Girl – Epic NPC Man (World of Warcraft be like) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Girl – Epic NPC Man (World of Warcraft be like) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Okay guys, we did all right last time. I just think that maybe this time Jeff if you could use commanding shout just to kind of scatter them a bit. oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Have you got the extra potions this time? yes I’ve just gotten them from the NPCs. Healing potions. okay? New Guy, what’s your DPS? New Guy, what’s your DPS? Bro? Do you do you have a mic cuz you can’t be in this raid if you don’t have a mic man. We need to communicate. (Girl’s voice) – Yeah, my mics on I have a DPS of 50 You’re a girl You’re a chick Yep, I’m a girl. Oh my God, do you play, do you play Skycraft very often. Yes. I play sky craft every day What are you wearing right now? Yeah like how old are you? I’m 24 Hey, hey, come on guys What color’s your hair? Are you like hot? Come on guys,have a bit of respect. Come on guys. Sorry about them. Are you are you single? Yeah? Like do you have a boyfriend? Can I be your boyfriend? Hellooo, Holy Crap its’ another one. do you want to join our raid? (Male Voice) Ah, nah. I’m already on a quest (Burp) Thanks anyway. oh, it’s a dude Guys so much for watching if you want to help us make more videos then you can actually pledge to us on patreon Patreon is actually really important for us It’s how we cover almost all of our expenses such as catering costumes crew everything on a film set So if you’ve got a few spare bucks, and you can even give us a dollar a month It’ll be incredibly appreciated, and it gets you access to a whole lot of behind-the-scenes content, so thanks guys

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  1. Perfect example of gender fluidity IRL… There is no win.

  2. Q asco la comunidad gamer

  3. Im play a girl ingame (gw2), the armour on girls looks much better …

  4. that was awesome XD

  5. Ha, wudja look at that. A Dirt League hater reg'd 258 separate accounts in order to dislike 258 times. That's a lot of hate for one person. That's like unibomber-level hate right there. Ayuh. I wonder how many more he'll create for more dislikes.

  6. Like how one of them is called sodapoppin

  7. All my characters have been girls. My philosophy is that if you’re going to stare at an someone’s ass for ten hours while running around a game, You might as well be staring at an ass worth looking at.

  8. it needs to be longer!

  9. This is painfully accurate.

  10. This was so cringey I had to stop watching it. Too bad it's an accurate portrayal of real life…


  12. The only thing wrong with this is girls love to talk and freely be open lowkey think a lot of girl gamers love the attention.

  13. Exactly! Some girls actually ask if I'm gay after a "strike" or Raid because I don't do that crap.

    Odd sure, but if that's not showing how bad this stuff is, I don't know what can

  14. I admit, I play female characters… So I can stare at her ass as I CAST MAGIC MISSILE WHILE ADOPTING YOUR GOBLIN TRIBE!!!

  15. She should do outro! With any voice.

  16. LMAO!!!! The sad thing is this is sooooo true!!!!

  17. atlast that breastplate

  18. So, I'm not the only guy that likes playing female characters in these type of games? Cool

  19. Would have got more hits to Patreon if you got Brit to do the appeal at the end 😉

  20. "it's A GUUUURL oh ma gaaad mah diiiick" I felt very ankward watching this xD… I always wanted to puch them everytime and find that suspicious when they actually respect me when they know I'm a whaman.

  21. I don't even know why that would be a bad thing. I'd love if whenever I played a game, a bunch of girls would show interests in me.

  22. Rule of the Internet:
    If it's a girl, it's a guy.
    If it's a guy, it's a guy.
    If it's a kid – It's FBI.

  23. whenthe first time that guy/girl has sayed something i things it was google xD

  24. He/She is wearing the breastplate of Argon!

  25. Why does this remind me of Ready Player One?

  26. just say im 27 fat and love cats
    guys in discord: …………… okey good dps lets go

  27. 1:01
    Ever PUBG player.

  28. Lol these idiots can't even spell "Grill"

  29. But, nobody was dancing on a mailbox.

  30. Hahahaha. And thats one of the reasons i play a chick toon. To fuck with stupid dudes.

  31. A girl said I looked like a gamer once, do you think she was hitting on me?

  32. Exactly why I never Discord.

  33. Nobody:
    Whenever a YouTuber makes a thumbnail: GIRL

  34. This is the law of universe

  35. Bahaha I've had guys asking for nude pics in the middle of a raid! Hilarious!

  36. Omg.. so many machista comments.. cmon its 2019, grow up, girls are so good or bad as guys in a game. stop the childish "ooh its a girl, it sucks go to the kitchen" ooh here comes the feminazis" we are equal

  37. Ok, Funny, and I guess kinda common. But its kinda sad many girls wont see the bigger picture here. I have seen many talks about like in a annoying manner..

