Girliyapa EP 01 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun? feat. Mallika Dua & Srishti Srivastava

Girliyapa EP 01 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun? feat. Mallika Dua & Srishti Srivastava

me take a picture first #FoodPorn Like Tough life Oh God! He’s staring at me.
Who’s staring now? That creep. Ughhh so ugly Why can’t they just stay in their limits? This douche bag Have your green tea,
we’ll be right back. What, boss? So the moment you see a hot girl, you start staring at her? Please don’t give me this ‘I don’t
know what you’re saying’ look. I know how shamelessly you were staring at her No, I was just… What were you doing? How dare you look at her like that? What special charm has she got
in her eyes that we don’t? What?
Why are you ogling at her? Why not us? OK, we’re a little fat. We’re a little
tomboy-ish, but you can’t ignore us. Now you’ll say that you like
simple and natural girls Does she look natural to you? Her face has more filters than instagram. And by the way # She Did Not Wake Up Like This She is a LG Flatron TV She is that 15 bucks pack of
Lays which deceives you in the name of chips. Do you want to be
fooled or do you want justice? Neither is she simple nor
does she respect engineer looking, stalk but can’t
talk, guys like you who dream of a start-up
after working at infosys for 2.5 years go for arranged marriage in the quest for love. Relax Shanti relax…
Stupid guy! When all you can afford
is Big Bazaar, then you won’t get anything by
window shopping at Zara. We’re telling you. You better understand. You’ll stare at her, you’ll stalk her. Then she will ask her boyfriend
to beat you up, report to the police What’s the use? Better stalk us. We also have this dream that somebody stalks us. Sends us messages in improper English Babes I treat you like barbe dollzz Be ma galfraanddd! Look at our others inbox.
It’s empty. What do we want? Just that two guys pass some comments
on the road, someone whistles And the auto guy glances
from the rear view mirror Our morale gets boosted just by this. Let me go and pee. Ayee For us, everyday is a bad hair day And we don’t know how to do make up And whatever little they used to stare
has now stopped due to feminism Now we can’t go to Haryana
everyday to get teased, can we? Asshole, pass tabasco. We even look like those
stereotypical feminist types We aren’t those kind of girls If you flirt with us, we won’t
carry out a candle march at India Gate She called you a creep. Called me a creep? We’re calling you cute. Even then you’ll stare at her? Do you have any self-respect? Fine you don’t. But don’t you have
any responsibility towards us? Eight out of six girls are depressed
because no one pays attention to them We feel like the north east of India Agreed that we don’t know to be
teased but at least you should start Sister… Who the f*#k did you
call sister, asshole? We want to be babes! He won’t listen like this Do one thing Get up. sit there and then stare at us. Stare This is for training and monitoring purpose
only. And recording. And recording. Go. Get up and go. And listen… Stare a little shamelessly. In a lewd manner. We should feel it. Where are you running, you loser? We got ditched again! Guys like him are detrimental
to the reputation of men What was the need to say feminist? ‘F’ word makes them shit their pants. So, why did you improvise?
Stick to the script, bitch! Let’s jam again today. Is he staring at us? Yeah, he is staring at us. Creep! Ugh so ugly. Why can’t they just stay in their limits? Dumbass. Do you have deo?
I’m not giving it to you. Give no… You take my deo everyday.
You envy me everyday. I don’t envy you.
Shut up! Everyone knows I’m hotter…
Stop staring at him. God! [email protected]#k! Jealous bitch!

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