Get your Bounce on! – Mission Makeover Episode 6

(Cheering). Check out our Mission Makeover
ladies last week walking off calories for a great cause, the
American Cancer Society. Very nice.
We had so much fun. The girls have been working hard
and now it’s time for some fun fitness.
We’re shaking it up and getting our bounce on at Sky Zone Fort
Lauderdale indoor trampoline park located in
Pompano Beach, Florida. It’s time to get to jumping.
(Music). We’re going where?
To do what? Really?
It’s all about the jump. (Laughter).
Hey ladies. Welcome to the Sky
Zone aka the bounce zone. Have you ever been
on a trampoline? Yea, 150 pounds ago.
I bring my boys all the time. They love it here, but I’m
always sitting, not doing. Ohh not today.
The trampoline workout is no joke.
You may think it’s a toy, but it’s a tough workout.
We’re going to need to stretch it out, but first we need to
chose teams. Either the lambs or the lions.
Roar. (laughter).
We’re going to do a coin toss. Alright, Nikki
you’re going first. (Music).
Heads. Heads.
Awesome. Ok, Rochelle.
Alright Rochelle. You ready?
You ready? (Music).
Heads. Wahoooo.
Alright, lions we’re ready to tame y’all.
We’re going to have some lamb chops for dinner.
Ohhhhhh. Bring it.
Bring it. Hey, let’s not talk
about it, let’s be about it. Game face on.
Stretch it out. (Music).
Now that we stretched it out it’s time to kick some bootay.
That’s right. I want to introduce
you guys to Ali Ziffer. She’s the manager
here at Sky Zone. She’s going to be our
ref and our score keeper. I’m just curious what the lions
are going to win besides a lamb chop dinner.
(Laughter). There’s no lamb
bone in this body. That’s right, that’s right.
All I can tell you ladies is that the Mission Makeover ladies
who win get the prize. Alright, Enough
talk it’s game time. Come on girls, come on.
You got it. (Cheering).
Come on. Step up your game.
(Cheering). Yea.
Yea, good one. (Cheering).
Alright, next up. Team Billy.
Roar. Alright, alright Nicole.
Alright, jump up you can get it. Great job, great job,
Come on you got this. Come on Nicole, you can do it.
Yea! (Cheering).
Shoot from there. Yea!
(Cheering). Alright Billy.
(Cheering). Awesome job!
Alright guys, next up we’re heading to the foam zone.
Now for this even we’re going to do coaches only.
We’re going to start with Team Billy.
Go. Hey, that went straight out.
Come on Billy. Good job Billy.
Alright Jessica. Come on.
Go, go, go. Go you got it.
Come on Jessica. Get it, get it girl.
Get it, come on. Alright.
Wahoooo. Alright team
Jamie, you’re up next. Ready?
Go. Go Jamie.
Go Jamie. Come on Jamie.
Run, run, run. Come on Jamie.
Come on Jamie. Go Jamie.
Go, go, go. (Cheering).
(Music). Alright guys we’re here
at the fitness station. We’re going to be using some
kettle bells and medicine balls. (Music).
Alright team Jamie. Go.
One, two, three, four. You got it.
(Music). Wooo.
That was intense, but it was alot of fun, right?
Yes (in unison). Ali, can you
please tell us who won? Alright, we’ve got
team Billy for the win. (Cheering).
Yea, yea, yea. Billy and Gavin had to bounce on
out of here so what I have for you is as the winners a 50
dollar gift certificate to Sports Authority so
congratulations guys. Thank you.
Yay. Good job, but that’s not all.
One our partners has offered a really big incentive, ah
Spiegel. So to the lady who actually
continues to strive the hardest so this means that you’ve got to
keep that momentum up. You’ve got to keep
working really really hard. And as you ladies know,
everything’s been about the numbers, but for this prize it
really has to do with whose applying the most life
strategies in their life and so all of the things that we’re
working on other then nutrition and other then exercise I want
to see whose putting the most mental pieces to work.
So as you do your transformation we want long term success so
looking forward to seeing whose that winner.
Yes. Thank you.

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