GIANT Foosball Challenge!!

GIANT Foosball Challenge!!

Yeah, no chance Mariah, no chance. Welcome to the giant foosball challenge if you guys don’t know what foosball is, you’re idiots! Everybody knows What foosball is, our first game is we’re going to be having penalty kicks with two goals right here We have one goalie and two kickers And for those of you that don’t know This is Mariah she is on Team edge gaming our other channel that we have make sure you go check it out *Mariah, small but NOT terrible* *Marvin, that guy* *Kevin, The wise* *Bryan, The quite strong* *Joey, the beast* *Bobby, The sometimes only referee* Wait wait I got the notification It’s Edge Time! This question goes to Mariah Oh, yeah If you get this question correct you get to pick three players this acquisitive team edge? This is a quiz on team edge What was the first video that had Marvin in the thumbnail? Oh my gosh! You know what, click on this poll, and can you guys vote, help me out? I want to know what you guys think what thumbnail was Marvin in first and she’ll answer at the beginning of the next round All right, let’s go all right We’re gonna be having a little competition here where we try to kick into the double goale how do you say goals in Spanish? Don’t care all right first We’re gonna be doing regular then we’re gonna be doing dizzy goggles for just the kicker then we don’t need to explain the rest We’ll just do it as we go along Mariha watch your face. I’m not gonna try anything fancy on this lunch Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GgggggOooooooAaaaaaaaLllllllll Alright next we have feet tied together. Thanks. You scared us together Alright guys so this part of the round we’re gonna be spinning We’re gonna spin for 20 seconds and Brian is gonna try and kick and score three two Harmons doing a lot better right like to go Yellow team one point red teams the reports are Gus so for the next round We’re going to be kicking down piles of buckets and if we get more than seven buckets down We get a point He’s picking on me Oh somebody your own size Size Joey Oh She’s trying to distract him with her hair So for this round we’re gonna be kicking from right here We’re gonna try and knock down seven of those buckets if we knock seven of them down. That’s one point two red team Goes log on yeah, no chance no chance I Saw my shot yeah poor shot oh, yeah go for UK Kevin laughs nice expand your arm, just like that Mariah yes the question was what was the first video that had Marvin in the thumbnail. What is your answer? Yes, yeah Because of that I’m going to pick me and Bobby first kind of Guys before we start this next round make sure you click that subscribe button down below and then the bell icon So you don’t miss our uploads that we do Mondays Wednesdays Fridays at 4 p.m. At 4 p.m.. And the ground starts in what’s the ball? Joy joy Yeah So unfortunately, there is a punishment for this one yeah Now it’s hot sauce with sour drops mmm, can I get some tacos if not alright for their punishment? They have to take a spoonful of chili not mixed with some sour drops. It’s not about punishment you understand is dessert I loved it guys go check out giant billiards That’s where we did billiards but it was giant on a table as giant as this almost also go check out room table tennis where the table was a Boob it was like we can hit off the top head off the bottom juice please

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  1. Hey guys! Who do you want to play next time in GIANT Foosball? Do you think you can beat the red team? Let us know down below! Have you seen our Money Box Challenge? Check it out!

  2. 10:45 SHE WASNT READY

  3. Now i know how fooseball players feel

  4. I don’t like coffee your router router router router I on liked because you call me an idiot

  5. I think Marvin is the knew Scott sterling

  6. Turn on captions and read what it says when they introduce the people at the start…

    I mean it’s not a big surprise or anything but it just says something extra

  7. Wraiths of the Circuitry

  8. she is going to get gange band

  9. “Try to get something down”
    Ya u sure did XD

  10. Just like Scott sterling

  11. 0:39 that face tho

  12. Theyre using lacrosse nets for soccer. Wtf

  13. I’d love to play this but I always get hit in the face by any and every sports ball ? just somehow or I kick the ball into someone’s face

  14. Hey bobby is using the otterbox Ipad case

  15. Kevin became the Scott Sterling from Studio C of Team Edge


  17. lol i peed my pance lafing

  18. uh my name is maryah

  19. 11:05 me exactling

  20. The first part Mariah kicked the ball so hard Kevin passed out

  21. Finally Bobby is not the shortest

  22. I love the part that had the full house theme

  23. It’s Scott sterling all over again


  25. 0:53 full House i Love this

  26. I can play soccer and I’m really good I can stop the ball with my feet and anckle ???

  27. How tall is Mariah? Because my doctor said that I might make it to 5’2, and I’m sad. I want to share my pain which her. ??

  28. Sub to pewdiepie

  29. ################$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$665465464-_$"54$%5"77-+542357'87-"7-rssxtftvhhbrsz,fd uhnojjnoijnugftdxerszedcr to oijm

  30. kevin is like scott sterling

  31. Who actually guessed blind shooter and didn’t pick after

  32. Bobbeh the sometimes referee

  33. I'd smash Mariah

  34. 4:32 buckets to knock out not goalkeeper RIP Keeper

  35. Bobby I have the same ipad

  36. Kevin is the new Scott sterling “The man the milth the legend”

  37. You guys should play ping pong the person has hide and you find them and shoot them with pingpong balls and one more thing the person who you find first every one should shoot him with pingpong balls

  38. I love when Kevin gets on the show he always makes me laugh

  39. Its was 6 buckets

  40. I didn’t realize how tall everyone was till Mariah came

  41. Hi I love you guys sooo much I love you all

  42. i dont know i live in a carbbean country so What is Foosball

  43. Anybody likes Joey like

  44. There was no pole

  45. I don’t know what foosball is but I know what football is

  46. oh my gosh it is scott sterling'

  47. What’s Bobby country

  48. This is football not foosball

  49. What is foosball

  50. Nobody:

    Brian at 11:00: DoES It BoUnCe

  51. is bryan, kevin, and marvin brothers?

  52. Who here is an idiot? 0:13

  53. Kevin is a beast took it like Scott sterling only because everyone is bad ?

  54. I love the full house intro for Bobby

  55. The entiee bucket section of this video is just a remake of Scott Sterling

  56. Do Mariah play soccer

  57. Mariah is super hot! Can she come back to team edge?

  58. I found ur channel about 2ish weeks a ago and I just now realized marvin and Kevin or 2 different people lmao

  59. im only 11 and full house is my favourite tv show eventhough its from the 90s

  60. mariah is so adorable–

  61. Kevin is best goalkeeper ever

  62. That was a great time for a Queen song


  64. When Mariah was hitting Kevin, who else thought SCOTT STERLING!

  65. 4:16

  66. Does Connor still work for Team Edge?

  67. She was in battle universe to

  68. When they introduced Brian he said I aren't it ?

  69. Did anyone else notice that this is Mariah’s first vid on Team Edge and she has an entrance but Conner and Gunner and Bobby don’t have one

  70. 5:22
    Mariah: Try to get something down
    Bobby: *kicks ball at Kevin’s feet.
    Me: well he got something down

  71. This video is the very definition of the worst punishment of all time. Getting a ball kicked in the groin by who ever she is?

  72. The Unlucky Goalkeeper. Go check it out

  73. Say yes no just got home

  74. kevin, bob, we just need stewart

  75. The girl is so bad at soccer

  76. bryans last goal was filth

  77. 5 tall men & 1small child

  78. Isn’t Mariah nick cannon ex wife in wild’n out

  79. Kevin… more like Scott sterling

  80. near the start Bryan kicks and he tried to do a ribonia

  81. marvin was in blind shooter challenge

  82. What happened to Mariah

  83. Brother vs brother wwe challenge

  84. If you say that you’re a idiot

  85. Cool j Fred good gay and Bobby good gay and Byran good gay ?????????

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