Goldberg Returns To Smackdown! Goldberg Returns To Face Roman Reigns At WWE Super Showdown? WWE News

Goldberg Returns To Smackdown! Goldberg Returns To Face Roman Reigns At WWE Super Showdown? WWE News

Here is your news for
February 4, 2020. We’re starting off with some big
news from RAW, as Brock
Lesnar finally has someone to face at Super Showdown in
Saudi Arabia on February 27th. During this week’s RAW, the
WWE booked a unique triple
threat match to determine Lesnar’s next challenger
between Seth Rollins, Bobby
Lashley and Ricochet. After the interfering AOP and
Buddy Murphy were met by
Kevin Owens and erik of the viking raiders the match quickly
got out of hand, though it was
Ricochet who got the abrupt victory, pinning Lashley following
a 630 Senton. Mere moments after the bell rung,
Lesnar struck, laying waste to his
new challenge with an F5, and with WrestleMania
around the corner, many are
speculating on whether Ricochet has an actual
chance against the Beast in
Riyadh. Despite the attack by Lesnar, this
past week has been good for
Ricochet, who not only became the number one
contender, but also had some
high praise, as he was called the next Rey Mysterio by the
man himself. In a tweet, the former US
Champion responded, saying
he was pleased but kept things humble. He said: “This is truly amazing to watch.
But let me be the first to say
that there will NEVER be another Rey Mysterio. All I can do is try to continue to
inspire the next generation of guys and girls that want to be
wrestlers like he did for me and countless others. #Booyaka.” Time will tell how far Ricochet
goes in his career, but it’s clear that there are plenty of people
backstage who are high on the highflyer. Also, on this week’s RAW, a
promo aired announcing that Goldberg will appear on this
week’s SmackDown on FOX, the first TV appearance of the former
Universal Champion since his Summerslam victory over
Dolph Ziggler. After defeating the Show-Off with
ease in August, the rumor is that Goldberg will face Matt
Riddle at Super Showdown, and this week will be the Hall
of Famer’s first blue-brand appearance since before his
Super Showdown 2019 match against The Undertaker. Fans will remember that that
match was heavily criticized by fans, and especially Riddle, as
the pair of legends performed multiple botches and Goldberg
suffered a concussion and it looks like the pair may finally
be settling their score in the ring, in just a few weeks. “if he doesn’t face Matt Riddle, the former WCW Champion may take on Roman Reigns, after the Big Dog took a recent shot at Goldberg” ring, in just a few weeks. From SmackDown to NXT now,
as the NXT Champion Rhea Ripley made her presence felt
on last night’s edition of RAW. Stepping up to the Women’s
2020 Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Fair, Ripley dared her
to challenge for the NXT gold at WrestleMania, though the
Queen could opt for either the RAW or SmackDown women’s
titles instead. In her promo, Flair reminded
people that she’s beaten both Bayley and Becky lynch, though
Ripley was quick to point out that though Flair hasn’t
beaten her, the Australian
holds a victory over the Queen, pinning
her in triple threat action on the SmackDown before Survivor
Series last year. Rather than a yes or no
response, Flair muttered out a Woooo before walking away,
though it was later announced that Charlotte will be coming to
Full Sail this Wednesday to respond to Ripley. As of now, the match between
Charlotte and Ripley hasn’t been made official for Wrestle
Mania, but that could all change by the end of this week. One woman who knows all about
WrestleMania is Ronda Rousey, who worked a full-time
schedule with WWE, including a European Tour, but
isn’t sure whether she could
do it again. While speaking to Steve-O of
Jackass fame, as she gave him a tour or Browsey Acres, the former
RAW Women’s Champion spoke candidly about her career
and future, and also spoke about wanting to start a family.
She said: “I did completely full-time for a
year. All of the TV and as many live shows as I could. I
probably worked 200 days out of the year. Most people do way
more. Most people have live shows throughout the week,
then go and do TV, then get to be home for a day and a half,
then do it again. It’s non-stop. It was so much time away from
my family that I couldn’t do it sustainably. Me and Travis
Browne want to have babies and if I’m gone 200 days a year
taking powerbombs every night,I don’t think that’s conducive for
conception. We wanted to take time and make us a priority.
I don’t know when I’m gonna go back. I know I want to,
but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it in that capacity again.
