Gạt dân ra lề – Đảng tồn tại nhờ 2 “bí kíp”

Gạt dân ra lề – Đảng tồn tại nhờ 2 “bí kíp”

While translating Trump’s speech, Vietnamese newspapers cut the warning about socialism “America’s enemies are fleeing, America’s fortunes are up and America’s future is bright.” US President Donald Trump began his speech like that with a constant applause in the auditorium. Below is the entire US Congress and all the most powerful positions of the United States of America including: Government, House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court. President Donald Trump reading the 2020 Federal Message in US Congress on the evening of Feb 4, behind him is Vice President Pence (left) and House Speaker Pelosi “Our ancestors built the most special republic in human history. And we are making it greater than ever!”
It was one of the most eloquent sentences of the Federal message delivered by President Donald Trump in US Congress on Feb 4. Not once did he have to glance at the manuscript, throughout the 1-hour and 20-minute speech, he spoke in an unrelenting, uninterrupted and inspiring manner.
Commentators said his speech is as emotional and dramatic as a reality TV show, the State of the Union address speech is just a day before the impeachment trial in the Senate announces its verdict. President Trump showed his confidence, as observers predicted that he would almost certainly be acquitted. The reading of the Federal Message was shaded by the tense atmosphere between the White House and the House of Representatives which is under Democratic control. Trump repeatedly delivered messages that attacked the previous government and the Democratic Party’s stance on many issues. The event was also mixed with many “expensive” details, from a guest who was opposition Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido, whom Mr. Trump introduced as “the legitimate president of Venezuela.” The US president changed the tradition and conducted a reading of the Federal Message with unprecedented highlights, making it almost impossible for viewers to take their eyes off the screen, ABC News commented. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido in the US Congress, whom Trump solemnly calls “Mr. President” and is “the legitimate president of Venezuela” Three Vietnamese newspapers published translations of US President Donald Trump’s speech, but cut off a speech about his warning that “socialism destroys nations.”
In the supposed “full text” translation of Mr. Trump’s State of the Union address, the young intellectuals of the Tổ Quốc (Homeland) newspaper under the authority of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, erased the part referring to the US “supporting the hope of restoring democracy of the people of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela”, as well as the United States “leading 59 diplomatic countries to fight against Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro? Whom Mr. Trump labelled a “tyrant who suppresses the people” nut “will be smashed.” Presenting the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, Mr. Trump said that “the legitimate president of Venezuela,” and “the man is very brave, carries the hopes, dreams and aspirations of all Venezuelans” also disappeared in the translated version of the Tổ Quốc. Sentences: “legitimate struggle for freedom” of the Venezuelan people, and “Socialism destroys nations. But always keep in mind: Freedom of soul attachment, were also deleted. Recently, speaking to the United Nations President Trump said: “The events in Venezuela remind us all that socialism and communism are not for justice, not for equality, not for support the poor and certainly not for the sake of the nation. Socialism and communism are for one thing only: the power of the ruling class.” General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong (right) receives Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Hanoi on Aug 31, 2015 In early June last year, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong directed the preparation for the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party, saying that the party has to “grasp” and “persist in the goals and ideals of communism” and “strengthening the leading role of the Party.” Late last year, National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan received the ruling Socialist Socialist Party of Venezuela and said “believe under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan people will succeed in realizing the goals set by late President Hugo Chavez, overcoming difficulties, challenges, stabilizing the situation to develop a prosperous and prosperous Venezuela.” Vietnam’s top legislator was also quoted as saying that “Vietnam is willing to share experiences in socio-economic development” with Venezuela. Regarding the Cuban-Vietnam relationship, according to Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in September last year, Mr. Trong received Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces Minister Leopoldo Cintra Frías, Trong also expressed his confidence that the armies of the two countries will “always be worthy of the trust and trust of the two Parties and people of the two countries; ready to fight and sacrifice for the independence, freedom of the