George Brown Huskies Badminton

George Brown Huskies Badminton

[music] NIKKI WOON: What I really like
about playing for George Brown is the team bonding we have. It’s really like a family and
we really support each other. [music] ROSS GOLDING: I look forward
to competing. It’s what I’ve grown up doing
and what we all love to do and competition brings out the
best in me and my teammates. [music] YUNJI KIM: Overall my team
members have helped me by being very supportive throughout
the whole year and as one of the weakest players before, they
really helped me to train and reach another
level of badminton. [music] HIEU TRAN: The favourite moment
with the Husky Team is after we — we hard training,
we all exhausted and we enjoy hang out together to
— to eat after that. Yeah. I think it’s great. [music] HOWARD WONG: How
do I relate to the players? I guess, even though
with my age, I — I’m young at heart and I
love to have fun and I try to pass that fun and love
of badminton to them. [music] AUSTIN LUONG: My favourite
moment as a Husky athlete is just going on our road
trips; on our buses; bonding as a team and just
talking with each other; getting to know each other. And it’s really great. [music] KIM NG: The motivation I have
in coaching in this place is to see that students are
actually serious in learning and in following instructions,
especially skill and technique. [music] HELEN SHEN: My favourite moment
as a Husky is I feel like when we win, we win as a
team and when we loss, we loss as a team as well. [music] DONNIE TAI: The one thing that
most of the student athletes will take away from playing
badminton is that they learned how to work with people
that they never knew before and they learn how to
work together as a team for one common goal. Talent will win you games but
teamwork will bring home the championships. [music] GROUP: (cheering) One,
two, three, Huskies. OGYEN DORJEE: The most important
lesson that I’ll take with me after my badminton season
is that in life you have to persevere all the time. No matter how many times
the opponent beats you — which is life. How many time life beats you? You have to get up and you have
to plan and you have to execute all the time. And it’s not about how
many times you fall; it’s about how many
times you get back up. That’s what I will take with me. [music]

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  1. Great…is it really difficult to get into the college team??

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