Giving Hot Girls $100 To Show Boobs ! (FAKE MONEY PRANK)

Giving Hot Girls $100 To Show Boobs ! (FAKE MONEY PRANK)

Hi, what’s up guys? This is a new episode. Kyle my cho and today I go trust girls to show me your boobs for mine it and again. It’s a fake money Let’s go to show you boobs for $100. No no Kinda doors, okay I ready to give you $100 if you show you show your boobs on camera if you show [your] [boobs] I can give you $100, right now In the show, I go show us girls to do something crazy; come on Why are you laughing and why you go? It’s a — really interesting show because it’s really free money. It’s really easy, and you need to do something crazy You don’t need to something crazy No, no, you don’t ask which [I] want, but I want today for show for money and how much money Doesn’t because it’s a really a famous show right now in America. Let’s go trust people to do something crazy And today we are goes to show your boobs for $100 Yeah, I think you’ve struggled [to] [get] people’s data. Let me go down the beach I think I was a bitch not interesting because on the beach have a lot of people $200 Ha ha ha ha I Think it $200 school TV. Yes. He’s Gonna go [on] [TV] on American Tv 8 no one will see you’re in America yeah No, you don’t recording yes. Yes ready. [oh] my God Oh my God you have really beautiful like like this no, no Free country doors like it’s one second no $300 $400 because you can $400 right now if you just show [me] just on say on second you know Hey, no, no you [usually] can you [can] like this? Oh okay? Anyway? I can give you a walk outdoors cool Yeah, I really give you what other doors Hey, what’s up? You you stop stop you super show me your boobs show not me not me not me so sorry show on camera and Yeah, be on TV. But we [closed] moves on likes to smile. It will just mile because we can’t show on TV games because we Thanks, huh? Today you need to show you books on camera, and I give you $100 no I can’t why because I see this more better if you show your Yeah, I can yes. Yeah you can yeah here yeah, uh Okay, you can talk no Okay way from I’m from russia. I’m from are you from Russia? Yeah? Yeah, I’m from Spain You’re not from Spain from Russia. It’s really Russian people Russian people like what cry yes yes, it’s true. It’s true. But you know you’re you english like Russian English No, yeah, you’ve ever seen exit. Okay. Okay? Anyway, anyway. [I] ready to give you $200 To call it off Or Barcelona, but I don’t show you got saggy Home Barcelona, do you want do you want all worst persona? Why you why you need this? It’s your city your leash her and I give you 100 or 200 or $300 for Okay, you have last chance [I] give you [500] dollars right now if you shuttle on camera like you books on five hundred or five hundred dollars it’s 450 Euro [no], okay, I will Tell you true. I’m from Pakistan not I live in Spain, and I speak only Spain language You know it’s true. Yes, it’s true Yeah, can you say something on Spanish? So just quick show just like this ends. It’s all because you know a lot of people on the beach just Walking and swimming without without bright side because that you know and you can show you just not me on camera. Just really quickly How much [show] you don’t know the show? It oh hi. Hi, you’re walking like this It’s mean how much show how much how much saw just show your boobs on camera, and I give you $100 No, it’s much better. It’s 5050 is it’s [15-year]. You can see [yeah], we go

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  1. The zoom in at 1:51 made me leave this comment and then leave. Gross.

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  11. is the girl really pakistani …and live in spain

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  20. Naz you can get a Guinea pig come on let her get a guinea pig and I have a feeling she's never going to win a challenge sorry nazd it's just the truth

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  30. Boops touching toungue

  31. if you keep on telling to show boobs they may slap you๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ง

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  62. Bro go out at night ! Or at least ask girls who are on the beach or in a strip club.

    Your next level for asking girls with nice dresses in mid day !!!
    This is a good new show
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    I like this. Go to Seattle and nyc and ask girls that look way outta your league. Nice hot sweet class chicks ๐Ÿ™‚

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  68. Sorry, but you are doing is wrong, you are showing respect to the common people of someone's mother, daughter and sisterโ€ฆ.

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