GAME MASTER Transforms My Living Room into a Giant FUN HOUSE! (Hidden Clues inside Bounce Ball Pit)

GAME MASTER Transforms My Living Room into a Giant FUN HOUSE! (Hidden Clues inside Bounce Ball Pit)

it’s Rebecca and I’m founding a home to
get the giveaway prizes at the games personal for me oh my gosh safety my house has been
transformed into a shiny fun house there’s about there’s a ball pit there’s
Gina there’s balloons the game has to do this I have no idea
play me on it don’t touch it I feel like this might be what we have to do to get
the prizes back for the Sam fans and family or thumbs up if you want me to
play this I think this is the only way we’ll get the prizes back probably where
you’re simply impressive or you probably thought they were in that mystery box
I’ve hited the prizes throughout this funhouse but in order to get them back
you have to win each game won by okay so looks like the gamemaster hit your
guys’s giveaway prizes all over here and we have to do each game and solve the
clues if we want to get each prize so hopefully we find all the giveaway
prizes that I got for you guys if you want to be entered all you have to do is
be subscribed with the notifications on give this video a thumbs up and comment
below the giveaway item that you want to win and the best way to contact you on
social media I don’t know what else the game master is gonna have you do so make
sure you just do that and we’ll see what else happens like I think we need to
play all these games which one do we start with probably wondering which one
to start with you have 30 seconds to find three envelopes in the ballpit each
envelope has a prize if you do not find it in time your same van will not
receive that promise okay Sam Sam so I think I know what
these are yes we got these are the $50 Amazon
cards for you guys so again these were supposed to be for the five million
subscribers video I guess it’s in the video now fifty dollars to Amazon Oh
three of you guys will win this again all you have to do is be subscribed
thumbs up the video comment that you want this and the best way to contact
you on social media okay champions so we have a lot more
prizes to go hopefully pushing trivia that must be the next game we have to
play don’t like the front okay yeah usually you think it pieces out new
stack on top but look there’s like a letter I think that we should take the
letters out because means it spell something maybe that a clue you guys let
us know in the comment section below you think that this is gonna spell something
what happens if you fall feel like you don’t get busy and giveaway prize maybe
the game master is gonna keep it so give us some positive vibes Yuri out okay I’m
gonna do the L sorry should you okay so far so good we have a lot more letters
to do though the prophecy okay back here I got for you
you gotta move faster on this side I’m getting the 81 and what do you think it
means you guys what do you think the different colors of waters easy easy
feat but easy if this Falls that need get one of the prizes for you guys the
game master will keep it full price you think this is I have no idea but I want
to get all the prizes oh no a masters gonna know me too they
can’t cheat be careful we’re gonna figure out what the prices
if we get it but it goes now you guys lose a giveaway prize or something let
us know what you think there’s different colors what is it boy place to work no
I’m gonna get the prizes this falls down oh sorry
you lose it with it all right here guys so this one right here I have you are an
OD you are an OD what do you think that spells let me know in the comment
section down below this is year Matt says here look ye AR Zampa if you
figured that out and you commented it give your comment thumbs up let’s go
ahead with the constants on the outside and yes our oh you would be epic
okay so we have a KA I GB what the last come on ing a cake cafe baby baby
year-round Albany year-round so we need to put it in the color of a rainbow
come on Shrek okay say your round all baking baking year round baking all year round you might know
that rope in feels but Rosie like the one that I transform into a giant
princess doll baking all year round biro she just said
this to me and either yes so these I printed out because you guys know I have
new merch at Rebecca’s the mellow comp so I printed out five of each because
five of you in the Sam fam will get to pick something from my merch shop for
the giveaway awesome I’m so glad we won that game and got this prize because I
was really excited to get this to you so again you guys thumbs up comment below
that you want the merch the best way to contact you and make sure you’re
subscribed what should we do next you just explore the rest of the house okay
maybe we should try the bounce house I really wouldn’t try that well it’s hard
