Godava Telugu Full Movie | Vaibhav, Shraddha Arya | Sri Balaji Video

Godava Telugu Full Movie | Vaibhav, Shraddha Arya | Sri Balaji Video

Foul. Foul. Foul. Kick the ball. Come on, Balu. Kick. ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’ ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’ ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’ ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’ ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’ Hey, the ball’s there.
– But the phone’s there. We might lose.
– It’s just a practice match. ‘Hey, Balu. Lift the phone.’
– Hi, Anjali. Hi! Where are you?
– On the football ground. I am playing a match.
– What’s the score? 2-1. People are spitting
at our team. Now you will score.
– How come? Because now I am giving you energy. Where shall we go?
– Long drive. Come on. Let’s go. “Who are you? Won’t
you leave my heart?” “Will you stop chattering
about love..” “..and kiss me even once?” “When there will be drizzle
in moonlight.” “..l will kiss you, O flower.” “When there will be
pearls in clouds..” “..l will keep on kissing
you even if you stop me.” “Who are you? Won’t
you leave my heart?” “Will you stop chattering
about love..” “..or will you kiss me even once?” “Don’t make such promises.
Never break your promises.” “Don’t instigate to
break my promises.” “Don’t make me cross the line.” “I am just asking you
to fulfill my wishes.” “Did I ever say that I won’t?
What’s the fuss about?” “Don’t look at me like
a damsel in distress.” “Don’t entice me with such looks.” “Don’t try to escape from me.” “You can’t stay away from me.” “You need not worry.
I’ll be with you.” “if you go away from me
I will bash you up.” “Who are you? Won’t
you leave my heart?” “Will you stop chattering
about love..” “..and kiss me even once?” “When there will be drizzle
in moonlight.” “..l will kiss you, O flower.” “When there will be
pearls in clouds..” “..l will keep on kissing
you even if you stop me.” It’s quite chilling here.
Shall we have a tea? Let’s a drink a hot masala-tea. Give me two teas-. Hey! Are you blind or what!
– Sorry, boss. What sorry! You ruined my shirt.
Give me your shirt. You are like a buffalo. I am slim. How would my shirt fit you, buddy? What’s the matter, dude! You are
try to get smart with me.. …because there’s a girl with you?
– On the contrary.. …I am controlling my
anger because of her. Give me that tea. Now my shirt is also ruined
just like yours. The matter is settled.
Are you happy now? Bye. Hey, wash my shirt and dry it up. Will you wash it or should
we make her wash it? What’s your problem! I said sorry. I splashed tea on my shirt.
What else do you want? To hunt a girl or to
fight a bully like.. …you need to have guts
below your belt. Hey, what happened?
– Someone there asked me.. …wash his shirt, but I couldn’t
hear it properly.. …and I washed him up. Come, get on. Anjali, your hostel’s here. Why did it come so soon?
– Because you need to get down. You will leave if I get down.
– In order to come back.. …tomorrow I have to go today. He’s that guy.
– Wish me goodnight. – Goodnight. Just one goodnight?
– Hundred good nights. Just hundred?
– Thousand good nights. Only that much?
– One lakh good nights. Anjali, how long will you
take the bathroom? – What! Won’t you let me take
a nice bath in peace? That’s not the thing. Balu and
you went on a long drive. Did you enjoy well?
– Ya! Just Tiffin or did you
have meals as well? We had meals as well.
– Oh God! You’re pretty smart. By the way where did you have meals? In Tourism department’s..
– Cottage? No, in their restaurant. Vegetarian meals. Fantastic.
– Vegetarian meals? So you were talking about
the real meals? – Yes, why? No, I was talking about
some other ‘meals’. What’s this other ‘meals’?
– I am talking that ‘meals’. Oh! Shut your mouth. Aren’t
you ashamed to talk.. …In such a way? Srinu, when you need the bike
you come to my house.. …and when it’s time to return
I should take it on my own.. …and that too from a garage? It’s a bike that gives
80 km mileage. I wonder what condition
my bike is in. Hello! Excuse me! A friend of mine called Srinu
left a bike here for repair. Talk to him about it. You scoundrel! Hello! AP-26F-9669, bronze bike.
Repair. Repair. – Mallesh! No, it’s not Mallesh.
It’s Srinu, my friend. He left the bike here for repair.
– Is it him? It’s him. Tell me what the matter
is before beating me. I need clarity in everything
I do. Did you get me! Oh! Still I am not feeling
like bashing you up. I don’t get a high even if
I drink or beat someone.. …without a reason. Now I understood that you
are that clown’s tea-batch. Now come. Who’s this new character?
– To go on long ride on bikes.. …to eat ice-creams in rain
didn’t you get anyone.. …other than my granddaughter? How did this matter
take such a turn? Who is your granddaughter, grandpa?
– Anjali. Oh God! You are Anjali’s
grandfather? Buddy, will you leave my shirt? The elders need to talk one-on-one. Grandpa, the thing is that..
Oh! When I say grandpa.. …that Tamil grandpa
comes to my mind! Grandfather, the thing is that..
– What do you want to say? ‘People face such hardships when
they fall in love, but..’ ‘..I’m facing these problems
even without loving someone.’ ‘Who is Anjali..’ Grandpa.
– Your mother is my only daughter. I used to work in Vishakhapatnam. Yes, you told me. – At that time
your father chased your mom.. …and trapped her.
– I see! Your father, that baldy,
what was he saying! Will I stay quiet if
he says something? I’ll hit him on his head.
– Yes, I liked it. Dear, I saw a nice girl
for you in Madhurai. You must marry that girl.
– I will definitely marry her. They waved the flag. Now get going. Vishnu, what’s this! You know
since how long I have been.. …waiting for you.
– I had to fox my parents. That’s why I am a bit late.
– It seems like.. …these birds are about to fly.
– ok, sit down. I will bring a water bottle.
– ok. This is my case. Hi. I am Balu. Was it you in green chudidar who
were talking to that boy.. …just a while ago?
– It’s not me. Then who was that girl?
She must be your sister? Whose sister? – The boy who went
for the water-bottle. I am not is sister.
I am his girlfriend. Then who’s that girl
in green chudidar? I don’t know, but she was superb. By the way, did you take
money and ornaments.. …from your home?
– How did you know that! I heard it when they were
talking about it. It seems that their
plan will work out. What plan?
– They were planning to run away.. …with your money and ornaments.. He said.. – He said that to
that girl in green chudidar? Yes, he said so. My sympathies
are with you. You ran away from the home and
they are getting married. Bye. Where’s that money and ornaments?
– Idiot. I got a wicket so early
in the morning. Don’t try to explain anything. I will watch Teja TV.
– I will watch Sun TV. I will watch Teja TV.
– I will watch Sun TV. You are crossing all
the limits these days. Instead of getting me pregnant
you’re increasing your tummy.. …like a woman. Did you know that? You started it all over again? Your father made my father
leave the house? What else do you expect me to do? He chews betel leaves
24 hours a day.. …and damaged the wash basin. If you upset my father I will
chew those betel leaves.. …and spit in the wash-basin.
What will you do? Oh no!
– Oh! What rubbish! When you said
you wanted a Tamil look.. …I tied lungi for you. No,
now I will tie Andhra-dhoti. Now here’s my dhoti. What’s this trouble
everyday, father! The assembly hall is far
better than this house. There is silence for
some time at least. You don’t get along well
even for a second. I wonder how you fell in
love with each other. Before our marriage your
father said that.. …he loves Tamil and Tamil girls. He even learnt Tamil for expressing
his love for me. Didn’t you say that?
– What shall I say! Didn’t you say that
you love Telugu.. …and that you respect
Telugu people a lot? If you serve me the breakfast
I will go to college. Then you can fight as
long as you want to. Alright. Eat Pongal-sambaar.
– Just a minute. Just a minute. Serve him some idlis.
– Pongal-sambaar first. …and then he can have idlis. Shut up! You prepare pongal-sambaar
everyday. Dear, have some idlis. Why? Isn’t Pongal-sambaar breakfast? Why does he have to eat idli first? No, he has to eat idlis first. Dear, have it. Do you think your breakfast is
the only breakfast in the world? O God! You threw that on my photo? Wait a minute. Just
see what I will do. You.. Before our marriage
you used to say.. …that you would frame my photo.. …but now you are breaking
my already existing frame. And you too also used to keep my
photo close to your heart. Now I am regretting why I did so. You are regretting now.. …but
I have been regretting.. …ever since I tied you
the nuptial threads. Shut up.
– You shut up. Get lost. Oh! I wonder how
l was born you guys. That was a rainy night. Your
mother was coming home.. …fully drenched and I
went to receive her.. …with an umbrella in my hand. My lungi slipped away
and then you were born. What was the need for you
guys to watch the movie.. …’Maro Charitra’ and fall in love!
And what was the need.. …to get married and give
birth to me and name me.. …Bala Chander, and why is
everyone making fun of me.. …and calling me cross-breed!
You shouldn’t be blamed.. …but that film’s director Bala
Chander should be blamed. Why are you standing here
with that ugly face! What have I done!
– Where’s our girl? Where’s our girl! We are
getting late. – What for? For her bus. – For her bus,
or for your cards’ game? The game of cards has become
too cheap for you. No, it’s pretty costly. It’s so
costly that is can destroy.. …the poor and the rich
simultaneously.. That’s the greatness
of the game of cards. The people in the club are
saying that my son earns.. …crores of rupees and
so it shouldn’t be.. …ten rupees per game, but it
should be twenty per game. Granny, did you pack my luggage?
– It’s done, dear. Just a minute. It must be
your father. Talk to him. Hello!
– Hi, baby! How are you? Fine, daddy. How are you?
– What, baby! I am not in India.. …that I would get tired.
I am in England. It’s snowing. I have reach
Amsterdam in an hour.. …for lunch, and dinner
at Del house, I’m busy. Why are you so busy, dad?
Why don’t you return? Isn’t it sufficient what we have?
– No, baby. Your wedding should
be even grander.. …than Lakshmi Mittal’s
daughter’s wedding. Oh! Come on, daddy.
– I arranged everything, dear. Your seat is confirmed
in the college. They asked three lakhs as donation. I gave them five lakhs. Idiots.
They couldn’t say.. …even a single word. You go
there and join the college. Thanks, daddy. What’s this, madam!
– What’s that matter! Why did you scream like a crow?
– Madam pinched me, sir. You are screaming for
such a simple matter. What about this?
– What happened? – Don’t you know? I wonder what’s wrong with everyone. He has gone in the name of business. You are leaving in the
name of studies. He leaves in the name
of game of cards. Do call us once in a while.
– If she won’t call me.. …I will go there and meet her.
– What for? Your granny is always like that. Come, dear. We are getting late. I wonder which bus
they are coming in. Which bus do we have to board
to go to Simhachalam? Board Simhachalam-bus. Grandson, here. Here.
