GOJ Looking into Options to Restrict Public Movement – March 9 2020

GOJ Looking into Options to Restrict Public Movement – March 9 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom the
government could resort to the emergency paws act to restrict movement in the
event that jamaica is hit with an outbreak of the corona virus well that
suggestion from attorney-at-law Peter champagne II it comes as more countries
report cases of the disease according to mr. champagne II a state of emergency is
an option open to the government to stem a possible upsurge in cases of corona
virus in jamaica it empowers the authorities to as a result of the
occurrence of any earthquake hurricane flood fire outbreak of pestilence
outbreak of infectious diseases or any other calamity whether in a similar
nature and that is to be found in the emergency Powers Act and so that is why
I say that it is possible for the government to look in that direction of
course being mindful always of the provisions of the Constitution in terms
of freedom of movement however mr. champagne is concerned that a state of
emergency might not be fully effective in tackling an outbreak of corona virus
because because of its frequent use to reduce crime that is one of the
negatives if I may say in relation to the frequency with which the set of
emergencies applied you apply it so often that it really is not having the
effect you reach a point of diminishing returns in all regard in terms of the
fundamental importance of it and all of that so I appreciate the point that
you’re making and it is a real concern in the meantime the Jamaica employers
Federation says there’s no uniform policy for it’s approximately three
hundred and forty members to deal with the disruption in the workforce should
the corona virus reach Jamaica the number of worldwide patients who have
tested positive for the corona virus is now above 100,000 as states in the
United States announced new cases every day president of the Jamaica Employees
Federation David Juan says each company will decide how long staff
will stay home if there’s a local outbreak what you’ll find is that each
company has its own policy and will decide how long and if it stops work if
the virus is Jamaica if you a company has a person or persons who have been
confirmed with the virus I suspect you see a longer stoppage or
longer mandate for people to work at home versus one that has no cases of the
virus they would probably be guided by the Ministry of Health are there
authorities in terms of a recommended period of closure but there’s no uniform
policies governing how companies are gonna react to this impending virus if
it gets here I hope it’ll get here and the US president Donald Trump has
promised millions more coronavirus tests will hit healthcare facilities in the
United States it comes as the US has recorded at least 539 cases across 34
states more from the CNN President Trump toured the CDC earlier this afternoon to
talk more about the corona virus test kits this as the virus continues to
spread throughout the country president Trump promising more
coronavirus tests are coming for health care facilities across America during
his visit to the CDC Friday after tests were air-dropped to the Grand Princess
cruise ship sitting off the California coast 21 individuals on of the Grand
Princess tested positive among those were 19 crew members and two passengers
the big monster ship that’s out there right now which you know again that’s a
big decision I want to bring all those people on
people would like me to do that I don’t like the vice-president pets and the
coronavirus task force say they have a plan to bring all the people off the
ship this weekend to bring the ship into a non commercial port all passengers and
crew will be tested for the coronavirus those that need to be quarantined will
be quarantined the Americans are mostly Americans and we have to take care of
Americans still in the United States the New York state governor in an update on
Monday said there were 142 confirmed kovaydin 19 cases in his state but he
says that the panic being created around it must end 142 cases of force New York well puts New York actually ahead of
Washington they just updated these numbers California 111 Massachusetts at
28 and you can see the other New York the other international cases context
all these numbers what does it mean what does it mean what does it mean all day
long I have people calling me up and saying here all these numbers what does
it mean it means you find the positives you reduce the spread what is the bottom
line what does this mean people are reacting like this is the Ebola virus
this is not the Ebola virus this hysteria that you see this fear that you
see the panic that you see is unwarranted we have dealt with worse
viruses this spreads like the flu but most people will have it and they get on
with their lives many people have it and not know that they have it on to other
news no the row involving the Edna Mandy College for the visual and performing
arts and the principal doctor nikoline de Grasse Johnson has now reached to the
Supreme Court dr. deGrasse Tyson has been granted leave to apply for judicial
review to quash the decisions of the Personnel Committee hearing her case and
to compel the university to return her to the substantive post of principal dr.
grass Johnson has been on leaves since August last year on the instruction of
the school board the principal was suspended amid the probe into sexual
harassment allegations at the tertiary institution
this caused opera to the University as many felt she was being made a scapegoat
and the spotlight should be elsewhere dr. deGrasse Tyson through her attorney
Andre Earle filed the application naming members of the Personnel Committee as
well as the Board Chairman as respondents according to court records
seen by our News Center the respondents were absent from the
proceedings which took place recently the court subsequently ruled that the
grant of a leaf for judicial review will act as a stay in all disciplinary
proceedings against dr. deGrasse Hanson in an interview with our News Center mr.
