(epic music) – (boy) You gotta hide! – No! (screaming) – Oh no. (electric crackling) (boom) – What? Ahh! – Welcome home. You guys are here on the Carl
and Jinger Family channel. We’re gonna play an awesome,
epic game of Hide and Seek. This time, we’re gonna do
Hacker Girl Hide and Seek with these awesome Power Pellets. So you guys ready? – Yeah! -Yeah! -Yeah! – All right, let’s explain the rules. Each of us represent a different color and a different power pellet for the color that we’re wearing. So I’m Team Blue. Luke is- – I’m Team Green. – I’m Team Yellow. – And I’m Team Pink. – (Carl) All around the
house they’re gonna be hidden these different power pellets
that we have to Hide and Seek to try and find and return
them to this power cylinder. When we do that, we finish
the game and Hacker Girl is powered-down and goes
back to sleep for the night. There’s only one problem, if
the Hacker Girl catches you, you’re frozen for like
thirty seconds- -Oh gosh – Before you can move again
so don’t get caught, guys. – Okay, okay. – In today’s Hacker Girl
challenge Hide and Seek we also have 2 spy gadgets
that Hacker Girl gets to use. So if you’re standing in
a room or hiding somewhere and she tosses one of
these in, you’re stood up frozen like you’re shocked in place. Okay? – Yeah, all right. – So we actually get to hide these. So you’re wearing green – Ohh yeah. – You’re pink so you can
hide these guys -All right. – Then we better find
our hiding spots, too, before she gets going. You guys ready? – Yeah lets do it. – Yeah lets go find our hiding spots. Gage is already off. Oh look its like all blocked off. – I have to hide this spy gadget
so I have to go downstairs. – Oh that’s right. Okay so are you going
to go downstairs, Kyle? – Yeah. – Okay you guys go downstairs.
I’ll try and stay up here. – (Gage)I’m trying to figure
out where I want to put this. – (Carl) Figure out a good spot? – Yeah, I think I’m gonna
stick it right down in there so its camoflaged. – Oh yeah its like camoflaged. That’s a good method. -Yes. – Okay. I’m gonna hide in here. – (whispering) Hiding under. – I’m gonna put it right here. – I’m going to hide by
this post on the floor. I can stick my feet out
from under the chair. – (whispering) I’m gonna
go hide in the closet. Okay, so I’m trying to look around. Ah, there’s a vacuum in here, guys. You guys will have to try
and tell me if you can find any of the power balls. There’s a yellow one right there. Okay, I better find it. – I’m listening to them – I’m gonna go hide in here
and turn off the lights. Hopefully this works. Wish me luck. Smash like button. – This is taking forever. I kinda feel like I wanna sneak out. I wonder if I could find ’em. There’s the cylinder right there. This is a really bad idea. I just wanna look really quick. There’s another yellow one. There she is. – I’m gonna wait until
she goes downstairs. – She’s downstairs you guys. I gotta look for the blue Power Balls. Ohh. Ohh, I found one, you guys. I found one. – Ohh, yes! – Here’s one. Hurry up. Yeah, okay. I bet there’s 2 up here
and maybe 2 downstairs. – I’m gonna hide. I’m gonna play it safe. But right up there there’s a green ball. – Ahh. I don’t know. – You gotta hide! – She’s upstairs. I got a plan. Gotta be quick. I wonder if there’s one in my bathroom. Yes! I found one. Okay, I might find a way
to take this upstairs. – I found it. I found it. – I know there’s gotta be another. – (Gage) I saw one of your Power Pellets. – Where? – Down in the basement. – Down in the basement? – My Power Pellet. 2 more. (Carl screaming) – No, oh no. (electric crackling) Ahh! Now I’m frozen. I’m frozen for 30 seconds. I’m frozen. She got me in the closet. Gage, run away. She just got me. (exhales) She, she totally shocked me. I’m still missing one of them. – I got two Power Pellets. – I gotta go downstairs. I’m going to have to try and get past her. – (K) Dad is that you? – Yeah, have you seen a blue one anywhere? – No. – Where’s the Power Pellet? I can’t believe I made it down here. She’s down here with us. I gotta hide. – Nothing. Quiet, quiet, quiet. (buzzer) (ding) – Okay. Whoa. It’s not like I’m not trying
to play good Hide and Seek. But I’m afraid. Oh, dear God. Kyle. Kyle! – Have you seen- Didn’t you see where I was? Didn’t you see where I was? – You scared me. I thought you were her and
you were gonna catch me. – Oh – Oh my gosh. – Have you seen any of my power balls? There’s one on the couch
upstairs between the cushions. We gotta go. We gotta go. (screaming) (electric shock) Kyle. – What? – She found us. – I am frozen for 30 seconds again. – Mom! No! (electric shock) – Sounds like Luke just got caught. Oh my gosh. – No! – Where are my Power Pellets? There has to be one up here. I’m like blind as a bat or something. (whoosh) (whoosh) – (Carl) Oh God. Where is she? She might still be here, we better move. She has a Spy Gadget. – Yeah. – If she has a Spy Gadget
we better be really careful. (whoosh) I can’t find them. I gotta find my power pellet. Where’s the blue Power Pellet? – I can’t see any. – Where is any? I can’t see. Where are they? I’m looking all over here. They’re hidden so good. – Totally found it. – Oh my gosh. Hide and seek for real. Oh, yeah yeah yeah! Sweet. Now guys I gotta get back upstairs. I gotta go I’m so far behind. Run! Run! Shh! – I got it. – Here we go. I can see her. – Looks like pink. So me, and then green Luke. I think that’s Luke. And then Dad has one. I don’t think Kyle found any. – I can hear her coming up the stairs. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! There’s a green one! – Yes! Why did I help him? I’m a good Dad, I’m a good Dad. There’s a yellow one on the stairs. Right there, Kyle. – (Gage) No, ahh! (whoosh) (electric shock) (ding) – Yeah! Yay we won! – What happened? What happened? Did you just do it? – Oh yeah, I got all four! She did, oh there she goes! (whoosh) Ooh she got it. She’s done. You guys won, let’s get her and go. Come on, let’s go! Yeah! Whoa, look at that! – Oh yeah! – This is really cool
because it actually shows exactly how the game went. So, I got the very first one. Luke got 2. Gabe’s got 2 in a row. I found another one. Kyle found one. And then Luke found the final 2. – Yeah! – So, if you picked Luke. He was totally the winner of this game. That was so fun. – Yeah – Hacker Girl Hide and Seek. If you guys liked this
video, you’re going to love the other ones that you see on the screen. We’ve done a ton of cool stuff. You’ve gotta check it out and subscribe and make sure you smash that like button if you like this video. We’ll see you guys next time. – Bye. -Bye. -Bye – That was so fun. – That was really cool.

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