    This thing is kinda easy to understand, if you do see that grand picture.

    Reason 1: Games is mostly males playing. So everytime they doing anything, its a male behind that character, even if its a female character. So when you as a guy meeting another guy its not really that surprising.

    Reason 2: Many of these guys are often single. I wont say majority because I havent seen any statistics so I really can state that as a fact. But there reason why gamers sometimes is in the geek and nerd category is kinda a thing. Even though if its growing outside geek and nerd community. And I am definately a geek and nerd, so I dont mean that in a bad manour. Kinda proud of that fact.

    Reason 3: SO when these single gamers meet a girl in the game, and just face it girls. Your voices sometimes sounds sweet and cute through speakers and its a supriser. Of course those guys that are single, that kinda want to meet the love of their lifetime gets curious.

    It would have been the very same if it was just girls playing this games, and suddenly there is a guy there… you would react exactly the same. Probably get curious, and wanna know more about this guy. One thing though. Girls usually not single in the same way the guys are…. Girls that are geeks and nerd do tend to be a little different than guys. guys forgets about dressing up, they eat pizza all day long. Girls can look like someone thats not a geek. YOu cant tell that this good looking woman actually is a nerd-gamer or anything, unless you talk with her. Just face it… Jessica Nigri for example. She is in sense a geek girl, but you wouldnt know it until you knows she is doing cosplay and playing games and such things.

    So instead of getting annoyed by the fact that guys kinda likes when women gets into their games, even though they kinda tend to wanna know everything, you should in sense be happy they getting really happy, because lets face it. Playing with lots of dudes is just plain boring. lol.

  38. Is that Ivan Essin who plays Vanya in the show AFK?

  39. Shoutout to the DDO community where we have quite a few female players and I've very rarely seen people being douches because of it. But then again, our median age is probably around 35, so we're generally not insecure kids.

  40. Every time they do a sex related joke I can't help but hear the closing theme that immediately follows as "EPIC N.P.Semen"

  41. I thought that was a little boy

  42. Morning …nice day for girling, ain't it? Ha-hah.

  43. this scenario can be applied to another online games as well, cheers!! ?

  44. I've been with groups that I've been the only guy in the group. Never felt the need to hit on them and you know what? We had a great time. Ended up as friends, shame I dropped out of that game a long time ago but still. Maybe again one day on ESO I'll find the same sort of buddies again.

  45. So funny! So true! Lol

  46. The best Raid I have ever been in was headed by a girl that knew more about the game than most people!
    Asmondgold wishes he knew as much as she did!

  47. 1 Not seeing this content being demonitized
    2 Content is bout a minute and half to 2
    3 thats a no to patreon and a downvote for asking.

  48. This is scarily accurate to basically every game.
    Players to a Guy: You suck!
    Players to a Girl: Great Job!

  49. I have been playing MMO's since Vanilla wow…I have been on voice chat countless times when women will come in for a raid or a dungeon. I have NEVER heard this kind of response to a girl's voice ever.

  50. 100% accurate representation of how many players treat girls who sound cute in video games. The only real difference is that most of them TRY not to sound thirsty, while doing literally ANYTHING the cute-sounding girl asks them to do.

  51. Pretty sure the first part of the dialogue was a tribute to the infamous Leroy Jenkins!!!!

  52. The hode girl char was voiced by the same voice actor of Sid in Ice Age

  53. Wait a second, Sodapoppin is a girl?

  54. One of the only scenes were Britt shows off the +36 Chainmail Bra of Protection.

  55. I might be a bit late but DAYUM this video is hilarious

  56. in MMORPGs at least half my chars are female. And i just tend to generally assume everyone i play with is a dude unless they state otherwise (and even then i can be skeptical). Because really, what difference does it make. I'm not qualified to date anyone above the level of female cave troll, and even in that case i'd just pass and stay single. So just play the same as you would with a dude, although maybe toning down language if they are offended. (and if they swear more than me anyway, game on)

  57. I knew a real girl who burped like that. A real meat eater. Best piece I ever had.

  58. MMORPG = Many Men Online Roleplaying Girls

  59. Some ppl have waay too much time in their hands

  60. Well mmos are 3rd person so ask urself would you rather be looking at female or male characters ass for that whole time u run around questing n stuff

  61. I love the background music….

  62. Britt is so damn hot

  63. So true, and every guy gamer dreams of finding a girl that loves to game with him, or at least can cope with his hobby.

