Get Paid $50 in Paypal from Playing Like Fruit Ninja! (Go Fruit Smash)

Get Paid $50 in Paypal from Playing Like Fruit Ninja! (Go Fruit Smash)

I have mentioned that I’ve redeemed 50 USD before but, it has a fee of 2.50 US dollars. That’s why I received a total of 47.50 US dollars. It’s written here that “Your redeem has been sent to your Paypal account from ‘Go Fruit Smash’.” The 47 dollars that I have received is equivalent to 2,477.53 pesos in Philippine money. How can we earn free Paypal money by just playing a game same with fruit ninja? Hi everyone, my name is Aiza Mercado So as promised, that from now on I will be posting more videos about free paypal earning, free bitcoins and other free earnings that is profitable. But before we proceed in our video tutorial I would appreciate if you’ll hit the “like” button and if you want to earn extra money online you can subscribe in my Youtube chanel because I am uploading videos where we can earn free paypal money, free bitcoin altcoins, freeloads and other stuff. In this video, we need to install 2 applications number 1 is of course, the pay-pal and number 2 is fruit smash. And if you don’t have yet a pay-pal account, an ” i ” button will appear, where you can watch my video on how to setup a pay-pal account without using credit card. Go to your google play store and look for Go Fruit Smash Talking about the ways of earning here, first you can earn free diamonds by logging in daily in the application. Second, there are some offers like installing applications to get higher value of diamonds. Third will be their referral sytem just click “Share to invite” you can get up to 1250 diamonds, once your referrals will reach to level 5. And this is my referral code 371632, and of-course you know the drill our comment section is open for everyone, to put your referral codes. We can also do tasks they have a daily task rewards and here in achievement, you must meet the requirements to get diamonds. You can also do wheel spin all you have to do is to watch ads and when it’s done, it will spin itself and from here, you can collect high value of diamonds. And lastly, is ofcourse by playing Go Fruit Smash all we have to do is scroll it up to hit the fruits another it’s very easy to do and if you finished the level the diamonds will appear in where we can earn. If you want to double it, you can watch ads but if don’t, you can click collect. Okay! So, it’s that easy to play this Fruit Smash game and everyone can do this. If you want to cash out your money, click treasure here you can redeem in amazon and pay-pal most likely we are not using amazon card here in the Philippines, so I used pay-pal for my cash out. And I have redeemed 50 before. I am here at my pay-pal account to show you my proof of withdrawal. I have mentioned that I’ve redeemed 50 USD before but, it has a fee of 2.50 US dollars. That’s why I received a total of 47.50 US dollars. It’s written here that “Your redeem has been sent to your Paypal account from ‘Go Fruit Smash’.” The 47 dollars that I have received is equivalent to 2,477.53 pesos in Philippine money. So, it’s that easy to earn free pay-pal money by just playing Go Fruit Smash. I hope this could help you how earn extra money online. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe in my Youtube and telegram channel. Follow me on my facebook fanpage, instagram and twitter account. Again, thank you for watching. My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day.

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