– Grandpa. Grandson, is that Tamil
fellow still here? I heard that you got on the bus
and I pushed him in the train. That’s Bobbar Lanka’s greatness. He doesn’t have the guts to face me. Hold it.
– Lift it. Not my dhoti, but this fruit.
– ok, come. Grandpa, so what’s
the news back home? How’s our buffalo? Why did you shout like that!
– Oh God! Someone pinched me, grandpa. Stop there. What’s your name?
– Sunita. From where?
– Krishnapuram. What kind of a husband do you want?
– Archeologist. What’s that! Girls fancy doctors
and software engineers.. …but you fancy archeologists? An archeologist will like
us more as we grow older Hi! Does anyone of you have cigarettes? At least Manikchand or Goa? Company doesn’t matter,
do you have guthka? Guthka? No.
– You don’t have guthka as well? No.
– Very bad. Do you have the beer
and Breezier stock.. …or do we have to order some? We don’t have such habits.
– You don’t? Thank God. I was worried that some of you
might have such sort of habits. Come on. Come on. How many
of you have BFs? – BF? Boyfriends.
– We don’t have such things, dear. I too don’t have one. By
the way, I am Anjali. New admission.
– Hi! – Hi! Kumar. SI Sai Kumar. One who don’t tolerate injustice.. …one who is the protector
of dharma. Very good. Very good. Wear
the helmet as well. Stop the bike. Stop the bike. Don’t you know that if you ride
bikes without a helmet.. …then you will have to pay fine?
– I know that. You paid fine today. You’d pay
tomorrow. – Yes, I will. You’d pay the day after tomorrow
as well. – Yes, I will. How long will you pay that way?
– I will keep on paying. Look, son. If you travel
without a helmet.. …you might meet an accident
with some lorry.. …and your head might shatter
into pieces and you might die. Who will pay for that? Your
parents, your wife and kids.. …your friends and well-wishers. You look like a person
with a bright future. What does that mean?
– That you shouldn’t ride the bike.. …without wearing a helmet. This is your 500 rupees.
This is my 500 rupees. Buy a nice lSl mark helmet and
wear it from tomorrow. Go. Ok, sir.
– Hey, you can go on your bike. Sir, I won’t get on the
bike till I wear helmet. Hey, you! Yes, you..
– Sir. – Come here. A few days ago you filed
a complaint about your.. …missing purse, didn’t you?
– Yes, sir. I filed the complaint. What’s the color of the purse?
– It was red colored, sir. What were the articles in them? Lord Sai Baba’s photo on one
side and my family photo.. …on the other side, sir.
– How much money was there in it? 4,302 rupees. Is this your purse?
– Yes, this is my purse, sir. Hey, count your money.
– Everything’s there, sir. You may go.
– Goodbye, sir. Hey, there’s no need for that.
– Goodbye. I don’t like such sort of things. Sir! Who are you?
– I am from Tippalapalem, sir. So? – You are such a great
fellow, sir. – Me? You are such a great guy.
– Me? You gave money to the person
who didn’t have a helmet. Someone lost his purse and you
returned it with change. So what!
– It’s your greatness, sir. Why are you crying?
– There’s an SI in our town, sir. So? – Someone stole 10 tolas(1
tola=11 gm) gold. Oh God!
– The thief was caught. Then what was the problem?
– But the SI swallowed 9 tolas.. …and said that he got only
one tola gold. – How come? How should I explain it to you! Ok, you are the SI. The SI.
– Yes. 10 tolas gold was stolen
from our home. – Yes. You swallowed 9 tolas gold.
– ok. You returned only 1 tola gold.
– Yes. Hey, isn’t the government
giving you the money. Doesn’t it give you a belt?
– Yes, it gave me. Doesn’t it give you caps?
– Yes, it gave me. Will you live happily after
devouring my gold? You will be destroyed.
– So what! Your wife will clean the streets.
– Let her clean the streets. Your children will beg on the
streets. – Let them beg. Do you call your life a life?
– I am habituated to this. If the SP knows about this
matter he will suspend you. He doesn’t have the guts to
do that. – Greetings, sir. Greetings, sir. Good morning. Our SI devoured the 9 tolas
gold and said that.. …he got only one tola gold?
– Yes, sir. That’s what we were talking about.
– I shall go now. Take this money and have a biryani.
– Ok. Goodbye. Listen.
– Sir. In spite of working in
the police department.. …you robbed his 9 tolas gold?
– Me? Yes, who else? Whom did
he scold just now? That’s not the thing, sir..
– Hey, don’t talk. Shut up! In spite of working like
an SI you are ruining.. …the reputation of the department. Because of people like you the
department’s reputation.. …Is going for a toss.
– Sir, it’s not me. I will call for an enquiry on you.
– Oh God! I will get all your properties
seized. – Mine? You are suspended.
– Sir. What does that mean?
– It means if you interfere.. …In unnecessary matters
you might get suspended. I am Santosh Tej, principal
of this entire college. This is not like the other
colleges in the city. I too have some principles. If
anyone tries to overcome them.. …I will suppress them overnight. In this college cracking
jokes on the lectures.. …whiling away time in the canteen.. …singing songs and poems
in the classrooms.. …and dancing in the classrooms..
All these things.. Are permitted, sir?
– No, they are not permitted. Thank you. Hey, stop!
– Sir. – Any problem? Sir, when I was coming on the
main road some guys were.. …teasing me, sir.
– Is that a problem? You could’ve come through
the adjoining lane. It’s a big bore, sir. There’s not
even single guy on that route. Is it a new cell? You said
that you don’t have money. Suri bought the cell,
Srinu bought the SIM.. …and Bobby will pay
the bill. That’s all. O. hi! Madam, the chemistry book.. Thank you. Pinching girl, so you are here. Hey, bus-stand! Oh God! The jackfruit. Did you remember me? Bus-stand. Jackfruit. Don’t over-act. You remembered
everything. Actually it’s.. It’s my hobby. Stamp-collection, book reading
can be termed as hobbies. But pinching others can’t
be termed as a hobby, baby. It became a habit since
childhood. Sorry. If you think that you can
do anything and get away.. …with a small ‘sorry’. Then
I too want to do something.. …and say ‘sorry’. Sorry. What’s the matter! She never
gave us a chance to talk.. …but today she is sitting
idly in a corner? She is not sitting silently, but
she is ragging with anger. Balu kissed her.
– Is that true? Why didn’t she turn the
other cheek for him? She’s pretty upset. Slap that Balu. But I don’t know where he is. “Are you a raw fruit or
ripe fruit, O dear?” “Are you a bud or a flower,
sweetheart?” “Are you sweet or hot, darling?” “Tell us if you are local
liquor or foreign wine.” “if you are a raw fruit
I will bite you..” “..and if you are ripe
I will crush you.” “if you’re a bud I will wait
for you to blossom.” “..and if you are a flower
I will pluck you.” “I will bite you. I will crush you.” “I will kiss you. I will
admire your beauty.” “I will give you a chance. I will
entertain you all night.” “Shall I touch you? Shall
I revolve around you?” “Shall I play the tambura?” “O honey-bee, shall I hug you..” “..and squash the honey
from your body?” “Do I have to tell you everything?” “You too take a few decisions
on your own.” “How can a girl tell
you everything?” “There are a few things
that a woman can’t say.” “You must be kidding me.
I don’t believe you.” “Come to me, I will shower you with
kisses. I’ll shake you up.” “I will give you a chance. I will
entertain you all night.” “Shall I touch you and put
my arms around you?” “Shall I put my burden on you?” “Shall I pinch you and tickle you?” “Shall I pat you on your back?” “I told you to quit all
your inhibitions.” “You can pinch and tickle me.” “Come to me..” “..and do whatever you
feel like doing.” “Now after you said that..” “..l will make you regret
what you just said.” “I will kiss you. I will
admire your beauty.” “I will give you a chance. I will
entertain you all night.” “Are you a raw fruit or
ripe fruit, O dear?” “Are you a bud or a flower,
sweetheart?” “Are you sweet or hot, darling?” “Tell us if you are local
liquor or foreign wine.” “if you are a raw fruit
I will bite you..” “..and if you are ripe
I will crush you.” “if you’re a bud I will wait
for you to blossom.” “..and if you are a flower
I will pluck you.” “I will bite you. I will crush you.” “I will kiss you. I will
admire your beauty.” “I will give you a chance. I will
entertain you all night.” Why do we come to Venkata Chalapati
temple all the times! We will go to Murugan
temple next time? Today it’s Saturday. Let
us offer prayers.. …to lord Venkateshwara.
– No. Let’s go to Murugan temple. Do you have to fight in
the temple as well? It doesn’t matter which
God we worship. Did you hear him! We shall
go now. Let us go. That’s the condition of
dear Balu’s family. Mission 2007! Do you remember that? No one should have any doubts. We are about to worship
the lord in a while. We ask the devotees to touch the
Mangalasutra and offer salutations. Priest, Mangalasutra(Nuptial
thread) is not there. How can you get a Mangalasutra
before wedding! I am not talking about myself.
It’s missing here. What happened to the Mangalasutra? O lord! O lord! Keep your mouth shut.
I shouldn’t have come.. …to the temple without you.
– I shouldn’t have come with you. Bless me, father-in-law.
Bless, mother-in-law. Who are you, girl? Why are you
calling us your in-laws? Outsiders won’t take it lightly
if we call them our in-laws. You are right.
– I see. So you are a Tamilian. Mother, father, and a Tamil boy. Your son tied me the nuptial thread. Hey! What’s this drama!
– The report was also positive. What report?
– Pregnancy report. Uncle, when is the Valentine’s day?
– On February 14th. Aunt, when is the Children’s day?
– On November 14th. I will walk into your home on
that day with your grandson. I told him right then not
to do anything stupid.. …or else I might can pregnant.
And you know what he said.. He said that don’t we book
tickets in advance.. …for a movie that would
release after some time. He said that this is also the same.
– What! Anjali, congratulations! I heard
that you are pregnant. It’s quite common these days. Get married. Revolve around the temple. She
will have an easy delivery. Balu, you’re great. You got her
wicket on the first ball itself. You are a fall bowler.
– I will revolve around the temple.. …mother-in-law. The delivery
will be easy they said. Alright.
– ok, father-in-law. Mother..
– Get lost. Don’t talk to me. Why are you listening to that
girl and scolding him! She didn’t talk anything crap.
Whatever she said is true! The girl looks so innocent.
– She’s a mischievous girl. Your father’s and my marriage
is also a love marriage. But we never knew tele-bookings.. …and advance-bookings. We
had a traditional marriage. It’s.. – Don’t talk to me anymore.
Come. It’s been just two months
since we joined college. How come she became three
months pregnant! Has someone already
booked that ticket? What’s the matter you look
so dull, Mr. Priest? Instead of looking dull does
anyone do disco-dance.. …If mother’s Mangalasutra is lost? Look there.
– What’s there? Coconut? You can study in your home.
