Game Theory: Secrets of Dating! (Dating Sims’ How to Win at Love Part 2)

Game Theory: Secrets of Dating! (Dating Sims’ How to Win at Love Part 2)

Oh no way! A text message who’s it from? Aww Markiplier, how sweet And there’s a picture?! OH GOD NO OHHH It’s burned into my retinas I wish there was bleach for my brain *INTRO* *INTRO* Hello internet, welcome to Game Theory Where last time we learned that saying hello is a bad way to get someone to go on a date with you Luckily I’m not hitting on you I just wanna be friends Maybe friends with benefits and those benefits being – Subscribe to the channel. Thanks! Anyway, let’s not waste any time and hop straight back into part two covering my fifth most anticipated topic ever Can dating sims help you get a date in real life? If you miss the last part feel up that “I” icon in the upper-right hand corner Don’t worry, the video will be waiting for you when you come back Now, when we last left off we had just introduced ourselves to the real world person of our dreams So, now it’s time to get down and dirty, learning the strategy that’ll help us to get down and dirty And now we continue MatPat’s theorist’s guide to dating in six easy steps *based on dating sims* today By talking about talking. Step number three, speak in code Dating sims give you a lot of lee-way for talking to girls ALOT of LEE-WAY.. But in real life us guys know that there are a million ways to botch an actual conversation In both “Hunie Pop” and “Love Hina” you start off afraid to talk to girls In the games, you either get some magical help from your spiritual love guide or you just read the girls diary when she’s not looking Because the first step to a successful relationship is breaking and entering *WARNING* Not actually step one for a successful relationship Anyway, in most of these games – if you’re gonna win a kiss or tentacle-fueled hentai session at the end of the date Chances are, you’re gonna need to have asked the girl for basic information about her life And then be able to recite it back to her when quizzed during the date It’s all about getting to know a girl then remembering her preferences later So, do the winning answers in dating sims translate to winning answers in real life? As it turns out, “YEAH!” ABSOLUTELY Okcupid data shows that men have a 40% higher response rate when they mention specific details that are found in the woman’s profile Or ask her questions about her interests WHAT?! Taking actual “genuine interest” in another human being makes them LIKE you better?! UNBELIEVABLE But true So yeah, Allie, I find it absolutely fascinating you think you’re a 52 hundred year old alien who likes the band Muse and (?) bubble tea Please, go on Or Donna, please, go into gory detail about whatever serial murder you committed last night with your family and decided to send me pics of I’d love to know what horrific things you have planned to do to my body tonight But you know what? We, can go even further, by not just asking questions but by asking CODED questions For instance, answer me this Do you like the taste of beer? Seriously? Do you? If you answered, “Yes” to my question, you’re more likely to have sex with me on the first date UP TO 60% MORE LIKELY, in fact No joke! That question is the single best predictor for finding out whether you’re gonna sleep with me on night one That said, I’d much rather take the time to learn about you as an individual As a person So, STOP TRYING TO GET INTO MY PANTS! I’M MORE THAN JUST A PIECE OF A MEAT, OKAY? And my EYES are UP HERE! But in all seriousness, this coded question is based on millions of data points, sites like: okcupid and have collected over the years Making you into a relationship mindreader Or, maybe the girl you’re trying to woo was just a half naked unemployed forest nymph who just told you she likes to have sex in public That’s probably an indicator about whether or not she’s interested in you too Anyway, according to the statistics, you can find out really deep information about your date by asking questions that don’t even seem like they matter Wanna know if you and your date will be compatible for a long-term relationship? Just ask the following three questions Do you like horror movies? Have you ever traveled around another country alone? And wouldn’t it be fun to leave everything and go live on a sailboat? They’re stupid, they’re random and yeah, good luck working them naturally into a conversation And yet, if you and your date agree on all three, your chances in a long-term relationship are actually four times higher It’s CRAZY! But okay! Now that you’re armed with a knowledge that you wanna live on a sailboat watching Saw for the rest of your life When do you ask her out? And avoid the dreaded FRIEND ZONE? Step number four Timing, is eh– *SLAP* Is everything Asking someone out is hard Too early and you’re the awkward creeper Too late and you’re the gay best friend Dating sims actually do a REALLY good job of portraying this We talked last time about these heart in relationship meters, that measure your propinquity with the person And usually you can start asking them on dates around the one-third full mark In Pico Sim Date This is a couple of hearts In Love Hina, you need to have had several conversations with the girl And while you can ask girls out in