  64. THIS ALWAYS CRACKS ME UP in MMOs! I always have to mute the mic when a player have this sexy avatar male or female and starts talking in voice chat and this type of thing happens! LMAO!! It never grows old…lol xD

  65. This sooooo reminded me of my 2 female characters in SWTOR. Too many times I was approached and asked to join a RP guild…umm…no thanks…not even going there lol.

  66. the tale of every mmorpg, better use male character for better gaming experience.

  67. Mornin, nice day for allergies ain't it, wink huhhuh

  68. "What age are you?"

    "Too old for this shit."

  69. I'll subscribe to your patreon if Brit does a calendar wearing cosplay outfits >8D

  70. Ha ha…so true. Over half of guys enjoy playing as females in games…..ironically it is because they like girls so much that they want their char to be one…not cos the guys personally want to be gurls irl. (Tho’ some might, of course Lol). Some girls..tho’ a lesser proportion enjoy being guys on screen. Plus some folk simply role play a character build, male or female. Of course over the internet you are simply a disembodied ‘personality’. So consider this: If you are a guy, but play as a girl, and dialogue as a girl and enact your char as a girl, consistently and faultlessly ….then to all intents and purposes, *your internet presence or persona*..IS a girl.

  71. It’s annoying but I play with anyone who has a mic or does not have a mic

  72. Now you know why I sometimes play male characters, don't want to be bothered… When I play my gender, I get harassed for being too blunt, direct, honest and uncaring, wonder why… Like Fuck off maybe ?! ^_^

  73. No offense but it sounds a tiny bit like google…

  74. The two greatest lies in mmorpgs:
    – Im a girl.
    – I play whit my wife.

  75. If you got a crypto address (BTC, LTC or ETH) you could cash in a lot more i figure

  76. Skycraft? So that's the name of this game. Huh..

  77. Don't ask questions about a girl when they are in your presence because that would be disturbing. Instead talk about yourself, sure it might still weird them out but at least you're respecting wamen

  78. Finally, we know the name of the game.

  79. purge thots from games. rape on sight.

  80. 0:32
    I see what you did with that sword…

  81. Back 10-20 years ago this at least made sense when it happened. Games weren't really mainstream and meeting a girl, even online, seemed like a rare even for many (particularly because some guys would get clingy. Lets face it, they didn't get many shots to begin with so they obsessed over what they perceived as any one)* but nowdays? Fuckin' everyone and their brother's pet marmoset is online. How is it shocking you'd fine a girl/boy/flumph online? How is it even noteworthy?

    * For honesty and self-indemnification? I never got clingy online, it was always too impersonal, but I was hardly a bastion free from being awkward and rather obsessive for a long time. Realizing I likely missed my chances anyway, given my age and lack of social activity, actually helped.

  82. Hahhahaa…. How True! 😀

  83. If yoy know who is sodapoppin your a wow addict

  84. Alittle too real…

  85. Here are my nitpicks:
    Commanding shout doesnt scare
    "Whats your dps" is a monumentally dumb question. You need to specify what setting: st, aoe, sustained, burst or specific boss

  86. The girl is actually james charles

  87. Just watched this again, and noticed a guest cast member is not mentioned at all in the description. Why not mention of Ivan Essin?

  88. First Online Game – the original Planetside. So – one day on the forums there's this topic of making chick characters – which at the time – I didn't understand. The explanation one guy gave was:

    "We run around all day in 3rd Person. I would rather spend all day looking at a girls ass than a guys."

    That explained everything.

    I created a Chick Character and – I could take her cloths off – as much as the game would let me. I could make her dance. I could just run her around with as little clothes on as the game would let me and enjoy watching her body as she cavorted about the country side. I easily spent AT LEAST an hour just running that Chick Character about.

    And – I came to a realization.

    I was a gamer.

    This was the only way I would EVER control a girl.

    It was great and I've been making Chick Characters to control ever since.

    BUT … I don't play with other people … for the most part. If I need a character to interact with other people – such as a Forum Alt – I make it a male character.

    Now – the other side of using not using a mic – is that girls who have made male characters so they won't get hit on – (just like in this video) – are given away by the way they talk. It may be in chat – but they still talk like girls.

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