Why are you studying here? No, uncle. The exams are nearing. I thought that if I study
without wasting any time.. …I might learn at least
one more answer.. I have to come first in the state. Why are you crying, uncle? There was a girl called
Meena in our village. Her parents worked hard
day and night.. …and sent her to the
city for her studies.. …and she used to write letters
to men and used to send.. …love messages to men,
and flirt with men.. …and she used to chat with
men on her phone for hours. Is that right, girl?
– No. Now you are that girl for example. Your mother and father work
hard day and night.. …and support your studies.
– Yes. Isn’t it wrong on your part to
go out with men? – It’s wrong. Should you call them?
– No. Isn’t it wrong?
– Yes, it’s wrong. Won’t your parents commit suicide.. …If they find out that you
are having so many affairs? Yes, they will commit suicide.
– What! Our daughter wanders with men? That’s what I am saying.
Goodbye, madam. Bye. Ok, uncle.
– Bye. Hey, you scoundrel! Hey, don’t you know that
you should wish.. …your seniors a good morning?
– Is it ragging, sir? Hey, he found it out. Yes, it’s ragging. You must molest that girl?
– Molesting? I can’t do that, sir. Even I won’t let you do that.
Just pretend to do that. You have to chase that girl
and pretend as if.. …you are molesting her, then
I will take care of the rest. Yes, buddy. We are fed up of
watching rape in Crime-Watch. Let’s watch it live, buddy. What are you waiting for? Go. Who’s he! He can’t
even molest a girl. Do one thing. You start running.
He will molest you. What, sir!
– Just for change. Dear students, as part of
youth festival 2007.. …Inter-college sports competition.. …are being held at Aruku. Let’s play these games there. “My age is still 16..” “There are boys around me flirting
with me all the times.” You will die soon. – Hey, it’s 8
0′ clock. Shall we get started? That girls’ batch hasn’t slept yet. You want them to sleep, right?
Leave that to me. “This girl’s gun is aiming at you..” If you don’t go to bed in ten
minutes, then you will be.. …raped in the eleventh minute.
Did you get me? Hello! Hello! Hello! Mike-testing.
Goodnight. What’s the matter? He switched
off the lights.. …and sending everyone to sleep? So that they could get drunk. The girls’ batch has gone
to sleep. Bottles open. What’s this rubbish liquor! It’s
over as soon as I drank it. I with some God appears
in front of me.. …and presents me with a
bottle of wine. – Cheers! My liquor is over and someone
started it there now. Excuse me! Who is drinking
liquor here? Excuse me. If you don’t
can I sit here? I think this is whiskey.
– Yes. Kid, yours coach number
is S2 and ours is S8. How did you find out that
we are drinking, kid! Kid, I can smell the liquor
from a long, long distance. Then you should’ve been
in Railway Police Force. You are right. I used to
be in Railway Police. Did you quit the job?
– No. They fired me.
– Why, sir? They fired me after they came
to know that I am snatching.. …liquor from the passengers
and drinking it. And also, this is not the
way to drink liquor, boys. Then what’s the right way, sir?
– Do you have a lungi? It’s in the luggage.
– Take it out. What are you doing here? A mother is feeding milk to her
child. Do you want to see that? Sorry, sir. Sorry. Did you see how I
made him apologize! That’s a great idea, sir.
Have it, sir. And also you should not carry
a full-bottle in the train. You must carry two half-bottles.
– Why, sir? Even if the TTE takes
away one half.. …we will have at least
one half left with us. Hi, Sunil! TTE. If anyone of you have any sort
of problem past midnight.. I will kill you. My sleep
will be disturbed. Pull the chain. That will
be sufficient. – Ok. Don’t forget to pull the chain. Are you telling us or are
you telling the thieves.. …to pull the chains?
– Thieves? You mean chain-snatchers?
– Yes. Till the moment Sunil
is there on duty.. …there will be no robberies. Not just the thieves, but the
smokers and the drinkers.. …will also not be able
to sleep on peace. Then look behind the
lungi over there. Excuse me.
– You stay there. I will manage it. What?
– What’s going on over here? A mother is feeding her twins.
Do you want to see that? Get lost, you scoundrel. Sit down. What’s the matter your faces
look a bit different? What are you doing here?
– We are drinking drinks. What drinks?
– Cool drinks. – Really! You can fool the chief-minister,
but you can’t fool me. Did you see how I found it? Is it local or imported?
– You find out what it is, sir. Hold this. This is definitely
imported wine. Tell me whom I shall
punish among you. Sir, it’s not our mistake.
It’s wine’s mistake. Punish the wine, sir. He gave me such a great idea
even without his knowledge. I will punish her. Come. I will give you without soda. Did he say that he would
punish it or finish it? Didn’t I tell you to carry two
half-bottles, but not a full-bottle! Did you listen to me! Now
pay for it. Now go to hell. How did we get trapped so easily! Thank you.
– So she did it. – Welcome. I will teach you a lesson in Aruku. Listen, we came here for picnic.
– Really! I thought that we came
here on pilgrimage. Just because there are trees
don’t start flying and.. …just because there are burrows
don’t start behaving.. …like snakes, you don’t know
me well. I will cut your tails. My eyes are not ordinary eyes.
Mine are eagle-eyes. I will catch you like an eagle
catches the chicken. I’ve installed hidden cameras
and spy cameras here. The TVs are in my room. Does that principal have any sense? How will he catch them if
he reveals all the secrets! They won’t be able to catch them.. …even if they don’t tell him.
– Why? Are your friends there? I will arrange everything. Just because the girls of
other colleges are here.. …If you try to flirt with them
you will see the consequences.. …on the answer paper. I will make you sell tickets in
black near the cinema halls. 20-40! 20-40! 20-40! Other masters give their
students blessings.. …but he on the other
hand is cursing us. He is out of his mind.
– You are right, buddy. Girls, welcome to Aruku. Who’s he! He looks like
a person who supplies.. …cold drinks in wedding halls. Nice shape, baby. Take this.
– Thank you. Nice hair-style, baby. Take this.
– You naughty! They are girls. They will adorn
their hair with these flowers. What will you do with them?
– It doesn’t matter to you.. …what I would do with them. Who are you? You are giving a
rose to each and every girl.. Are you trying to trap them? If you don’t stop this nuisance
I will cut you into pieces.. …and sell your meat in Aruku
valley. Who are you? Who am I? I am the leader in
this Aruku valley. Every function and party
that happens here.. …should get my approval and
should hire my mike-set. If you don’t get my approval you
can’t even more a feather. I see. So you own the mike-set?
You own the mike-set? If you talk such kind of crap
again you know what I will do. You will come back to my mike-set.
I will see you then. What’s the matter, buddy?
Did something bite you? A beautiful honeybee has bitten me. I am wondering how to catch it. My dear students..
– He started that crap again. Welcome to the youth festival of.. It seems that the principal lost
his voice. – Mix the sambaar. He didn’t lose his voice, but
it’s the mike that he had lost. “The hen is..” Hey, you! Put the plug in. I need to tell you something
important. When I was a student.. “Come to me fast..” I won’t talk, I won’t talk. I won’t talk in this mike at
any cost. – ok, goodbye. Bye. Hey, you! Balu, come on! God, Balu’s
team must lose. What’s the matter! They
are from our college. How would you benefit if they lose!
– It doesn’t matter. Balu. What happened? What happened? That girl ruined everything, sir. Scoundrel, don’t you have any sense. Your ruined college’s reputation. Now take a bowl and start
begging in Aruku valley. What will you do then?
– Shut your mouth! You’re superb.
– Did you see her, buddy! She is adding salt to the wound. Don’t worry. I will teach
her a good lesson. Hello, Anjali!
– Hi, sir! You are sitting here alone.
Where’s your batch? In their tents.
– Ok. Ok. Hi, Anjali. You are here? I
have been searching for you.. …all over the camp. Take this.
I didn’t get the brand.. …that you asked me to bring.
Adjust with it. – O God! You gave me hundred rupees.
Here’s the change. Take it. I don’t want to keep
your money. Bye, sir. Sir.
– ok. ok. ok. I understood it, dear. I will be waiting here to see
what else will be coming. I will wait here.
– Anjali. Anjali. We didn’t get the brand that
you asked us to bring. We got this one. I had to
search all over Aruku.. …for this beer. I brought
it from a long distance. The cooling might not be
sufficient. Please don’t mind. Who’s that? Is it sir?
– No. I am the peon.. …working in the nearby college. Come on, sir. Stop kidding
me. It’s you. Goodbye, sir. Anjali, drink it fast
or else it will become hot. No, sir. Hey, you! Come here.
Where are you from? Poddutur. – So what! Why
did you lift your shirt.. …and start dancing? Get lost. Why is he twisting his neck!
Does he have some problem? Anjali, you asked me to
bring 20 gutka packets. I got only ten packets. Take them. Come here, dear. An Indian woman should light
candles, but not cigarettes. She should feed milk to her child,
but she shouldn’t.. …drink alcohol. – Sir, those who
bring these things give us.. “Secretively, but they don’t
give us these things publicly. You are right. Hey, you!
All of you come here. Fatso, you have become
such a big bully.. Still you are drinking beer bottles. Where’s that thin man?
– He’s here. Hey, you will die smoking
cigarettes. – it’s.. it’s.. Hey, what are you mumbling! You are trying to get smart
with the principal? I will bite your nose. You
can’t get away with it. It’s..
– What will you call it? Teasing? Shall I tell you something?
– Remove your hand. Ok. Tell me something, when
they can tease us.. …what’s wrong if we tease them?
– What’s wrong in it! What’s wrong in it! – No, it’s
not wrong. It’s not wrong. But you should focus more on
bringing cup to our college. I know.
– Keep that in mind. Give me that beer bottle.
– Please take it, sir. Give me that bottle as well.
Give me that bottle as well. I will hide it somewhere. He fooled us. Buddy, now he will
have to pay for it. Hey, you! Where are you
going in such a rush Nature’s call. – It’s nature’s
call, but not principal’s call. There’s a test for your general
knowledge. – What’s that? Why are there fights between
Pakistan and us? Regards the borderline.
– I know a few things that.. …you don’t know. Pakistan’s
president Musharraf.. …likes Kashmiri apples a lot.
If he gets that state.. …he can eat all those apples. How did you know that?
– What’s there to know! I get all the news regularly. All his men are actually my spies. Come, let’s go.
– Hey, you said you went to attend.. …nature’s call, but now
you are going back? You won’t understand it. Malli. Mali. Malli, ever since I
saw you in ‘Murder’.. …I feel like making
you my princess.. …even if I have to
commit a few murders. “This day won’t come again.” Come on. Let’s go. Where are you? Buddy, I am unable to
throw rings of smoke. Teach me how to do it.
– It’s not that difficult. That’s all. Didn’t they see me or they are
just pretending not to see me! Hey, baldy, move aside! It’s confirmed. You
are just pretending.. …that you didn’t see me. Buddy, I thought that we
get a high on drinking.. …only at night-time, but it’s
as good at daytime as well. Hey, you!