Fatherland, for socialism.” There is a special situation that happened when President Trump just finished his State of the Union speech, which was the reaction of House Speaker Nancy Pelosy, who ripped off the manuscript of his speech. After the MPs, judges and guests at the event left the auditorium for the most time, Ms. Pelosi smiled and walked away from the podium and waved a torn copy in half to greet family members and friends present at the building. U.S. Congress. NA’s Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and First Vice President of Venezuelan Socialist Party Diosdado Cabello The most mentioned thing after President Trump’s Federal Message ended is the image of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing up a copy of the leader’s speech. She then responded to the media that it was the “most polite act she could do” after the speech ended. Earlier, the president had refused to shake Pelosi’s hand when he came to the podium. Democrats in the House of Representatives break the tradition by not respecting President Trump’s introduction to Congress, according to the Guardian. “Normally, the Speaker of the House of Representatives will introduce: ‘Members of the Congress, I am honored to introduce to you all the President.” Ms. Pelosi just said: ‘Members of Parliament. President of the United States,” reported journalist Jake Tapper. Throughout his speech, President Trump also repeatedly attacked the Democratic Party and its party candidates, on a range of issues: economic indicators and policies between its predecessor and the government policies for illegal immigrants; US health insurance; and the 2nd Amendment to American people’s right to own guns.
At least 3 Democrats left the hall before the speech ended. Many congressmen present in the auditorium were upset and did not applaud Mr. Trump’s statements. President Trump emphasized economic achievements, impressive figures are the record of the history of the United States that show the unemployment rate decreases, income of many classes is improved compared to the time of President Barack Obama and other presidents. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tearing off a copy of the Federal Message in half “Since I was elected, we have created 7 million new jobs – more than 5 million jobs that government experts set out during their predecessors. The unemployment rate was the lowest in more than half a century, and lower than all other governments in American history. If we do not change the failed economic policies of the previous administration, the world will now not be able to witness the great economic achievements of the United States. The poverty rate in the African American community has dropped to the lowest ever recorded. In the eight years of my predecessor, more than 300,000 people of working age left the labor force. In just three years of my administration, 3.5 million people of working age have joined the workforce.
Since I took office, the net income of the lower half of the list of wage workers has increased 47%, three times faster than the increase of the first 1% group. Actual average household income is now at a record high. The US stock market has grown 70%, adding $12,000 billion to national assets, far beyond all expectations. Regarding foreign economic relations, President Trump said: 6 days ago, I replaced NAFTA and signed a new agreement between the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA), promising to create nearly 100,000 new high-paying jobs and increasing trade between the US and Mexico and Canada, while ensuring fairness, reciprocity between countries. President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping For China he said: I have imposed taxes to prevent China from robbing large numbers of US jobs.
A few days ago, we signed with China groundbreaking deals, which included provisions to protect American workers, protect our intellectual property, and bring our budget billions of dollars and opens up new markets for products grown, grown and made in the US. China has taken advantage of the United States for decades. Now we have changed that. At the same time, we have the best relationship we’ve ever had with China, with Chinese President Xi Jinping. They respect what we do. To be frank, they cannot expect to continue to commit wrongdoing without being stopped by someone in the United States or saying “Enough.” Now we want to rebuild the country, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We are rebuilding America. And while we restore America’s worldwide leadership, we once again struggle for freedom in the region.” Vietnam is an unlucky country that has been ruled by the Communist Party for 75 years, the media and the press are under the strict censorship of the party, they have a habit of hiding their mistakes and information about progress in the world. Now, with the Internet and globalization, nearly 100 million people in Vietnam have quick access to honest information from free media. The ruling party and its government, headed by Mr. Trong and Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc cannot hide forever, they need to end their illusory and miserable socialist orientation in order to hand over the country’s governance to the people of Vietnam.

