Gen.G Clid explains why he left SKT and joined Gen.G | Ashley Kang

Gen.G Clid explains why he left SKT and joined Gen.G | Ashley Kang

You are in the midst of the first day of All-Star. How has it been so far? People’s cheer, the atmosphere in the venue, is pretty impressive. Also, I’m getting some brand new vibe from the games I play So, it has been interesting so far. Clid, I believe this is your first All-Star, From your experience, in what ways is it different from MSI and Worlds? First of all, MSI and such is like… As everyone knows is a more serious tournament, while All-Star is about having fun with other players, streamers and fans. I think it’s very different. As you mentioned about All-Star, it’s a chance for players and influencers to meet with each other. Is there anyone that you got close to during your time here, a player that you may have only seen on stage before? I’ve just joined Gen.G, and our GM Lee Ji-hoon told me that I should get acquainted with Ambition. Also, I came to All-Star with Peanut right? I got to talk to him a lot and, I think we are slowly building up a friendship. Was there a moment that made you realize that this was happening between you and Peanut? I guess when we were DMing each other? I guess it kind of hit me when we were joking around together. There have been many players coming to this event from EU, NA, as well as all sorts of other regions. Did you get a chance to meet with any of the players properly? Instead of familiarizing myself with new people, I got the chance to reconnect with my former teammate DoinB. I guess, G2’s support player Mikyx? I got to know him through European solo queue. We just exchange greetings though. I believe this is your first time in Las Vegas, in fact, your first time in the US. May I ask how your experience in the US was, and by extension, what Las Vegas was like? When we first arrived, we didn’t really explore, but this morning, I got the chance to. And, It really hit me, like, “This is America”. No matter where I go, There are so many different emotions going through me. Really makes my heart flutter. What was the one thing that made you go … “Ah, this is the US, this was America”? Just seeing total strangers passing by, and greeting each other by saying “hello”. There’s stuff like that, and … There have been many different aspects to it. Well, I don’t speak English that well I’m not sure, but that’s what I’ve been observing. We’re all All-Star right now yet the offseason is still ongoing in the background. One of the hottest news of this offseason was the news of you joining Gen.G, which was announced through Ambition’s stream. Can you tell me what motivated you to join Gen.G? Hmm … While I was with SKT … We definitely had great results this year. However, when I saw other teams win … Of course, each and every member of the team is important. But the unity among the players is also important. There is the age factor, and … What I say here might sound weird. But I wanted to play in a team that’s like a group of friends. Like G2 Esports as they won MSI, or FunPlus Phoenix as they won worlds. A team like them. I was inspired by these teams. Therefore, I thought Gen.G would be the best fit for what I was looking for. According to the Global Contract Database, you are contracted with Gen.G is for three years. It would be a tough decision to make, especially for a player at the height of his career; May I ask how that came to be? As I mentioned already, there was the age factor. I mean … I am around the same age as all the other Gen.G players. At best, we are a year or two older than one another. Also, I wanted to look at things in the long term. I’ve been interested in signing a long-term contract for some time now as well. So I just decided to sign. You have started living together with your new teammates. What was it like? Was the experience as you had expected? I think it was just as expected. I was already friends with the other players, since I knew them from before already. I’m spending time with my friends, so it’s been fun every day. I feel like I’m just hanging out with my actual friends, which is something really like. Gen.G as an organization has a family-like environment, and it’s been said that the Gen.G facility is quite well set up. From your first-hand experience in the facility, can you tell me your observations? For certain, the size of the practise room is just ridiculous. There are a lot of good things about it. Since the organization is from a company based in the US, there is definitely a difference in culture. For me, it’s a period adjusting to all this. At the stream announcing Gen.G’s 2020 roster, Arnold Hur (COO of Gen.G) came in mid-stream, talking in English. I did see that the players got a bit startled. Can you tell us a funny episode around Gen.G being a US-based org? Or around adjusting to a new team in general? Back at SKT, I would eat food that was cooked by our nutritionist. Now, it’s more like, school cafeteria food? Something like that. We would each grab servings of food from the trays of buffet. I’m just getting used to things one by one. I see. Going into 2020 … What expectations can the LCK fans have for this new Gen.G roster? It might come off as a bit strange when I say this. However, the 2019 Gen.G was mostly considered a “Ruler carry team”, Next year, instead of just focusing on one thing, I’d want to see the team expand. Also raising the players’ confidence. As a jungler, I can also play the role of enabling my teammates. So we have multiple [carry] positions in mind. You mentioned that you were able to acquaint yourself with Ambition. Did he give you any advice as a former Gen.G jungler himself? I haven’t gotten that close with him yet. We just talked together for a bit. And honestly, Ambition is a World Champion and he has a mindset of one, too. There are plenty of things to learn from him, even if intangible. I understand, thank you for the interview. One last thing, do you have any words going into the 2020 season? About your new team Gen.G, or anything you have in mind? This offseason, Gen.G’s roster had undergone some major changes. For myself, this is a new challenge in itself. I love trying out new things, so fundamentally, this is still the same me. Everyone’s getting along, and if we have good synergy with each other, I think we can expect good results. How much can we actually expect? Why, championship titles of course! Thank you!

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