– Who’s that? Till now you were even scared
of drinking water.. …In front of me and today
you are drinking beer.. …In front of me? So you want rings?
– Oh God! You want rings?
– Oh God! You want to puff out rings of smoke? If I give you TC and dismiss
you from the college.. …then you will have to
sit in Jagadamba Center.. …and puff out rings of smoke. Santosh. – Hey, who called
me with my first name? It’s me. “This day won’t come again.” They caught it. These
scoundrels caught.. …my bathroom secret. I understood it clearly
why you sang that song. Mr. Santosh, did you understand
it clearly.. …or do you want to want
the movie as well? What movie are you talking about? We bought a cell-phone.
There’s a camera in it. We can take photos and we
can also watch movies. What! So you will show me cinema? You think I don’t know anything
about cell-phones? Show me that cinema.
– Show me the movie. Show him. Oh God! Hey. stop it! Stop it! Did you record it only till that
point, or did you record it.. …In detail?
– Sir, it’s you who told us that.. …no matter whatever we do
we must finish the work.. …and we must do it in detail.
We recorded everything. You recorded it in detail?
– Yes, sir. You recorded everything?
– Yes, sir. In detail?
– Yes. Santosh, he threw this cell-phone.. But it’s there in everyone’s cell
phone. What will he do about it? Remove your hand! Remove your hand! What do you want to say! Is it
there in everyone’s cell-phone! Yes.
– Did you record everything? – Yes. From here to here.
– From top to bottom. Scoundrels, I saw students
who reached great heights.. …than their masters,
but you are students.. …who are pushing your
master into pits. Ok, we must come to an
understanding. – Ok. Tell me what your demands are. Dear students, as you all know
today it’s the last day.. …of the youth festival. That
means we reached the climax. The team that wins this
football match.. …will get the overall championship. Hello!
– Natraj, winning team captain. Shall we fix the match? I will
give you one lakh rupees. Why are you laughing? – If the
enemy is stronger than you.. …you must compromise, if
he is as strong as you.. …you must fight him, and if
he is not as strong as you.. …you should laugh it off.
That’s why I am laughing. What happened? – What does a
dog do when it can’t bite? It barks. That’s what
happened till now. You are talking about that dog? Two teams are playing
to win this match. The first one is M. R. college
team. Captain Natraj! Natraj! Natraj! – The second
one is S. K. college team. Captain Balu! Balu! I wish best of luck
to both the teams. Scoundrel, I told you
not to mess with me. No, leave him. Balu is good at only drinking
beers and eating biryanis. Get lost.
– He can’t score goals. Hey. shut up! What were you saying a while ago? What did I say! I said that
we must encourage.. …those who are winning and
I am encouraging them. Crush everyone who comes on the way. Hey, I heard that you
are a cross-breed. Send your sister to
my house tonight. Hey, stop! Listen to me. He is instigating you intentionally. If you hit him the referee will
give you the red card.. …and send you out of the
ground. It’s his plan. Wow! What a kick! Balu. Balu. Cheating! Cheating! Well-done, Balu. Well-done. Hi, baby! – What’s this! Why
did you come to my tent? You’re the one who invited me,
didn’t you? – Did I? Ya. You pinched me here.. …and it started aching here.
– That’s my weakness. I too have a weakness. It can’t be told. I can
be shown practically. I’ll slap you with my sandal.
– Hey, cool! Cool! Why are you getting so irritated? It’s a matter like chewing gum. No one will know about
it outside. Come on. You scoundrel, I will
make you pay for this. Ok, let’s forget it. Just say
‘no’ if you don’t like it. But don’t create a scene outside.
– Sir. Sir. Natraj came to my tent and
is misbehaving with me. Call his principal. – What do
you got to do in Anjali’s tent? You need not take this
matter so seriously. We are young. We do play
such minor games. What games did you play with him?
– He’s lying. Sir, she took my cell-phone
and troubling me. I thought that she likes me
and I went to her tent. But after someone saw
us she took a U-turn. You can check her bag, sir.
– Vani, bring Anjali’s bag. Ok, sir. Open and see what is there in it. The cell’s in it, sir.
– Take it out. Hello! Wait a minute, sir. I’m the one who had put
that cell in the bag. It’s not Natraj’s cell. It’s mine. I can dial the number. It will ring. Girl, give me your phone. Then what did happen to my cell?
Check it carefully. What is this, Anjali!
– I don’t know anything, sir. I don’t know how it came to my bag. Sir, I’m the one who kept them
in her bag, just to tease her. Sorry, Anjali. You cheap! How dare you! You ruined the reputation
of our college. I will dismiss you after
we reach the college. I will kill you, rascal. Brother.
– Who’s that? Don’t mess with Anjali
one more time. If you dare to mess with her,
you will lose eyes, hands.. …and fingers. Here’s your cell. And what’s your argument! When you do something,
it’s teasing.. …and someone else does the
same thing, it’s a crime? It’s all in the game. This
sort of pranks are common.. …for the youth. You need
to take them sportingly. You made him look like a fool
in front of everyone. You slapped him as well.
– When hundred people.. …are against us, one
who supports us.. …Is our real friend. Call
Balu and apologize to him. No, I won’t.
– Then we will apologize to him. What’s Balu’s phone-number?
– I don’t know. We need not ask her. Balu
ringed his number.. …from Ashmita’s number. His
number will be there.. …In the ‘dialed numbers’.
Redial it. Hello!
– Hello! Who’s that? Say something. Hey, why did you lift the phone? Because it’s my phone. That means this number..
– ..Is mine, baby. Balu said that it’s his phone.
– He’s an idiot. That’s why he said so. And
did you change your mind? Will you come here? My tent
will be open for you.. …whenever you feel like coming. I will be waiting for you till
40′ clock tomorrow morning. And yes, I’m the one who
kept those condoms there. I have always been like that.
I keep everything ready. Bring them here before you come.
It’s for your own safety. Stop. Forget this issue now. I was slapped on my cheek,
but if I hadn’t done that.. …Anjali’s life would
have been ruined. Her name would’ve been
written on the college-walls. If a girl dies, she dies at once. But if a girl loses respect,
she dies every moment. Hi. Hi. Move a bit please.
Thank you. Someone note down the score.
– I will do that. You write it… Hey, you! I told you not to drink
in front of me, didn’t I? Sorry, sir. You take away
our drinks every time. Sir, I will ask you a puzzle.
If you solve it.. …you can take away the drink. If I give you the answer, you
will have to leave me, sir. Ok, ask me what it is.
– Sir, did you ever watch.. …mythological movies?
– A lot. In those movies Anjineyulu
always flies flat.. …while chanting the name
of Rama and Narada always.. …flies standing while chanting
lord Narayana’s name. Why is it so, sir? I don’t know.
– Sir, how can you not know this.. …In spite of being a railway TTE! Anjineya’s berth is confirmed.
That’s why he goes flat, sir. Narada is still in the waiting list. That’s why he is still standing.
I will finish my drink, sir. Don’t throw that card.
He needs that one. Show! Show! Show, Balu. Show! Show! – Why are you getting
so excited on his victory? Balu’s win is my win. It seems like he doesn’t drink
anything except alcohol. What’s going on here!
– Can’t you see that? I am asking you just
for confirmation. Party, sir. Cold drink.
Will you drink it? I have these cold drinks.
– Then what are you.. …still doing here?
– You go that way. Do you have a ticket?
– Yes, sir. You may go now.
– Enjoy. You are the winner. Have fun. I knew that it was not cold
drink in your hands. But I didn’t know that there
was love between both of you. If you are in waiting list
you might have to get down. Confirm your ticket. All the best. Hello, Anjali!
– Hi, daddy! You called me on Landline to check
if I’m in hostel or not? No, dear. I have complete
faith in you. Thank you. How are you, dear?
– Fine, daddy. How did the youth festival go? We won the overall championship.. …In the tournament, daddy. Congrats, baby. Good. You are in a happy good. Shall
I give you some happy news? Yes, daddy. I brought a nice match for you. The boy is a software
engineer in America. He’s the only son of his parents. Do you hear me? Grandpa and grandma also
liked the boy a lot. Of course, that boy
also liked you a lot. I will fix the engagement
date and call you again.. …and you come here right
away. Did you get me? What’s wrong with you! Why
did you nod your head? Why didn’t you tell him about Balu? I never went against daddy. And also I didn’t even say
‘I love you’ to Balu. Now how can I tell daddy
that I love Balu! Your daddy won’t wait for
as long as you want. Go and say ‘I love you’ to Balu. And then go to your father and tell
him about your love affair. That’s how simple it is. “O girl, Your smile is a clarion.” “O dear, I like you.” “O boy, you won my praises.” “O dear, I will give you a kiss.” “if you come to me, I will hug
you like your lipstick.” “Then I will come into your arms.” “O statue made of glass,
you are full of beauty.” “I have set my eyes on you.” “Shall I start exploiting
you gradually?” “Even if I am full of beauty I’ll
have to hand it over to you.” “To fulfill your wishes
come here and kiss me.” “How can I control my happiness?” “I will devour you at once.” “My aggression will complement
your beauty.” “No matter whatever happens
I will chase you forever..” “..and cross the limits with joy.” “I can’t wait till you come. I
can’t bear this separation.” “ls there no other way? I
told you my small wish.” “I’ll turn into breeze and
touch your beautiful skin.” “I can turn into anything for you.” “O girl, your smile is a clarion.” “O dear, I like you.” “O boy, you won my praises.” “O dear, I will give you a kiss.” Who’s that?
– Greetings, uncle. What? Did you come
to sell Sona belts? No, uncle. I don’t sell Sona belts. I see. So you sell soaps. We
buy soaps for six months.. …at once. You may go now.
– Oh no! I am not a salesgirl, uncle.
– Then who are you? What’s wrong with you! This
is not the time to scratch.. Are you out of your mind or what!
– Why? Wear your glasses and see her. She’s the same girl who
met us in the temple.. …and said that our son
made her pregnant. You peel the skin of a fruit.
You need not feed it to me. I’m not that big a forgetful fool.
– So you agree that you are.. …a small forgetful fool.
– As if you don’t forget things. Do you remember on
our wedding night.. …you forgot the milk-glass
before coming to the room? And for that you nag me till now. I only forgot the milk-glass, but
you forgot the wedding night.. …as well.
– Uncle. I am still standing here.
– Why did you come here? Whatever I said that day is a lie.
Sorry, uncle. Sorry, aunt. Did you see that! I told
you that day itself.. …that she is innocent, but
you didn’t listen to me. You doubted her for no reason. She looks like Mother Lakshmi. No, she looks like Mother Parvati. No, she looks like Mother Lakshmi. She looks like Mother Parvati.
– Uncle. I am neither Mother Lakshmi
nor Mother Parvati. I am Anjali. ls Balu there at home? That girl is asking something
and you are staring at me? Why don’t you answer her question? You are trying to dominate me? He’s not there at home.
– If you ask me something again.. …I won’t answer that question
till meals-time. I won’t ask you anything.