Hunie Pop whenever you want You need to have talked enough to her to build up your stats in order to have that successful date The rule of thumb is that when you run through most the general questions you can ask her and she’s comfortable receiving calls, gifts, and emails from you But not after so much time that your painting each others toe nails It’s time to POUNCE! So, is this true to life? ABSOLUTELY! According to Virtual Dating Assistance, men who were dating online tend to ask for a meeting after 5.14 total emails So, usually in the second or third message that the man sends However, this is TOO SOON! The men who were most successful at arranging in-person dates are the ones who wait nearly 10 messages to be exchanged Almost twice the numbers of messages they think they should wait Guys! SLOW DOWN! You gotta build up that relationship meter first That said, on the other hand, there are also dangers to not asking for a date fast enough eHarmony reports that if you’ve been in regular communication with someone for six weeks or more without discussing a date Well, sorry friend, you’re out of luck Your odds of a relationship decrease DRAMATICALLY And so, what about having a… Uh… Very successful date? The girls in Hunie Pop will go back to your place for a roll in the hay at the end of your fourth successful date So, do you wonder when’s the best time to bring up that very touchy…? Get it? Touchy subject with your irl love interest? Global Survey by Time Out showed that real people consider 3.53 to be the optimal number of dates before buzzing the ol’ Brillo So, just like in Hunie Pop, you can bring up the horizontal hoola during the fourth date and be statistically SPOT ON Now, if you’re looking to score earlier, it’s important to know that only 10% of people globally expect to roast the broomstick the first time out And yes, that is a euphemism for sex I looked it up So, unless they really like the taste of beer You should never make the assumption that your partner is thinking in that direction Even if you and the tiny brain in your pants are And so that leaves us with a question What’re you gonna do while you’re waiting for that elusive 3.5 third date to roll around? Dating sims have something to say about that TOO Step number five Give gifts Give life In pretty much every dating sim, you use gift giving to win over your dates In Love Hina, it’s how you go from being good friends to the coveted close friends status In Hunie Pop, giving gifts increases the amount of hunny you get from talking to them Pico Sim Date less than 3 has a boosting relationship score much faster than regular conversation And when you’re giving those gifts in the game, you can’t just throw anything at her Girls who really want a frying pan aren’t gonna be jazzed when you give them a WATERMELON?! ARE THESE REAL GIFTS?! What kind of girls are these?! Seriously though, in Love Hina, you can give Shinobu like 30 frying pans She just can’t get enough! So, the big questions is… Whether gift giving is an important part of real world mac’n And interestingly enough, there are two sides to this story To get to the bottom of this, we need to look at why we even give gifts and romantic relationships in the first place Gift giving is believed to be a primal evolutionary trait In studies on chimpanzee’s and other primates species, males regularly exchange food for quite literally, doin’ it like they do it on Discovery channel An article’s talking about it, and it’s called, “Primate Prostitution” Where even though males might hangout with lots of females casually The only ones he’s gonna be showing his little chimp are the one’s he’s already giving gifts of fruit to And well, it might seem like these primate ladies ain’t nothin’ but banana diggers They’re actually being pretty smart They’re only sleeping with the gifty guy primates, they’re selecting partners who are best at surviving, finding food, and most importantly, being generous with it So, taking it back to humans When guys expect to get some action after paying for dinner It’s not just that they’re being a jerk, they’re evolutionary programmed to think that they’re demonstrating a preferable, sexual trait By being generous and showing that they can support their partner Girls, who are attracted to guys who buy them stuff might seem high maintenance But actually they’re just acting based on evolution So, does that make dating sim’s right? Should you chuck tons of pinecones at the object of your affection because of evolution? Well, actually, no Outside of the obvious fact that no one needs five copies of the same magazine in the span of two minutes The other side of the story is that nowadays, over-givers lose in the long run “Over-givers” That’s a real social psychology term by the way Over-givers tend to scare potential partners off There are two reasons for this First, an over-giver usually indicates someone with low self-value The reason people tend to over-give is that they believe they have to bribe someone to care about them What they end up creating are dependencies rather than relationships Because in the long run, they attract people who take advantage of them Not people who appreciate their generosity Also, giving early on in a relationship makes people feel overwhelmed They feel indebted to the gift-giver, not