Getting Blown to the Game of Thrones Theme Song – Sex Fails (feat. Casey James Salengo)

Getting Blown to the Game of Thrones Theme Song – Sex Fails (feat. Casey James Salengo)

My name’s Casey James Salengo and this is the story
of Game of Thrones blowjob, Winter wasn’t
the only thing coming, you know what I’m saying?
Game of bones. Usually I’d go out
with a couple of my friends, we’d get drunk,
dance a little in the corner, go home alone.
The situation I was living in, normally it wasn’t a great aura
for lovemaking. It was like a tenament house.
I was living with a couple that was in the process
of getting a divorce. The bathtub was in the kitchen,
the bathroom was a hallway, there was no door on my bedroom, there was no sheets on my bed
but that was my fault. But this particular weekend, I was staying at a dogs house,
not in a dog house. I was dog sitting at
a very nice apartment. There’s a way easier way
to explain that. I think I had
an extra boost of confidence knowing I had a sweet crib
to bring the ladies back to. I don’t talk like this,
what I am doing? It was a Brooklyn night, it was crisp and I was out
there moving and grooving. Me and this lady catch eyes
from across the bar. Oh yeah, like yeah.
Instant spark, we started grinding
as the kids do. I convinced her to come home.
Not convince, I asked. No coercion involved here.
You can’t just let me talk. But she decided to come back.
We get off the train, there’s a Halal cart there. Oh daddy. Brooklyn aphrodisiac,
real hot and bothered. We’re bringing this chicken
and rice back home. Get to smooching as you do. A lot of people wouldn’t
make out right after eating the Halal food,
but we just got into it. Sliding tongues,
bumping spices, oh my god. She’s like, “You ever seen
Game of Thrones?” And I said, “No,
but I hear it’s a good show.” We’re both talking
very sexy-like. Start playing it and it’s fun. I see there’s white walkers,
dragons and shit. She starts to make
a little move downtown, you know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying?
She blew me. Right before she started,
she looks at me and she goes, “Start Game of Thrones
over again.” Yeah, all right, that’s fine. There’s all these various
sex scenes, horny maps,
she gets back to business. This is awesome,
great work everybody, all right. The Game of Thrones
theme song stops. She abruptly stops
what she’s doing and I’m wondering what kind of
sexy things going to happen now. And she goes, “Start it over.” All right, that sounds good,
whatever you need. Very sexy map. Song ends again,
“Start it over.” Okay, well this is getting
a little weird now. This is clearly some
kind of strange fetish. I don’t know
what she’s imagining. She’s some sort of concubine
and I’m a dragon lord or whatever the fuck
happens on the show. I know what she needs,
she’s doing her thing, I’m restarting the song.
“Start it over. Start it over. Start it over. Start it over.”
You know how it goes. Song plays four
or five more times, heck yeah, while I’m getting blown.
And we stop. Would like me
to return the favor? I’m a good man and I do my part
to help the community. She said,
“No, absolutely not.” She’s on her ladies time.
Period, she’s on her period. I said,
“I’ll still do it.” She said, “You’re being weird.”
But I wish I got the opportunity because I would love as if I
right about to go down there. You ever seen Fraiser?
(singing). Start it over. (singing). Start it over.
(singing). Put it back. We do a little business
to the Fraiser theme song. We leave the next morning. We did not speak of it
ever again. I take care of the dog
because I’m good at my job except for bringing ladies
back for a blowjob, which I would not do anymore
because I still do this job. So anyone whose watching this,
I’m very respectful and I will not bring
any women to your home, or men or whoever.
I’ll never do this again, I promise you that.

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  1. No game of thrones and no bj’s? Wtf bro

  2. S t a r t it over

  3. Honestly impressed by both his AND her stamina.

  4. Wow this guy rocks! Hope to see more of Casey James Salengo. Including, and not limited to, the live comedy show we do together.

  5. He knows nothing.

  6. Winter is coming. But not Casey.

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    but the comments for the stories told by girls are … not worth scrolling down to ?

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  10. How was that a fail? You were literally getting your dick sucked.

  11. Next time just use a Game of Thrones 10 Hour Intro Soundtrack Loop

  12. ok? didn't realize dog sitting was a real job, usually thought it was only a friend thing.

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  14. Maybe she was a trap…

  15. How is this NOT age restricted

  16. lol that is fucked up, but i've had girls that have asked me to punch them and shit and one asked me to bite a chunk of meat from her leg ones lol, there r some real fucked up girls out there and it's usually the really hot or cute ones lmao.

  17. Still do it. What where when. Who goes down when she is riding the wave. Dude.

  18. I love the idea that every time he hears game of thrones theme song he gets horny ?

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  20. He looks like a young version of Jorah Mormont

  21. Shout out to HALAL FOOD ?. …And BIG UPS for dude for appreciating it.

  22. Halal food during Ramadan. Good work bro ?

  23. woow eating halal food while….. lol hope you guys liked the food

  24. The song is like a whole 30 seconds long. After starting over like 5 times u musta blew 30 loads. Im basing it off my normal times

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  27. Lol. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

  28. Hahahahaha Frazier start it over

  29. 7 minutes 40 seconds…. GOT theme is 1 minute 48 secs long… he played it 5 times hehe

  30. Do… do we not know how to use a base layer of foundation at Comedy Central?

  31. A girl who just wants to suck dick to geography. That is a definite keeper.

  32. i got fingered to vsauce in the background

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  35. dude…. you dont get laid that often do you

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  38. "I will not bring any woman to your home"


  39. The guys stories are funny and the girls stories are sad.

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  44. And now he's got the same fetish, but I'm sure someone has put the theme here on YouTube on loop

  45. Every man's dream

  46. This sounds fake as shit

  47. This is definitely fake as shit

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    You know what that reminds me of?

    So no-one told me life was going to be this wayyyyy


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  57. I made a bet with this girl that if I get over 2000 kills in zombies c.o.d she would give me head, well I got 3 thousand kills and her boyfriend wasn't happy

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