– Get lost. Where’s that girl? Hey, is some meeting
going on over here? You called me here urgently.
What’s the matter? He says that he wants to die.
– Why? Did he fail in the exams?
– No, the girl he loves.. …Is engaged to someone else.
– I see. So it’s the matter of love.
Then why did you stop him? You should let him die. There’s
not much benefit.. …even if he’s alive anyway.
– Why are you talking like that! What else shall I say! Suicides
are not an ordinary thing.. …anymore. People will gather
at the site of incident.. …some TV channels will
cover the incident.. …the whole India will watch
it, the Telugu people.. …In America will also watch it. Let him die. You can die. No, Balu. He loves that
girl sincerely. Yes, let’s get him married.
– Get them married? Yes. It’s a matter of
my life and death. Won’t you help me being my friend? If you wish you can get
me married. Please. Ok, the Gangavaram temple
is our goalpost. You two are defenders and
you two are midfielders. I am the striker. You call
Vani and ask her to come.. …to the art gallery. I will
hit the corner-kick.. …and bring that girl, ok?
– Ok. You go from off-side and catch
the priest and bring him.. …to the goalpost, I.e.
to the temple. – Ok. Be careful. If her family
knows about it.. …we will get the penalty card. All of you have mobiles, don’t you?
– Yes. Whoever faces any problem
must contact me. Ok? Ok.
– You know an SI, right? Post the matter forehand.
– ok. Don’t relax till scoring
the goal. Come on, move. Let’s go. Balu. I need to talk
to you urgently. I have got some urgent work. Bye.
– Balu. Let’s go. Hey, where is Balu going?
– Your friend Vani.. …and our friend Sai is about
to get married in a while. You mean love marriage?
– Yes. Then I will also come. Prema, take her along. Come on. Come on. Get on. Get on. Why are you so late! Don’t
you have any time-sense? See that bike. Isn’t he Balu? Hey, I think it’s Balu’s bike.
– No, it’s not. Is he the only one in this world
who has a Hero-Honda bike? You stay quiet. – Inspector,
did you get my daughter? Brother. Brother. Our
Vani is here, brother. Take the garlands. Has Balu
come here? – No, he hasn’t. Anyway, there’s still
some time left. There’s still some time
left? You rascal! You stranded us here
since the morning. You left the house only because.. …It doesn’t matter to you whatever
happens to us, right? You sinner. You traitor. You brought her after
I filed a police case. Did you think I will leave you?
I am going to kill you.. Sir, stop it. You don’t even know
whom your daughter.. …was having an affair with. I didn’t elope with your daughter. She eloped with someone else
and I brought her back. Where is the bride? I
will have to attend.. …another wedding and two
more wedding nights. Why? Didn’t we pay you money?
– Yes, you paid me. You paid me some alms. Balu went to bring the bride.
– I don’t care if Balu brings her.. …or Keeravani brings her. What’s your daughter’s age? 18. What’s the age of that guy? 21. Both are studying in the same
college, in the same class. They sit side bye side
on the same bench. Sir, what would happen if
positive and negative.. …are placed side by side? There
will be electric current. That’s what happened here as well. There wasn’t electric current,
but there was love. Why did you buy your daughter
a cell-phone? Dear, are you in the class? Baby, what are you doing? Dear, how many marks did you score? Darling, once you bow down
your head at college.. …you should lift it only
after you reach home, ok? Did you buy her a phone
to say that? No. No. Whom is she calling
from that cell phone? What messages are there
on that cell phone! Whom is she messaging? You
don’t take care of that. Who’s that?
– Hello! What’s the matter?
– Balu has taken Vani to her house. He might be thinking of teaching
her parents a lesson.. …and then bringing her here.
– ok, let’s see that matter first. Hey, you! What about me? You go to that wedding.
– O shit! What’s the matter! Are you
upset that I cheated you? Why? Didn’t you cheat your parents.. …who looked after you for 18 years? Ok. What would’ve happened if
I hadn’t brought her here? You would’ve got married. You
would’ve lived together. After that your problems
would’ve started. Your pockets would’ve
become empty in a year. What would you do then?
Would you return home? No, you can’t. Because you
are an eloped couple. Can you lead your
lives in the hope.. …that your love would feed you? What do you know about love! If you had known that you
wouldn’t have betrayed us. You will pay for it. Really! It’s been a long time
since womenfolk’s curses.. …lost its power. Shut up! – What did you say!
I don’t know about love? I know that after love marriage
the gates for love are closed. But in an arrange marriage the
gates of love are opened. I didn’t read this in any book.
I saw it at my home. It’s a daily serial of twenty
years. I saw it in.. …my mother and father who
also had a love marriage. Sorry, buddies. I had to betray
you to do a good deed. I scored a self goal and
defeated our team. We used to clap every
time you scored a goal. We feel like clapping even
now. Do you know why? Because you said a great story. You ruined his wedding in
spite of being a friend. We don’t want your
friendship anymore. You will also fall in love some
day. I will come to your then.. …not to congratulate you, but
to ruin your love. Get lost. You will lose it, because
I will never fall in love. Even if some girl comes
to me and proposes me.. …I will tell her that
I don’t like her. If she says ‘I love you’,
I will say ‘sorry’. I know that after love marriage
the gates for love are closed. But in an arrange marriage the
gates of love are opened. I don’t have faith in the
love before marriage. And without faith there
can’t be any love. There is only a place for
friendship in my heart.. …but not for any love. ‘Greetings, sister.
– Greetings! Tell me what it is.’ ‘I am in love with a boy.
And he is a big fool.’ ‘There is no response no
matter whatever I do.’ ‘Please tell me what I should do.’ ‘It wouldn’t have been a problem
if you loved a ball..’ ‘..because it would’ve bounced
back after hitting the wall.’ ‘..but you loved the wall
itself.’ No use.’ ‘Go for the better choice.’ Baby, which cine-star do you like? In the earlier eras the kings
used to ask their daughters.. …the king of which
kingdom they liked. In today times there are no kings,
but people like me.. …are still there. That’s
why I am asking you. Tell me what kind of a boy you want. If doesn’t matter if you
don’t like any hero.. …but I liked this hero. Tell me how he looks. His father is a millionaire. They have estates in UK and France. Tell me how he is, baby.
Did you see him? Tell me. I liked this match.
That boy liked you. He saw your photo and
fell in love with you. It’s my good fortune that you
took birth as my daughter. They approached me with this match. If this marriage takes place.. …not just you, but your
daddy will also be happy. What do you say, baby? As you wish, daddy. Greetings. Hi, mummy. How are you? You’re not the one who
should ask that.. …but it’s my granddaughter
who should ask that. Baby won’t ask anything to
anyone right now. – Why? I have shown her the groom’s
photo a while ago. She is still in that zone. Did you like him that much? What’s the matter she left
without replying you? That’s what I am unable
to understand. We can have meals for once with
a curry we don’t like.. …but we cannot spend all our life
with someone we don’t like. Tell me who that boy is. You can’t do anything even
if you know it, granny. Why, dear? Doesn’t he like you? He doesn’t even like love and all.
That’s why I’m thinking of.. …making at least daddy happy
by marrying the groom.. …of his choice. When friends used to ask me if
I would return from college.. …with a degree in hand, I used
to say that I will return.. …with a man of my dreams. But I didn’t know that I would
return as a loser, granny. Calm down. Don’t cry. It would’ve been great if
son-in-law had also come. He too wanted to come, but he
is also busy just like you. Will he at least make
it to the marriage? The bride looks pretty dull. ls
it because our son didn’t come? Her expression would’ve been
same even if he was here. Don’t mind. That’s my wife’s
sense of humor for you. Exchange the traditional
betel leaves. Please accept it, uncle. Anjali? I love you. You are going for an
arranged-marriage instead of.. …falling in love with someone.
That’s why I love you. How does the groom look like?
What has he studied? Everything must be perfect.
Your elders searched.. …the match. Hello! Greetings. Greetings.
I filed it just now. Listen, the land will be ours.
Truth is on our side. Dharma is on our side. No
matter whatever they do.. …no matter whatever happens
we are going to win the case. I don’t care even if he’s
a factionist or a rowdy.. We can’t get justice if we
are scared of such people. Dharma won’t win. And
the reason I reached.. …from the bottom to the
High court is that.. …I am not scared of such people.
– Wow! Wow! Keep on talking. Keep on talking. I am sorry. I will call you back. Who are you? Sir, you’re the epitome
of truth and dharma! I must salute you.
– Wait. Wait. Wait. Tell me if you’ve got some case.
I’ll represent you in court. Tell me what it is.
Tell me what it is. What happened? What happened? What shall I say, sir? There’s a lawyer called
Hari in our village, sir. A person snatched my land.
– I see. I gave that lawyer money to
get me my land back. – Ok. The person who snatched
my land was a factionist. He got scared of him and
accepted money from him.. …and helped him win the case.
– Oh no! Explain it to me clearly. I didn’t
get it. – You didn’t get it? Now let’s assume that you
are in his place. – Ok. You are the lawyer.
– Yes. Someone snatched my land from me.
– Someone snatched it. I gave you money to help
me win the case. – Ok. Who’s against me?
– Factionist. And what have you done?
– I accepted bribe from him. Instead of helping me win you
accepted bribe from him. Whom did you help win the case?
– The factionist. Will dharma survive in this way? It can never survive
if that happens. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself! Do you eat food or grass?
– Grass. Aren’t you ashamed to say that?
– No. You are right.
– I pity your life. How many lives will you ruin
in that way! – That lawyer. You will help my opponent win
after accepting money from me? May God destroy you!
– Correct! May your last rituals be performed
here! – Correct! May your pyre be built here!
– Correct! May your die of cancer!
– That means he accepted.. …money from you and helped
your opponent win the case? That’s what I am saying, sir.
– Please leave. Thank you, sir.
– What sort of a person are you! Don’t you have any shame at all? You call yourself a lawyer? That’s camera-trick.
– My friend sent it. Don’t call it camera-trick. Is there a new bird? Let’s go.
– Let’s go. What’s the matter! You are not
responding to my phones.. …you are avoiding me when
I come closer to you.. I see. So this is the
marriage-reaction. Alright. You are..
– Srinu, listen to me. I felt like what they
were doing was wrong. So as a friend I did what
I felt was right. If it hurt you that much,
I am sorry. Ok? Cheers! That’s a nice shirt. Where did
you buy it? – In Chermas. What’s the cost?
– 150 rupees. You would’ve got a new one if
you added another 50 rupees. Take some sweets.
– Thank you. Welcome. What’s the matter? – Before telling
you what the matter is.. …I must thank Balu first.
– ok, then, thank him first. Thanks, Balu.
– Now tell me what the matter is. If you hadn’t broken
our wedding plans.. …Vani wouldn’t have
attempted suicide.. …and her parents wouldn’t
have felt tensed.. …and they wouldn’t have
agreed to our marriage. Balu, you need not drink poison
to know what poison is. But to know what love is you will
have to love someone first. Don’t say that you don’t like it. If you start liking it
you will fall in love.. …even without your knowledge. We can’t make love happen.
