Getting Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

Getting Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

( music plays )( music playing )Hello, Caleb. Rhett:
You need to eat your broccoli. No broccoli. Rhett:
Well, how old are you?
– Six.
– How old do you think we are? – That’s right.
– Yep, 21. – Do you like broccoli.
– It looks like a tree. Trees look tasty,
don’t they? No, they don’t. – That looks like grass.
– What’s wrong with grass? Bugs chew on it. – It’s good for you.
– It’s not good. She’ll do
the same to you, yeah. – You eat it!
– Oh, we’ve already had so much. Broccoli. – It’s not salty.
– You ever had broccoli? – How was it?
– Gross. What can I say to you that would make you want
to taste the broccoli? – Nothing.
– This isn’t gonna be easy. Uh-huh, you like cheese? What about spray cheese? Yuck! You eat this broccoli, I’ll eat this whip cream. Why do I have to eat
something disgusting and you have to
eat something sweet? Didn’t really think
that one through. Oh, look at
what I’ve got. ( plate rattles ) Interested in a present? Yes. – Uh-huh. Oh!
– Oh! Want what’s in
the present? You gotta eat
the broccoli. I’d like you meet
Lenny the leopard. I think it’s a jaguar. Jerry… the jaguar. Link’s favorite
stuffed animal. I’ve had it since
I was a child. Rhett:
If you don’t eat that broccoli, I’m going to suffocate him. Just do it. Rhett and Link:
Yes! Yes! I can just take one off. – Rhett: Yeah, there you go.
– Link: Eat it. – You get the present.
– Yay. Rhett:
Congratulations. Take the top off. Take it out. No! There you go. It’s all yours, buddy. The pressure is increasing. Rhett, stop,
don’t squeeze! Don’t squeeze!
It’s not too late, come on, eat the broccoli. How did it taste? If you eat that broccoli, Rhett will eat
this dog food. I want you to eat it. That’s right,
if Link eats the dog food, you eat the broccoli. What was that? I’ll put some cheese
on my eyeball, if you’ll eat
some broccoli. Link:
You sure you don’t want him
to eat the dog food? – I’ll eat the pizza.
– Okay. Three, two, one. Mmm. ( gags ) Does he have to
touch the eyeball or can he just put it
on the eyelid? Boy, he drives
a hard bargain. Here we go. Three, two, one. Go! Come on, Caleb, do it! ( Rhett grunting ) You just sat there
and laughed at me, Caleb! There’s no amount of money
that will get you – to eat this broccoli?
– No. – Hello, Casey.
– Hi. You need to eat
your broccoli. – How is it?
– Good. I’ll give you my kidney. You may not need it now, we may not be a match, but you could sell it
on the black market. No. You need to eat
the stem part too. Really? Let’s try a siege tactic. You mean–
What do you mean? Sit here outside
of the walls. Rhett:
I don’t think
that’s called a siege. – Sure it is.
– It’s called a stakeout. There’s a little more, just a couple
little pieces.A siege is when youstand outside of a castle and you don’t let
food get in. That’s an embargo. So you have
nothing to eat except the broccoli. – No.
– Solid as a rock. Just, like, four more. Uh… Rhett:
What else do you like to eat?
Carrots. What else? Salad. That’s good. – Little taken aback.
– Yeah. You wanna lick the plate? – Okay.
– Good call. You have boundaries. – I like it.
– Good call. Rhett:
Next we’re going
down to the swamp
to play Less Than
Or Gator Than
to find out what unassuming
items killed more people.
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with some good-tasting
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  1. casey was so cute!!!

  2. I also use coloring pages for this purpose. If you are interested in this method then you can get them for free easily using for example Print and spend some time with your child on coloring and it will be more familiar with vegetables and eager to eat them.

  3. Broccoli was and still is one of my favorite foods growing up. Broccoli is by far the best veggie lol

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  5. u need to eat the stem too
    I’m dead ? lol ?

  6. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable

  7. 3:55 she’s so cute!

  8. "Why do I have to eat something disgusting and you have to eat something sweet"
    Rhett: "Well Link you didn't think this through"

  9. I always feel like all the Asian kids are old souls ??

  10. These western kids wasn't able to eat asian veggies.. Good job little Casey..

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  13. Asian kids typically like broccoli. That's why they changed the broccoli in the american version of the movie "inside out" to green bell pepper for asian markets.

  14. Wow Casey is a wonderful little girl, thats unbelievable and she must have such good parents who raised her well.

  15. 2:58 OMG I'm dying.. ? she's so sweet..

  16. that’s not Caleb… that’s Ross from the Game Grumps

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  18. Casey is my spirit animal


  20. Link was right about sieges.

  21. “If you don’t eat the broccoli, I’m gonna suffocate him.” I DIED ???

  22. Chinese kids love broccoli

  23. But I like broccoli….

  24. in asia brocolli ain't nasty food for kid.
    trust me, brocolli taste similar like dogs tail.

  25. 2:46 get scammed by a 6 year old 😀

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  27. Link: " If you eat that broccoli, Rhett will eat the dog food"
    Child: Points to Link "I want you to eat it" ??

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  29. Casey is nice but it really made me sad for I dont know like I just cried I am not joking at all I feel like there is a problem I dont know maybe I need help.
    She looks like she dosen't want to do it but she cant do anything. Idk

  30. i would've refused to eat it until I got gravy XD

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  32. Subtle Asian traits

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  35. Ahhh I remember those days with Casey’s cute hair. I’m pretty sure most Asian parents raise their children to eat healthy.

  36. It’s because you don’t flavor them well enough. In most places you flavor the meat nice and well, but you just dunk broccoli into boiling water and feed it to your kids.
    Over in Tamilnadu, India, we flavor our veggies more than our meat. We douse them in so much healthy spices and stir-fry them, it is totally healthy and to die for.
    So if you want to eat your vegetables, flavor them well so that they can be appetizing.

  37. As I kid I would have consumed the entire thing before they finished talking.

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    Link: Really?
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