Earle explained the reasons for the legal challenge and we now take a break
on the midday news but we’ll be right back please stay with us welcome back continuing the news now
there is another call this afternoon for more partnerships to help reduce crime
and unemployment it came from president of the private sector organization of
Jamaica Keith Duncan who was speaking this weekend at Expo 2020 hosted by the
Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce we are paying the price for not having run a
good economy that price bad roads poor infrastructure and inadequate
investments in national security crime and social intervention programs but
despite that PSO J President Keith Duncan says the country has
significantly improved its macroeconomic standing a step in the right direction
our debt to GDP is down from a hundred forty percent about eight years ago
don’t to about a little over ninety percent no definitely moving in the
right direction we ought net international reserves are over three
billion dollars we’re more hot we have more than adequate reserves interest
rates are at their lowest levels ever inflation is low and stable unemployment
is at 7.2 percent mr. Duncan says however crime still needs more attention
as it significantly impacts the country’s low gross domestic product GDP
and overall productivity where are three times the Latin American and Caribbean
average and eight times the world average in terms of murder rate but this
has been here for at least 20 years there is another issue the need to
strengthen the country’s human resource out of the 1.9 million persons in the
workforce 700,000 persons are not employed or are somehow unattached of
that 1.25 million who are employed right 64% are not certified so 800,000 people
of the 1.2 million people are on certified on certified workers
mr. Duncan says the only way to solve these issues is through partnerships and
increased investments he says the PSO J is committed to working with the
government and all the stakeholders to help solve these issues machine masters
TV genius residents in Mount Olivet and the Mount Pleasant in st. Anne are up in
arms this afternoon over the treatment of their communities by their elected
representative they do all the TVJ news that for almost 40 years their community
has been left in the proverbial wilderness the residents say the roads
leading to their community have been in a deplorable state for prolonged period feel bad about the community because the
community at the end the world normally exists has only approved me no no no
who does there be I in the world we only get promises promises promises boat Road
no not at all another resident to join Rose said the
poor state of the road would pose a huge problem in the event of an emergency condition that if there was secured to
lost the doctor its I will meet and it will mean ruin maybe that person died
they can take this long everlasting time on you have to be careful otherwise you
can inhibit to me Jeremy I’ve done some of the Saints and all these kind of
things hence they’re calling for their elected
representative to carry out some much-needed repair we want action Oh
from government our parish counselor whomever is in charge because somebody
must be in charge of this road this is because this is an approve subdivision
so it could be that the subdivision is approve and everybody’s disapprove on
the heels of International Women’s Day one medical practitioner is zooming in
on young girls gynecologist dr. Carson Harley is urging parents to do their
part in educating young girls about the changes their bodies on the go dr. Haley
insists that it’s important to have these conversations with them we tend to think of it as a taboo topic
because yes because I think it’s it’s a number of things you know you’re trying
to preserve their innocence at the same time while trying to find that balance
and then sometimes some parents because they never had that talk they don’t know
how to give that up so it’s important for us as much stakeholders as possible
in the healthcare sector in the education sector to talk to our children
about their bodies and about sex so they can you know practice a healthy
lifestyle from early dr. Harley says having a good parent-child relationship
can help to reduce bad hygiene practices that could lead to serious health
problems in the future she explains that once a child starts to develop a medical
examination should be done young girl is having issues just before the period or
the period bring enter doctors start them getting their checkups from early
the problem is the Internet’s can give you no false information a lot of us
information I do see a lot of adults coming into my office that really they
will see things on you know the Google it and and information is very erroneous
and sometimes it can cause you to do the wrong things you know or practice
unhealthy habits thinking that it’s healthy news from the region no a
massive fire at the George Stone dump in the Cayman Islands has forced the
government to close several schools and evacuate persons living in residential
areas this morning the Cayman government announced that John Gorrie hi Georgetown
premier and Cayman international schools will all be closed to students due to
the excessive smoke in the area from the massive fire at the Georgetown dump as
the blaze raged across the landfill the civil service also said it will operate
a relaxed attendance policy for parents whose children attend schools that are
closed and the elections office is also closed early this morning government
officials said weather conditions were adding to the challenge for the more
than two dozen firefighters as well as environmental health staff that were
battling to contain the blaze some residential areas around the dump or
vacua today last night and this morning and shelters at the Red Cross and at
Jean Grey were opened sports no Garfield Gordon and Rita Martin ran away with a
Katherine peek Melbourne Cricket Club 5k titles as a sixth staging on Sunday over
1,000 runners and walkers set off in pursuit of top honours which marked the
128 year-old club an early morning drizzle plus overcast conditions made
the race tailor-made for quick times and Gordon did not disappoint
recording the fastest time ever for the event stopping the clock at 15 minutes
twenty six point eight seven seconds Kurt Brown was second in 16 minutes
twenty five point two four seconds and came our Leslie third in 17 minutes 0.7
seconds well it was a good one because from the ear start this is my fastest 5k
because I’ve been training hard since February so it’s a good run without good
feelings come over I’m running this 5k for the first time I’m getting the first
place it’s a good feeling Martin ran away from the other runners
in what was a one-woman race from the halfway point recording a comfortable
win in another course record 20 minutes forty five point seven three seconds
Amanda Blake was second in 21 minutes forty nine point six five seconds with
Lauryn Lane third in 22 minutes 36 my first time competing at the Melbourne 5k
I’m happy to be here I know it stores already cars so I’m always up for that
so I’m just happy to be here and happy to come out on top
proceeds from the event will go towards the sickle cell unit and Special
Olympics club president mark Nita was grateful for the support people come to
this event year after year to support it because of the entertainment and all
that this event has to offer and we are really hoping at the end of it that we
can give Special Olympics and sickle-cell a significant donation and
that’s the midday news and fashion brown join us at 7:00 for prime time news
package no later on during primetime news will release our final results in
the rgr Gleaner Don Anderson polls on party standing so please join us for
that on behalf of the new sports and production teams I’m fashion Brown good
afternoon you

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