It happens. Before our wedding we are throwing
a bachelors’ party.. …In Snow-world. Balu, you must
also come to that party. You are my chief guest. Thanks to all of you for coming
to this bachelor party.. …before our marriage,
and heartily welcome. Sai, is everything artificial or
there’s something real as well? Just wait and watch. It’s full-on. “The power has gone and my golden
waist-band cooled off.” “When I saw it in the morning
I didn’t know what happened!” “He is my beloved one.
I know him very well.” “My only mistake is that I called
him at the wrong time.” “He’s a naughty boy. He came
and loosened my joints.” “He loosened my joints
and he shook me up.” “He’s a naughty boy. He came
and loosened my joints.” “He loosened my joints
and he shook me up.” “The spent the cash
that Sri gave me.” “The have hidden the
necklace in the locker.” “Only I know how
I earned my money.” “Somehow I bought my golden
waist-band one day.” “Even before I wore
it for a few days..” “ guy stole it away from me.” “My darling, will you come to me?” “I will offer you everything
that I have got.” “My darling, will you come to me?” “I will offer you everything
that I have got.” “They said that I don’t
have a waist.” “They said that a waist-band
is of no use for me.” “Those who criticized me
gave me second looks.” “I wonder if they heard about
me and my beauty earlier..” “A huge gathered to see my beauty.” “I think the people close to me
had cast an evil eye on me.” “Someone is losing interest in me.” “My darling, will you come to me?” “I will offer you everything
that I have got.” “My darling, will you come to me?” “I will offer you everything
that I have got.” “The power has gone and my golden
waist-band cooled off.” “When I saw it in the morning
I didn’t know what happened!” Why are you looking so dull? You are unable to forget Balu
even after your engagement.. …right? – Heart is not an album
from which we can remove.. …the photo that we don’t
like and insert the photo.. …of our choice just like that.
– Look, ever since we grew up.. …countless boys waited for us
near college, tuition-classes.. …STD booths, cinema halls,
to say ‘I love you’ to us.. …even before getting
green signal from us.. …with an ice-cream in their hands.
They used to wait.. …till the ice-cream melted
and the stick remained. In the same way we will
have to get down a step.. …for the person we
love and try openly. But Balu doesn’t even
like the world ‘love’. There’s a strong reason behind it. Balu’s parents’ is a love-marriage. There are daily fights
in their house. On witnessing that everyday
Balu might have got.. …fed up of love. All these
days you scolded Balu.. …but now you fell
in love with Balu. In the same way Balu might
also change his opinion.. …on love and fall in love. So why don’t you try? I am already engaged.
How do I chase Balu? What if my parents know about it! Our grandmothers were scared
of their parents.. Our mother are scared
of their parents.. And if we too get scared
of our parents.. …what will be difference
between them and us. We wore chudidaars. Did
they wear chudidaars? We went to convent. Did they
go to convent school? That was right for their times and
this is right for our times. You have got three months
for your marriage. A number of wonders can happen
in these three months. If I was in your place I wouldn’t
have thought like you. I would’ve moved in a friendly
manner with Balu. I would’ve made him
say ‘I love you’. Any relationship between
a man and woman.. …finally leads to love. You start it with friendship.
You will land in love. Your time starts now. This is so beautiful. I just love it. You said that you wanted
to talk about something. Why aren’t you saying anything? What will you gift me on my wedding? I will gift you what you want.
– You can’t gift me what I want. You can’t ask me for what I can’t
give you. Tell me what it is. You will laugh if I tell you what
I want. – No, I won’t laugh. Tell me what it is. Before my marriage I
want to love someone. Stop it. That’s why.. That’s
why I said I won’t tell you. Ok. Ok. Tell me what
you want to say. Did you see Sai! Vani asked
him to take her to Kashmir. But there was no guaranty
that they would return.. …If they go to Kashmir, so
he created that atmosphere.. …for her in the Snow-world.
How sweet it is! I too want such sweet memories
before marriage. What do you mean?
– Sleepless nights.. …being lost all the time, looking
into each other eyes in cafe?s.. …talking on cell phone
for hours, minor tiffs.. “Fights, and then making up,
and forgetting to eat.. Without experiencing
all these things.. …I will get married and go
to America. That’s all. Life will become so mechanical. I don’t want that life. – What’s
the need to get tensed for that! There’s your would be. Give
him a call and ask him.. …to come here so that you can love. He didn’t even have time
to come to engagement. How can I expect him to
come here to love me! In India we won’t get people who
would sacrifice their lives.. …for their motherland,
but to be the boyfriend.. …of a beautiful girl like you
there will be one crore people. What if I love some stranger
and he takes.. …the matter seriously?
– So you need a man.. …who would be your boyfriend
for a few days.. …and then gets lost from
your life. – Yes. I want a person like you who
hates the word ‘love’.. …and those who are in love. I was expecting it.
I was expecting it. I was expecting you to bring
this to me eventually. Ok. We should love each
other like we eat grams.. …to get over boredom. Is that all?
– Yes. That’s the gift you would be
giving me for my marriage. What are you thinking?
– You are fresh and I am also fresh. What if we get ‘refresh’
accidentally? That won’t happen. Really? Promise?
– Promise. Promise?
– Promise. – Ok. Control. Control. Control. Hi, Anjali!
– Hi, Balu! Why are you calling me at this time? We are lovers right now. I’ve
the right to call you anytime. That’s from tomorrow.
– Look at the watch. It’s already one minute
past twelve. – So what? Exactly at 10:30 tomorrow
morning in the class.. “Thousands of horses..” Silence. Stop there. Come here. What were you doing! You
don’t want me to.. …commit a murder, do you?
Do you know how to behave.. …In the classroom? What is this?
– It’s a pin. Pin drop silence. If I
find anyone talking.. …I will slash your skin.
Go and sit there. Let us start the lesson. Whom are you waiting for?
– Balu said that he would come.. …and take me out.
– Hello! I’m the one you need to look at.
I am telling you the lesson. Why are you staring at the window? Do the windows teach you lessons? Or the curtains..
– Anjali. Come on. Come on. Come on. Hello. Hello. Hello. He called
you and you are leaving? Who am I?
– Principal. What am I doing?
– Teaching a lesson. What should you do?
– Follow the lesson. Then why aren’t you following it? You are flying away with him
as soon as he called you. And how dare you! First
you bunk your class.. …and then you take
away Anjali with you? What do you think of yourself! You don’t need permission from me? Do I have to take permission
from you even now, sir? I love you. I love you.
Keep it inside. You are students. You can come
here anytime you wish.. …and you can leave
anytime you wish. You can have some doubts
and you can clear them. Who am I to give permission!
Rubbish! You may go, dear.
– Thank you. Ok. – Why are you sitting
on my bike like a man! Sit with both your legs
on the same side. If I sit like that they will think
that I am your sister or mother. When one goes with her boyfriend.. …one should sit in this
way, dummy! – Dummy? What would one call a dummy
who doesn’t love anyone! Hey, you! Go over that speed-breaker. Keep that book in the middle.
– Why? I said keep it there. In Andhra Pradesh everyone is
building a speed-breaker.. …In front of their house. I am
fresh and you are also fresh. I won’t lose my heart, but what
if I lose my virginity! Balu, stop there. ‘Krishna, I want Balu. I can’t
think of life without him.’ ‘Make Balu fall in love with me.’ ‘Make him go mad for my love.’ ‘You won the hearts
of 16,000 girls.’ ‘Help me win the heart
of just one person.’ What did you pray for?
– We won’t get it if we tell others. O really! I wrote Intermediate exams
and prayed you, but you.. …didn’t answer my prayers.
I wrote EAMCET exams.. …and prayed you, but you
didn’t answer my prayers. Then I stopped coming here. This foolish girl brought me here. She must’ve prayed for something.
Give it to her. If you don’t give it to her,
you will be overloaded. Why is your hand so hot? Do
you have fever? – I got cold. Don’t you know why a girl’s
hand becomes hot? Either she must have got
fever she must’ve ran.. …some distance.
– ‘Waste fellow!’ ‘He is not responding even
after touching him.’ ‘That’s what his character is.’ ‘Lord, why did you make
him like that!’ What do you feel when both
of us walk this way? I feel like we are modeling
for Nirodh(condoms). – Oh! No one has such an ugly
imagination. – Thanks. Come on. Drink.
– What’s left in it to drink? You drank all the water
as if you are starving. So has your Viswamitra
come on track? He is still meditating. He
hasn’t opened his eyes. What! That means there’s
still no moment. And what have you taken him to? We went to the temple.
– You told me that. We went to the beach.
– You told me that as well. We went to a movie a few days ago. You didn’t tell me that. Sir, I’m here.
– Why did you bring me here? You’re the one who said that
we should go to a movie. It’s a great movie. First day,
first show. Let’s go. ‘Scoundrel. I thought
you would take me..’ ‘ some empty theatre,
but you brought me..’ ‘ this theatre where people
are killing each other.’ ‘He will never change.’ “Long live Shankardada!” “Long live Shankardada!” “She wished my heart good morning.” “She wished my heartbeat
good morning.” “She wished me good morning.
Good morning.” O God! It’s not working. To unite both of you saint
Valentine will have to get down. Sweetie. Come. Come. Come.
– Susie. Susie. Where are you?
– One biscuit. – Susie, no, no. How can you eat anything
that anyone gives! You are also becoming
like your madam. What’s the big deal if
she eats a biscuit? She too wants to eat it.
– There’s no big loss. I too want to give you a kiss.
Will you permit me? Come on, Susie.
– You dirty old creep. Sir, we got a new brand of biscuits
for dogs. – Is that so? Then you eat them. Who is he?
– He stays in the nearby flat. That puppy is his wife’s pet
dog and he doesn’t like her. Whom doesn’t he like? His
wife or the pet dog? He doesn’t like his wife. That’s
why he shows all his anger.. …on that puppy. He doesn’t even
give her something to eat. Doesn’t his wife say
anything to him? She went out of town.
If she is here.. …she would slash
the old man’s skin. If we call the Blue Cross Society.. …they will teach him a good lesson. But the dog’s hunger
won’t be quenched. It will die if it stays with him.
– Stay quiet. Tell me what we should
do to help her survive. We will have to take it away
from that old fellow. Who are you?
– We are coming from the press, sir. What do you want?
– They wrote a new chapter.. …In the law on domestic violence
and propagandizing.. …that men are torturing
women, right? – Yes. But we are doing a study
on how much womenfolk.. …are torturing the men
in the house. – Good. You took a good initiative.
– Greetings. My blessings will always
be there with you. In my view gents need
security from ladies. That’s why we came here.
– Hold the hands. If you need my blessings you
should touch my feet.. …but not my hands, son.
– We will touch your feet as well. Find it soon. If we are caught
then we will have to.. …play your love-game in the jail. It would be better if
it’s Charnapalli jail. I heard that they supply
cell phones over there. Shut up. Go and search.