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  64. Cải cách ruộng đất là một sai lầm rất nghiêm trọng của Đảng.Với những nhà tư sản tư bản ở thành phố,với những trung nông phú nông ở nông thôn nhiều lắm họ đã là những người ủng hộ C/M về nhiều tiền vàng thóc gạo…rồi cả tinh thần nữa. sau khi cách mạng thành công họ đã phải trả giá quá đau đớn bằng sinh mạng và tài sản còn lại. Nhưng vì chưa có kinh nghiệm và áp dụng một cách máy móc vội vàng cực đoan trong một trào lưu mới lúc bấy giờ của một nhà nước trứng nước.Vết thương vết đau này đã thành sẹo mờ dần đi. Nhưng sau năm 1975 thì việc cải tạo tư sản tư bản tư doanh miền nam làm hàng chục nghìn doanh nghiệp tan tành, sau đó10 năm từ đống đổ nát ấy đảng lại phải khôi phục lại như cũ.Việc này Đảng giải thích như thế nào cho đúng cho đầy đủ đây?

  65. trung quoc vi dich corona tu co lap va giet dan minh , csvn theo got bac kinh hen voi giac ac voi dan

  66. Cảm ơn LTK có mặt trên tầng cây số. Ngày nay có ai khóc khi đối xử tàn nhẫn với cụ Lê Đình Kình là Đảng viên có 58 tuổi Đảng. Nhưng mà đã trao huy chương cho 3 chiến sĩ công an rồi

  67. Bây giờ đang ta mạnh hơn nhiều vì được chia sẻ vì rút co ro na từ phòng thí nghiệm của ĐCS Trung Quốc

  68. Nuoc mat cua Ho Chi Minh la nuoc mat cua Tan Thuy Hoang, la nuoc mat ca sau !

  69. Chung song duoc la do su u me..cua nguoi dan…

  70. Duong quynh Hoa, mot cuu dang vien CSVN, da tung nhan dinh " Sau chien thang 30/4/1975," ke thu tiem an" cua dang CSVN chinh la nhan dan VN. Ba DQH da ra khoi dang va da mat vi binh .

  71. Mô hình chính trị nào không hiệu quả sẽ ko tồn tại. Dân là nhân tố để đi đến thành công của cã hội, kinh tế và chính trị, nên gạt dân sang lề là thất bại tất nhiên.

  72. Bài học nhỡn tiền ở Đông Âu: cứ hé cửa cho dân chủ là chính quyền cộng sản bị dân ném vào sọt rác rồi cấm hoạt động. Vậy dân chủ để mà tự sát à? Dù giá nào cũng phải " còn Đảng còn mình " buông ra là chết. Bầu cử cái gì? Hòa thượng, linh mục trong quốc hội cũng là "hạt giống đỏ". Đừng nằm mơ mà đòi hỏi tự do ở nước này nhé! Làm đếch gì được cộng sản chúng tao nào?

  73. Cám ơn nhà báo Lê Trung Khoa đã đem lại những thông tin trung thực và kịp thời cho người dân VN .

  74. Ko khác j chế độ phong kiến


  76. Nơi nào trên thế giới chả có bất công 😩

  77. Phản đối Tquoc 2014- dân bị đàn áp thời gian này là Tổng Nông đức Mạnh… nghĩ lại quá nguy hiểm, lạnh gáy, gữi đất của vn mình, bị kẻ cướp đến mà bị tù đày đánh đập -thật khiếp…. vụ Đồng tâm làm kg gọn gàng, quá thô thiển, kiêu ngạo không thèm chùi mép nên bị lộ…

  78. Đảng Cộng sản cũng là một băng đảng ,đã là băng đảng thì phải tàn ác thì mới tồn tại

  79. Nuoc mat ca sau ne… …” Dung tin nhung gi cs. noi , hay nhin CS. lam.

  80. Dịch ncov nầy thì thế nào tq nó kt của tq thể nào cũng sập thôi.

  81. "tha Mat NUOC HON Mat DANG" (Nguyen van Linh , Trong lu).

  82. Tổ QUỐC, danh dự, trách nhiệm.

  83. Bạn là con người Việt Nam… dù ở nơi đâu cũng là Dòng Máu Lạc Hồng của người Việt Nam… Hãy thương yêu đất nước và tổ quốc của chúng ta

  84. cám ơn lê trung khoa vì dân tộc ,,NẾU tôi được làm TBTCTN tôi sẽ lãnhđạo ĐCSVN một cách (ĐỘC TÀI VĂN MINH ) làm cho mọi người dân vui lòng ,các chính khách thế giới hài lòng ,sau 5 năm dân tộc được hùng cường , an ninh chính trị vững vàng phát triển ;

  85. đảng đứng trên đầu dân thế nên dân chả là cái gì so với đảng.

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  87. Đẳng tồn tại là do những kẻ vì quyền lợi cá nhân hơn quyền lợi dân tộc. Ngay cả việt kiều cũng vì chút quyền lợi cũng bán linh hồn cho quỷ, không còn biết phân biệt phải trái. Đó là lý do việt kiều về nước kiếm ăn nhưng vẫn giữ quốc tịch nước ngoài, tài sản cũng ở nước ngoài.

  88. Nghe lời Chủ nghĩa Mao diệt dân rồi hối hận xin lỗi Dân? 😞

  89. Me No ! Nhin Hinh thang HO Chi Minh Khoc , Minh Thay Boi Bac Qua ! Tien Su No NUOC MAT CA SAU ! Nuoc Mat Cua TEN DO TE KHON NAN NHAT HANH TINH NAY

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  95. Gạt dân ra lễ đảng tồn tại là đảng có súng

  96. OANH LIỆT vậy mà gặp Chệt thì QUỲ GỐI một phép. Rồi đây cả hai thầy trò đều sẽ CHẾT CHÙM với con CỒ RÔ NA bé tí xíu.

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