Giant MASQUERADE BALL at HACKER Mansion to Win $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

Giant MASQUERADE BALL at HACKER Mansion to Win $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

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  1. After watching this go watch PART 2 of this Masquerade Ball on the MATT AND REBECCA channel! How many times did you see Matt?

  2. Rebeca be carful because the scanner girl is on to u

  3. Agent M looks like Sophie dosi

  4. The person that Rebeca hit onto the floor is was Matt

  5. I don’t like the gmi cause he replaced Matt but they also created RZ twin and she is nice….I think…..

  6. rebecca i think you and matt and daniel should trust alice because she really helped you so much. but i love you zam fam so much

  7. I saw a gmi on my app likee

  8. Dont trust alice pls she is up to somthing

  9. I Think u Should trust alice

  10. Omg they are brothers mr x and the game master are brothers.

  11. ?????????????????????????

  12. Can you do another one now I love your videos

  13. Trust alis intill she does something mysterious

  14. Eww Rebecca Alice is trying to help you

  15. I think you should trust Alice and she seems nice

  16. Where did all the people who were eliminated go

  17. Alice is so pretty ????

  18. No don't give her the glasses because I saw her put something onder her lags

  19. At 26:38 Alice put something in her pocket but I still trust Alice

  20. did you guys come out for a drink please please come back into the bed and take me a little break

  21. Matt is a quadrant I saw him walking behind the glass

  22. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahaha

  23. I have not watched All of it but the scanner will definitely Scan rebecca So close From GETTING SCAN Wait I saw a hacker Run in the window NO THERE IS A CAMERA BO DONT TAKE THE BOX

  24. Alice is so pritty

  25. The game master know you open the box

  26. Alis is very very smart

  27. Alice should be on Rebecca’s side 4evr

  28. 2 of the top gmi will be fiery

  29. Don’t delete your views Rebecca

  30. Struts your instings

  31. Rebecca you know the chameleon person he might be the disguise of the game master

  32. no ribec i don,t wan,t the GMI in your house from freya . b x

  33. Rebeeca Alice put something under her dress leg and hide it in the bedroom

  34. Don't trust Alice she put something in her band under her dress

  35. Why was there a camera in the bathroom the bathroom is where you go and do your business he’s a pervert then? right


  37. Rabeca all of you guys fit together

  38. Well you can trust her for now and then see how it goes on then make your choice

  39. I new it because I saw mr x and the game master to gether

  40. I can't believe she took out Matt

  41. Hi I have bean gone for a while but I am back

  42. They shouldn't have fired him because he can't see without his glasses but he doesn't belong there anyways

  43. They ain't controlling meh

  44. One of them was missing green

  45. alice is lieinggggggggggggggggg trater trater trater

  46. i love your videos rebecca zamolo ;0

  47. Alice found somthing in the room in mr.x room in the Drawer

  48. I saw Alice found a card and hood it under her dress

  49. I think you should not trust Alice you ex best friend and I’m subscribed bye the way

  50. Wait so no one notices you giant camera

  51. I do not think you should giff her the classes

  52. Oh my gosh Matt is so crazy OMG this is no so funny and I don,t trust Alice omg OH MY GOSH

  53. Who wants 100000 Robux on Roblox

  54. Ok i am sorry to say this and i love your channel but this has come to far i mean you’re fans aren’t dumb if someone gets kinapped U CALL THE POLICE i mean dude +daniel is always holding a camera do you think they don’t notice it i mean come on + their is no such thing as a trues serum

  55. I saw agent k face

  56. Alice put something in her dress ?

  57. Matt is in onder cover too.

  58. DON'T give Alice the glasses.

  59. 34:50 Haha look at his eyes

  60. Don’t trust alice

  61. Alice has a iPad

    She is hiding it

    With a scrunchy

  62. 24 Hours in a waterpark

  63. 24 Hours in a waterpark from kai hartill


  65. You would trust Alice. Because She was your best friend from the Start

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