to get out of here pick it up our shoes you remember when I 24 hours but this
one feels like slide but you must bow the entire time like I was actually very challenging
I hope the gamemaster count this so that you guys can get your next giveaway
prize Zann theum those are the pillows
upstairs in my loft what if the giveaway prizes behind those pillows they must be why that’s it that’s my giveaway price
for them that’s the Tarte make up this really
feels like it’s getting real in real life it seriously does okay cam family
so for this giveaway prize it’s a bunch of tart makeup you guys know I loved her
makeup and I thought you guys went to it’s a pineapple eyeshadow palette
there’s some lip gloss there’s a lot more in there but over if you want the
chart makeup just began to make sure to comment our makeup the best way to
contact to you I don’t know if they came upstairs gonna have any do any that yeah time to celebrate it was a bunch of like
bubbling balloons there’s balloons over there should we grab up I don’t know
let’s see we haven’t use this table yet do you think this is it back there’s
like a rainbow up on the street maybe it’s like rainbows I don’t know
look look these fit like perfectly on what if we just like set them on look at
the color show you I don’t know like this okay no one right there cool
nothing happened okay does it need to be like in any
certain order here like maybe it’s like the colors of the rainbow so this says
that’s FK i TT le s skittles skills that’s my skittles backpack that I was
gonna give you guys in the sand fam okay so now we have to just figure out how to
get it so the tagline is it taste the rainbow rainbow but look all the
balloons aren’t rainbow colored well let’s put it in rainbow people order we
just did wait a sec look look red orange yellow green what if it’s what if keys
or bands the faces right see if you let us know what you think right doing this
in rainbow order we will get the skills backpack for you guys
so grain goes on – yeah I guess white blue yeah and then we would do dark blue
and then I guess white paint and then dark pinkish purple for one of you guys
win so comments skittle juicer and oh my gosh I have no idea but it’s so heavy oh
my god you must be the next clue it has writing on it right onto it what does it
say it says make three in the basket I’m tiny space and then up arrow CFM you
remember when I spent 24 hours and the tiny space above oh yeah so must be up
there I have to go up there yeah there’s a ladder
what I think it needs to be there for a reason okay okay I’m going to set the
lab so I don’t think it’s 45 feet but it feels really cold you are afraid of
heights all the commenting right now I’m afraid
about yeah camera you might be doing a giveaway of
this before so I’m doing another one but this is paint there’s a no clue it says
you transformed your stairs into a giant slide make a box for Castle jumper for
the abandoned you you might get to see without come on
okay let me go crazy yeah three two one hopefully I will be okay okay here we go
the I see this box that makes sense why we have all these boxes you have to be
tight spiral circuit which is pretty cool I think we need to probably duct
tape here’s the duct tape right here where’s jaqen teeny of them even share
told me that box parts are really good if you have like a bigger base this is
going to be it’s the cool I hope you guys oh this would be bigger than the world
or just slide out you may well know it is pretty soon right we got and we stay
wait okay well hopefully Matt catches pumpkin
patch I had a mini giveaway for you guys so if you want this comment below but I
had I had to I’ve had minis for you guys wonder where the next one is wait this
is the GoPro damn thing you remember when I dropped this GoPro at fun box do
you remember that I was running away because I thought I saw the gamemaster
I wonder what’s on it oh my gosh the gamemaster wasn’t foam bobby was a new
way I knew I thought I saw him wait a sec he’s saying something to you guys to
do that’s where any of these prizes cook on it the gamemaster sent me on all
three of these videos or your entries will be developing good lord
okay zamfam so if you want to win any of these giveaway prizes and do what I
said subscribe thumbs up the video and comment below what you want to win and
the best way to contact you and I guess make sure to comment on those videos too
for the gamemaster will pick one of the winners I’ll let
you know as soon as I can but there’s one more clip wait that’s the other iPad
Mini see if you have got any other giveaway prize huh
looks like the iPad Mini is in a Zen room I think I know where that is let me
know what you think I should go there and what do you think it’s a trap

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