appreciative That’s why dating sims don’t allow you to give gifts until you’re at least heart level two You want your date to be excited by the watermelon you just gave them Not feeling like they have to payback a loan So, if I can just up my relationship score by piling her high with samurai swords, what can I do? Well, dating sims actually present a really good way around this issue Which is to promote experiential giving In both, Love Hina and Hunie Pop, you receive more points with your love interest if you give the gift of an experience Or take her on a more exotic date HEY! I’m not just taking her to the spa to get her into her bathing suit, there’s a strategy behind it And this is exactly the way it is in real life Cornell did a comprehensive study of gift-giving versus experience giving in 2014 That (?) across the board, regardless of age, employment, race, gender, politics, everything People prefer experiential gifts to material gifts The biggest preference was found in students People who love to learn and experience new things So, instead of buying your college girlfriend some jewelry Know that she’s more likely to prefer an experience that has less to do with the price tag and more to do with the cool time that you spend together And finally, what kind of experiences should you have in a long-term relationship? Let’s see what dating sims have to say Step number six Be Nathan Drake, not Duke Nukem We’ve all heard the old saying that nice guys finish last And to their credits, some dating sims reflect this fact in life In Love Hina, the girls hint that they’d be really impressed if you beat someone in a fight In Sim Girl’s, it’s a normal part of the game Fighting through hovering street ruffians Punch Out – this is not And in Pico Sim Date, your frequently offered audacious options like, “squeeze butt” and “talk about sex” Now, while I don’t recommend getting to know a girl by throwing a shoe at her Studies do show that there is something to this idea that girls are attracted to aggressive men It’s the result of an evolutionary concept called “parental investment” theory Biologically, woman choose a partner who is “reactive impulsive” Meaning they respond aggressively to outside threats and can pass on those genes to their offspring But hold on, before you get your swell on too much Not that swell- Bicep swell Don’t go gettin’ all 50 shades of gray up in here because if you want a girl to stick around, you’re gonna wanna mello out pretty quickly Women become less interested in aggressive and kinky activities in real relationships overtime It’s less than 10% by the age of 26 In dating sites statistics around long term relationships Show that women respond best to men who are self-effacing Using words like “sorry” and “awkward” increase a guys chances of getting a response by 15% or more If you need more proof, just look at Casper Lee’s success on Youtube Or any of the other cute awkward British tubers HEART YOU GUYS! MUCH CUTE! MUCH AWK! And with that, we pretty much exhausted everything a dating sim can do for you in the real world Surprisingly, these games get A LOT right And I’m not the only one who thinks so Sites like eflirt have referenced these games and said that quote “In the future, I see it as something you could learn when you’re younger, so that as an adult you understand relationship dynamics better.” End quote The bottom line is this, real or virtual dating is hard But dating sims are actually equipping you with the skills you need to make your real world relationships better Whether you’re dating a pigeon, a five tentacled alien, or a haunted anamatronic GOD BLESS DATING SIMS BUT HEY THAT’S JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY Thanks for watching And hey, if you’re looking for more dating advice, there’s plenty available on our sponsor, Everything from “Let him chase you” dating advice for women to “The power of the pussy” YEAH Then there’s, I kid you not, “How to make a man fall in love with you in less than a month: and keep him infatuated with you” GEEEEZ This is a real thing We men, even with the power of science and dating sims, we don’t stand a chance, do we? But for all you guys out there Know the enemy Listen to these books and learn the woman folks secrets And you can level up your social skills and for FREE! With a 30 day free trial by going to Or clicking the link in the description of this video Or maybe, you’ve given up on dating entirely and are resigned to living an entire life alone Well, no worries to you either Audible has over 180 thousand books available to download and keep you company in your crippling loneliness Audible has been a regular sponsor for us, this video included And it’s a service I’d highly recommend Whether or not you’re interested in dating advice For instance, I’m currently listening to “The walking dead” series Which is really good So, ensured if you value reading but don’t have time to sit down with a book Or just want a voice to keep you company It’s perfect for you So support them and in turn support our ability to do more videos for you guys So remember, that’s All joking aside though, if you do choose to be alone, good for you, that’s – that’s not a problem I just made that joke for joking references

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