53. I think Matt's gonna figure this out👍

  54. I think it's the code

  55. I think it's starting listening how

  56. One like = support for rebecca zamolo ☝️👍= support rebecca zamolo

  57. Is son someone's anittials

  58. Santa's little helper

  59. slh stands for santas little helpers

  60. The code is 1578 like if u agree

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