– Sir. Sir. Sir. Where has this old fellow gone? He asked me to bring the breakfast.. …but he has gone missing. He is giving me such a hard
time in his wife’s absence. Oh! Your beard is troubling me. Get a shave tomorrow. Oh! – If you are busy here
you can close the doors. I kept your breakfast here. You
can take it when you get time. Goodnight. Anjali. Anjali. Anjali. Get up. That’s the reason I asked
you to stay in control. We came here for the puppy. Come. Look there.
– Open it and see. Come. O puppy! What you want, baby? Ruby.
– Why is it chasing that dog? Because this is a female dog
and that is a male dog. But they too young..
– It’s youth. It’s youth. Go and bring her. That’s the old man’s puppy.
Catch them. What happened? – Police. Police.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Come. Come. Come. Hey, he can see us. Come closer. Come even closer. A bit more. What’s the matter?
– Now I understood it.. …why it was chasing the other dog.
– Why? It’s youth. It’s youth. Oh God! Please, Balu. Hug me just once. He’s not an ordinary fellow.
He’s a big Remo. Please.
– Sorry. Ok, don’t hug me, if you
can’t control yourself. Ok. Ok. Come. Come. Balu, tell me ‘I love you’ once.
– What! Please, Balu. Don’t say it in real. For me, just like that, a fake one.
– Love you. I couldn’t hear it. Say it aloud. Love you.
– Say it aloud. I love you. Balu. Ok, sorry. Sorry.
– Please, Anjali. I can’t act in this
love-game anymore. I am person who wants
clarity in everything.. …but here I’m getting confused
when it comes to you. Confusion leads to love. That doesn’t suit my character. From today onwards your
agreement is cancelled. Bye. Bye.
– Balu. Sir, where’s the patient
called Kamaksi? She’s there in the ICU.
– In the ICU? Nurse, what happened to my wife? What happened to my wife?
What happened to you? Wait outside.
– Please. I need to see her. Please wait outside.
– Tell me what happened to my wife. Don’t worry. O God!
– What happened, father? O son! Everything’s over.
Everything’s over. My heart broke into pieces when
they took your mother.. …Into the emergency theatre. I haven’t done any mistake
since my wedding. I can’t live without your mother. Son, go inside and
see what happened. They won’t let us inside, father. What else do you expect them to say! You go inside and see your
mother and tell me.. …how your mother is. Doctor. There’s nothing to worry. She is alright. Don’t worry. Sir, can I go inside and see her?
– No. No. No. Dear. Dear, how are you? Why did you go to the temple
without informing me? What would we have
done if something.. …had happened to you? Tell
me do you need this! You are regretting now,
but I have been regretting.. …ever since I tied you
the nuptial threads. No.
– What are you doing! Let me massage your feet.
If something had happened.. …to you who would have
fought with me. It’s easy for you to
die and leave us. Let us offer prayers
to lord Venkateshwara. No. Let’s go to Murugan temple. No.
– Don’t say ‘no’. Do you know what will
happen to you if you.. …don’t even drink the juice? You will remain a patient forever.
There will be no one.. …to serve you and there will
be no one to serve us. Sorry, Balu. You saw how much they love
each other, didn’t you? Love is not laughing with
each other in joy. It’s all about shedding tears
with each other in grief. That’s what your parents
are doing right now. Really, they are great lovers. It seems that you are in
great about of tension. You need some relief. Let’s go. ‘In British reign, in
Vijayanagara kingdom..’ ‘..a love story took pace
in the nineteenth century.’ That girl’s name is queen Sukanya. His name is Anand Gajapati Raw. They love each other more
than their lives. ‘After knowing this his beloved
one queen Sukanya wishes..’ ‘..him to be victorious in the
war and gives him send-off.’ She ties a handkerchief to his
hand that is the symbol.. …of their love and wishes
him to be victorious.. Anand Gajapati Raju who achieved
martyrdom in war.. …stood at the gates of the heaven. He doesn’t want to go inside. He says that if he gets one
day for his beloved one.. …he would die for the country
for thousand times. God who doesn’t gives us boons
unless we meditate.. …In his name for years,
saluted his love.. …and gave him permission
to meet his love. Balu, close your eyes
and see the girl.. …whom you want to see even if
you’ve to die thousand times. You will see that girl. Did you see that girl?
– Yes, I saw her. Who’s she? Stop-
– Hey, Stop- Get down.
– What for, sir? I have got the license, C-book
and the pollution-certificate. What are you scared of you’ve
got everything! Get down! Get down!
– Get down. Stand there. What for?
– Anjali, stay quiet. I am not drunk.
– You want me to believe that? Why is the government paying
us salaries? For fun? Open your mouth.
– Hey, do it. Open your mouth. Hey, what did you drink
that he fainted? It’s been a month since
I brushed my teeth, sir. Where are you coming
from at this time? Today it’s the Valentine’s day, sir. Wherever you go, you will
bump into couples like us! And if you want to catch those
who drink and drive.. …then you must be waiting
near bars and pubs. Hey, stop there! I have to check this girl.
– What for, sir? I doubt if she has got any weapons. We are students, sir. We carry
pens, but not weapons. We will know what he has
only if we check her. Come on, move. What are you staring at! Come here. Sir, if people do some mistake
we bash them up. And if we make a mistake such
sort of people beat us. Carry on, kid. Hey, why did you get upset
if I touch that girl? Do you love her?
– She too loves me. We are about to get
married pretty soon. You will elope?
– With parents’ permission. If you don’t leave us, hundred
such bikes will be there. You can go. “Once you hugged me
like a cool breeze..” “..and once you hugged me
like a hot loo, dear.” “Once you touched me like
a hot summer day..” “..and once you touched me like
a rainy day, sweetheart.” “You are in my eyes all the times.” “You are in my heart all the times.” “Your sweet memories
float in the air.” “I think you about
you day and night.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are my first love.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are the most beautiful
girl in this world.” “Once you hugged me
like a cool breeze..” “..and once you hugged me
like a hot loo, dear.” “Once you touched me like
a hot summer day..” “..and once you touched me like
a rainy day, sweetheart.” “There are some signs in your eyes.” “I reached you. I have
always been near you.” “The joys in me got
a new lease of life.” “I lost myself in you.” “You brought happiness..” “..and sunshine in my life.” “You touched me once..” “..and I started dreaming
about you since then.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are my first love.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are the most beautiful
girl in this world.” “I want to settle on your
rosy cheeks forever.” “I want to settle in you.” “I got a number of
epithets from you.” “You have filled my heart with joy.” “You entered my life and made
me blossom under the sky.” “You came into my life
like a whirlpool..” “..and changed the
course of my life.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are my first love.” “Is that so, my dear?” “You are the most beautiful
girl in this world.” “Once you hugged me
like a cool breeze..” “..and once you hugged me
like a hot loo, dear.” “Once you touched me like
a hot summer day..” “..and once you touched me like
a rainy day, sweetheart.” What’s the matter?
– I want to ask you something. Will you tell me the truth?
– I never lied to you. A few minutes ago you told the
police officer that you love me. Is that true? You also said that
we are about to get married. Is that true? Ok, bye.
– Why are you leaving? When they are lies I should
also be leaving, right? Who said that those are lies? All
these days I didn’t believe.. …In love. I thought love is all
about fights and quarrels. I thought love is just
an attraction.. …that is there only till marriage. But now I realize that the world
can’t exist without love. Life is of no use if we
don’t love someone. I started respecting love. Now.. Now.. Now I too want to love. What’s the matter? Is that funny? God created love in your heart
who never believed in love.. …and whose only aim was
to separate the couples. In the same way God will also
show you a nice girl. You will love that girl. That
girl will also love you. Then you must remember
one thing though. What’s that?
– You must thank me. Ok. I will thank you,
if that comes true. Bye.
– Bye. When will we meet next?
– We can’t meet for two days. Why? Will you go in search of a
girl? – No, I need to practice. Ok, I will pray for your victory. ‘Balu, pick up the phone.’ ‘Balu, pick up the phone.’ ‘Balu, pick up the phone.’ Sorry. I shouldn’t have
done what I did with you. But it turned out to be a blessing
in disguise. I’m happy. Where are you going?
– I love Anjali. I am going there to propose her. Along with BP and sugar, you
got mental problems as well. What could’ve been solved
with a small chat.. …you brought it till murder.
– Oh God! That’s not the thing. It has become a habit to the
kids of this generation.. …to bowl at the rich girls.
That’s why I got him.. …bashed up and hit a sixer. You would’ve known it if something
had happened to him. In today’s times you should
deal each and every thing.. …In a different manner. If you had given him the
dose that suited him.. …he would’ve never looked
at our girl again. Hello! Hello! Who are you?
– You stay quiet. Where are you going? Why aren’t
you listening to me? That’s the boy. You deal with him. Hey, where are you going?
– I thought you were.. …In the middle of some discussion.
I’m going for Anjali. You can come to this house for
Anjali to bring her shoes.. …or her nail-polish, but
you are not big enough.. …to come for my daughter. My foolish uncle, I have already
crossed the stage.. …of giving flying kisses
to your daughter.. …and the time to give her original
kisses have arrived. Erase my daughter from your brain.. …or else you will be eased. My father bashed up and you
reached the railway track. If I bash you up, you will
reach the mortuary. This is my last and final warning. It’s not easy to stop
the sun in the sky.. …and the love in a
young man’s heart. You will burn
if you dare to touch the sun. If you stand in the middle
you will regret it. I loved Anjali. I love her. And I will always love her. Bye, father-in-law.
– O granny! You are pushing me. It’s been half an
hour since he left. You said that you would tear
him apart if he comes here. Where’s Balu?
– He’s not at home. He’s not there at home?
– No, he isn’t. Hey, where are you going?
– What will you do upstairs? Scoundrel, what will you do? You must be wondering why
I touched your feet.. …Instead of shooting you. There’s
no other way for me. Please forget Anjali. Whatever
you saw is not true. My house, my status,
everything is bogus. I bought everything on credit. I was born in a middle-class
family, but I wanted.. …to bring up my motherless
daughter like a princess. I wanted everyone to talk
only about my family. How? By borrowing huge
sums of money.. …I got into lotteries and races. I searched ways for easy money. I took personal loans from
everywhere possible. I used all the money available
in credits cards. I was immersed in debts. No one knows about this,
not even my mother. I who was can’t even
earn a single rupee.. …when I wondering how to
clear the debt in crores.. …I got this millionaire’s match
for my daughter by fortune. I’m still surviving only
because this match. And because of that particular
alliance the creditors.. …has still not started knocking
my door for the money. Balu, if this alliance is
broken I will lose my life. If your love is more
important for you.. …then Anjali will get
her beloved one.. …but she won’t have her father. Hi! What’s the matter?
It seems that you are.. …having a good time alone.
– How can we not enjoy.. …even when such rare moments
in our lives arrive! If you tell me what it is then
I will also share you joy. First of all share the cold drink.
– No, thanks. People will think that we
are running out of money. You drink this one. I will
order another one. Bearer. Sir.
– One more drink. – ok, sir. Now tell me what it is.
– Is it your habit to express.. …your feelings for your
near ones to others? What did I say? A few days ago you told the
inspector that you love me. Yesterday you said that to my daddy. Why don’t you say that to me? I would’ve said that to
you if it was true. I thought that only your
father was fooled.. …but you are also fooled. So that means it was all..
– Yes, joke. Just for fun. That’s all. Flowers don’t take birth in rocks.. …and love can’t take
birth in Balu’s heart. That was just a small prank
to fool you people. To fool my daddy or to fool me? Come on, Anjali. No
one cries on pranks. We must laugh together. I knew it just now that you
can play such a cruel prank.. …on me that can make me cry. “ls the truth hidden
in the silence?” “O love, what happened to you now?” “Has the past forgotten the
boon that it gave us?” “O love, what happened to you now?” “I thought I would
apologize to you.” “But I never knew that I
would hurt you again.” “The times are changing, but
you will never change.” “ls the truth hidden
in the silence?” “O love, what happened to you now?” “The gift of so many
sweet memories.” “The heart can’t stay
away from you now.” “The sky came so close to me..” “..but it went out
of my reach again.” “Are you the beauty in the mirror..” “..or are you the puzzling beauty?” “Don’t stand at the doors.” “Only tears are left in my life.” “Don’t hide in yourself.” “Why don’t you hear my requests?” “Why don’t you listen to me?” “ls the truth hidden
in the silence?” “O love, what happened to you now?” Where are you going?
– I am going to Delhi. My life’s ambition is to be
selected in national team. For that I need practice
and coaching.. There I can..
– Stay away from Anjali, right? Father. Your eyes can lie, but the
tears in your eyes.. …are saying the truth. Anjali’s wedding is taking
place tomorrow morning. That’s why he is leaving. If a millionaire comes to
a middle-class family.. …and leaves without
creating a scene.. He must have done something else. What happened that day? You will have to say it for my sake. You used to come first
in math all the times.. …but your calculations
regarding him are wrong. To separate Anjali and
you he lied to you.. …that he has gone bankrupt. He has got crores of rupees
in our bank account. He should’ve handed you
over a blank check.. …and made you his son-in-law.. …but he turned your life
into a blank paper. Hey, don’t leave him. Go. Go and
play football with him. Go. Go and play football with him.
– Yes, son. Go. Fast. Fast. Hi, uncle! Your face doesn’t look
like a person’s face.. …who has recently gone bankrupt.
You’re a good actor. No one would expect that
you have gone bankrupt. The guests don’t know
about it, do they? You must come to our house, sir. Who are they? The auctioneers? Hey, they are my guests.
– Why are you like that? No, it’s just.. It’s nothing.
– Don’t say that. They will understand that
you have got nothing. Please get in. Hey, I forgot to bring the
holy ash. Bring it fast. Why is he asking for the
holy ash at this time? And the Sai Baba temple
is also not there.. …anywhere around. – You have
got the cigarette. Light it. Two minutes. We are preparing it. Smoke it. Smoke it. Put it here. That’s enough. Open your mouth, uncle.
– What for? I prayed the lord that nothing
should happen till the wedding. What’s this! It tastes
like cigarette ash. You are tensed right now.
That’s the reason.. …It must have tasted like that.
It’s the holy ash. No one should know that my
uncle has gone bankrupt.. I went to the temple for
that and came back. You stay happily. If you
fall in some problem.. …I will take care of that. There are some insensitive
people around. They are least bothered
by others’ sorrows. I am not that sort
of a person, uncle. It looks like your glamour has gone. Go and take rest for a while. Come on. Come on. Come on. Open
it. What’s the delay for? You are really great. You are
hurrying like a minister.. …who came to cut the ribbon.
– A girl and a wine bottle.. …should be opened as
soon as we get it. Or else the freshness will be gone. That’s right for the bottle,
but not regarding a girl. Why?
– It’s.. it’s.. You shouldn’t say such things.
– You must tell me. The thing is that the
girl you are marrying.. …already had an affair
with someone. She had just one affair.
But I had six affairs. Oh God! Grandpa, I loved Balu. I can’t marry anyone other than him. Ever since my childhood you
gave me whatever I wanted. Finally I am asking
you one last thing. I can’t live without Balu. That’s why I am thinking of dying. Balu must perform my last rituals. Please, grandpa. Please
fulfill my wish. You want to die? If
you wanted to die.. …then why did you make
me fall in love with you. It took me so long to
have faith in love. I want you. I want your love. I love you, Anjali. I love you. You asked me what I will
gift you on your wedding. I want to gift you my companionship
all your life. We are getting married tomorrow. And there’s no confusion about it. Uncle. Don’t get tensed, uncle. Anjali was a bit worried and
I gave her some courage. Thank you. Thank you. – Uncle. Uncle.
I need to talk to you.. …for some time.
– What is it? It’s a bit personal.
– It’s alright. Tell me what it is. Remove your hand. It’s your misfortune.
– What! – Water. Tell me what it is. I have
lots of work to do. Uncle, I promised you that I’ll
forget your daughter, didn’t I? Yes, and you won’t go
back on your word. Sorry, uncle. I changed my mind. You couldn’t hear it.
I changed my mind. I knew that you might create
some problem sooner or later. A poor man always desires
for a rich man’s daughter. Tell me how much you want. I
will give you that amount.. …to cast off the evil eye
from my daughter. Tell me. How much wealth do you have? I have 200 crores.
– I want all that money. What!
– Drink some water. You.. – We can buy greeting
cards to express love.. …but you cannot buy love. Don’t try to buy it, you
will become a fool. I am going to kill you.
– Why? What’s the problem? You daughter likes me.
Why don’t you like me? You’re the one who tried
to act and separate us. Controlling love is not as easy
as touching my feet, uncle. We will get married with
or without your approve. You decide if you want to
give your approval or not. How dare you!
– Love gives us the courage. I have got lots of that. I am
saying with that courage. If you approve, the wedding will
take place in your house.. Or else I will elope with your
daughter tonight itself. Confirm. Confirm. ‘I will elope with your daughter
tonight itself. Confirm.’ ‘I will elope with your daughter
tonight itself. Confirm.’ Do you think he will come?
– You are thinking about it. He is just a kid. He said
some cinema dialogues. If he comes here he won’t go back. He will go back. He will
definitely go back. Come on, sir. You are
getting scared of him? You don’t have faith on us? Can he cross us and come inside?
– He will come. Does he the courage
to cross your men? Yes, he has the courage. My daughter is his courage.
Confirm. He will come. Yes, sir. I too fear the same. He will definitely elope with madam. Hey, you! Scoundrel! I am asking if he would
come and he is saying.. …that he will definitely come.
He sat in front of me.. …he showed me the finger
and challenged me. When I asked him if such
a person will come.. …he is threatening
me that he will come. My status is more important
for me than.. …my daughter’s happiness.
My daughter’s love.. …Is pretty small compared
to my reputation. Nothing should go wrong. I won’t
let anything go wrong. He won’t come. He can’t come. He will come, brother. But he won’t go back. Come here. Come here. He will come? ok, let
him come. Let him come. Hey, no one can sleep. Sir, it seems that you
are feeling drowsy. Would you like to take a few pegs?
– Hey! Get some tea for everyone.
It must be strong. Strong.
– Alright. Is Anjali sleeping? Hey, come here.
– Sir. Did you have the tea?
– Yes, I did. Stay here. Don’t open the door. If you have any doubts you
can open it and see. Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
– Hello, uncle! What’s the matter your voice
sounds a bit dull! Didn’t you sleep all night? Alright. So what did you decide?
– Today my daughter is.. …getting married to the groom
of my choice. Confirm it. That’s what I don’t like.
How can she get married.. …when the groom is missing! You have too much tension
and too little brain. You should check everything.
– What did you say! You had six affairs? I’ll
kill you, scoundrel. Where is my son?
– What’s going on over here? File a police report first.
– I will take care of everything. Have faith in me. Don’t leave him. Kill
him and his friends. You too go with him. Get down. Stop there. Hello!
– Sir. – What happened? We got the groom in Margencheru. Kill Balu wherever you get him. Excuse me. We got a complaint
that you kidnapped.. …a boy called Balu.
– Kidnap? Me? Who filed the complaint?
– Balu’s parents. You must come to the station once. Sorry. I need to talk to my lawyer. You can talk to anyone you wish.. …after coming to the station.
Come on. – Let’s go. Father, Anjali..
– I will take care of her. You solve that matter first.
– Take care. I will be back. Anjali. She lost her mother
at a very young age. We brought her up till now without
her missing her mother. From now onwards you will
have to look after her.. …without she missing us.
– I will treat her like my life. Granny. Your father always used to
search matches for you.. …In America and Australia, my
eyes always used to search.. …for the joker in the cards-game. But I never understood
what is there.. …In my granddaughter’s mind. Grandpa. Look, son. Once I made a
mistake by getting you.. …beaten up by my men. Now I
can’t do one more mistake.. …by stopping both of you. Go away. Go to a place where your
love would be understood. Uncle.
– Yes. Uncle, Anjali is eloping
away with him. They can’t escape. Hey, stop there. Leave him. Balu! Leave me. Balu. Balu. Kill him. Kill him. Balu. He shouldn’t stay alive. Burn him down. Balu. Balu. Burn him down. Leave me. Don’t hurt Anjali. If you move I will kill her.
Don’t come closer. I will kill you.
– Don’t come closer. I will kill you.
– Don’t come closer. I am warning you. No. For this guy.. You touched my feet and
begged me for this guy? See this. See this properly. What’s that look! Are
you feeling angry? You feel like killing me? Then how would I have felt
when you cheated me! Won’t I feel bad? I felt bad. That’s why I cheated you and
eloped with your daughter. What will you do now? Will
you kill me? Come, kill me. Don’t you think about anything
other than saying a blunt no.. …to the people in love? You give birth to children,
bring them up.. …get them married and kick them
out. That’s all. That’s all. You reputation. Damn
your reputation. Don’t see with those eyes. You
won’t find love anywhere. See with your heart. You will
find love everywhere. Look how bad your selection is. She had only one affair,
but I had six affairs. I am wondering how much
I will get dowry. Anjali is mine. That’s why
I am taking her with me. Stop her if you can. Uncle, I held her at
the time you fixed. Bad luck. You missed it. ok,
don’t miss it this time. They are saying that tonight 10:30.. …Is a very auspicious moment. On your terrace, under
the moonlight.. …we will celebrate our
wedding-night. It’ll be superb. Go and look after the
arrangements. Bye. Uncle, I won’t accept it. Oh! Hello!
– Yes. – Father, tonight at 10:30.. …will there be moonlight?
– Yes, son. Why? Take the bed from my room
and put it on the terrace. What for?
– For the wedding night.

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