I couldn’t put my family through that again.” The important thing to take away
from this is that Rousey does want to come back, though
that may be easier said than done given her contract. Despite NXT Champion Rhea
Ripley teasing wanting to fight Charlotte or Rousey last week,
a report by the Observer has indicated that the WWE still
want a singles Flair Vs. Rousey match for the show of shows,
which was the plan before Becky Lynch got over as
The Man. With the same report saying
that the former RAW Women’s Champion won’t be a part of
this year’s show, it seems both Flair and Ripley will have to wait
until WrestleMania 37 to get their hands on the Hot Rod,
and 2021 is also the year that Rousey’s WWE contract is
set to expire. We’re going back in time to
last week’s RAW now, as,
after a miraculous return to the ring
at the Royal Rumble, Edge was laid out in a vicious attack
by Randy Orton. In a video report from WWE Now,
a member of Edge’s family said that the Rated-R Superstar
has begun the healing process, and that several tests
have been run to make sure his neck hasn’t been further
damaged. There’s currently no timeline
on when Edge will next appear on RAW, as speculation grows
that the Hall of Famer will face the Viper at WrestleMania 36. One person who fans may not
see at WrestleMania is AJ Styles, as in the first official
statement about the matter, WWE confirmed that the
Phenomenal One suffered a shoulder injury at the Royal
Rumble. Selling a spear by Edge in the
men’s Rumble match, Styles immediately communicated to
ringside officials and Edge that he was hurt, prompting the
Rated-R Superstar to
eliminate him. With WWE saying that Styles is
“recovering way ahead of doctors projections,” the former
WWE Champion has said he hopes to back by Wrestle
Mania, though we’re not quite sure how he can be way ahead
of projections, just one week after the injury took place. Even if AJ did return, he’d have
little time and currently no opponent for the show, so it’d
be difficult to get invested in his match, and he’s not the
only star that is hurt. The Pro-Wrestling Sheet
reports that Kalisto reportedly suffered a separated shoulder
at a Live event in December at the Staples Center, saying: “According to sources, the
Lucha House Party member suffered a shoulder separation
that does not require surgery at this time. It’s unclear, however,
how long he’ll be unable to wrestle.” The exact location and time of
the injury wasn’t confirmed, but it is believed he’s been
injured that long. It is confirmed that he is injured. With Kalisto signing a new deal
with the WWE, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with
the former US Champion when he eventually makes his
return to the ring. Another person who much like
Styles, didn’t have a good time at the Royal Rumble, is Asuka,
but the Empress of Tomorrow isn’t letting her loss to RAW
Women’s Champion Becky Lynch hold her back. After defeating Natalya on this
week’s show, the Kabuki Warrior challenge Lynch once
more, and The Man quickly accepted, saying that it was
fun enough beating her at the Royal Rumble and that she’d
love to do it again. Fans won’t have to wait long to
see the two face off as it will take place next week on RAW. Now, we all know that WWE has
suspended Andrade for failing the company’s Wellness
Policy test, and it appears that Samoa Joe may be next to be
punished. During RAW, Wrestle Votes
tweeted out that it appears more policy tests were coming back
positive for violations and hinted that a Southern California
wrestler, where Joe is from was the subject of these tests. This was followed by a picture
of Joe looking rather ticked off as he’s checking his cellphone,
and though no statement has been made confirming a
Wellness violation, this news may come out in a matter of days. From RAW to SmackDown now,
and Roman Reigns has been a dominant force on the blue
brand since being drafted, and it now looks like the Big Dog is
ready to once again hunt for the Universal title. Despite being the last man
eliminated at the Royal Rumble, Reigns was quick to praise Drew
McIntyre when he spoke to Matt Camp at Super Bowl night
but made his own plans clear.
He said: “Well I mean, you gotta give a
lot of respect to Drew, he capitalized, it was a pretty clutch
performance on his behalf, but he chose Brock. So that
leaves an opening for the Universal Championship, so
I think that’s going to make SmackDown on Friday nights
very interesting.” Despite the setback at the
Rumble, reports suggest
that it will be Reigns Vs. The Fiend at
WrestleMania, as after a
year and a half away from the title picture,
the Big Dog may soon get the gold back. More news from the Royal
Rumble, as though he was reported to be in the men’s
Rumble match, Cain Velasquez didn’t appear, and from later
reports, wasn’t even at Minute Maid Park. One man who has followed
Cain’s transition to WWE
closely is Rey Mysterio, who recently
praised the former UFC fighter while speaking to Wrestling
Inc. He said: “He’s another guy that I think is
gonna shock the world when he takes this on full time. I know
he’s been away right now for a minute, but once he sets
foot back in that ring, he loves that lucha libre style, and he’s
very agile for his size. I think he’s gonna be a great one
in the ring.” Currently out with some knee
issues, Velasquez was reportedly considering Stem
Cell Therapy so he could avoid surgery, but for now, there’s
no return date for Cardio Cain, so don’t expect him at
WrestleMania. Now, we all know that there are
plenty of dream matches in wrestling, and for one reason
or another, most never seem
to happen. Though fans have clamored for
Sting Vs. The Undertaker for years, there was a point where
the former WCW World Champion did nearly join WWE
in 2005, to battle The Rock at WrestleMania 21. Speaking on his Grillin’ JR
podcast, the legendary
announcer said that the WWE had tried to
sign Sting ever since WCW closed down, and that the
Brahma Bull was confident he could get a great match out of
the face-painted Superstar. Ultimately, the match never
happened, as Sting would sign with TNA before joining WWE
in 2014, and though he too was rumored to be at the Royal
Rumble, an appearance by the Hall of Famer never happened. Now, we hear at Slat Rock very
rarely get political, but sometimes, something happens
that everyone in the world wants to address. Following the victory of the
Kansas City Chiefs at the Superbowl, President Trump
sent out his congratulations out to the team, saying they
represented the state of Kansas, blissfully unaware that the
Chiefs are actually from Kansas City, Missouri. Though the President and his
PR team quickly tried to fix his blunder, the internet didn’t let
him get away with this one, and Kayla Braxton said: “Look, I’m not the smartest or
brightest crayon in the box, okay I’m one of the brightest
crayons in the boxes, but let’s not talk about me, let’s talk
about you. What state is Kansas City in? God help our country.” Though WWE usually stays out
of politics, even cutting down Daniel Bryan’s eco-friendly
character, citing that the environment is a political issue,
it seems Braxton wasn’t afraid to make her voice
heard on this instance. And we’re ending today with
the results from Monday Night RAW, as the road to Super Show
down and WrestleMania 36
continues. In the show’s opener, Randy
Orton refused to explain last week’s actions against Edge,
whilst Liv Morgan finally got revenge and a victory over
her ex Lana. This victory was short-lived
though, as moments after the match, Ruby Riott returned,
and though the tattooed Superstar feigned
congratulating Morgan,
she instead suckered her in for an attack. The new Liv Morgan clearly
doesn’t have any problem
making enemies, as yet again, a blast
from her past has caused
issues for the young Superstar. Drew McIntyre kept his
momentum going with a
quick non- title victory over 24/7 Champion
Mojo Rawley, whilst Buddy Murphy and the AOP defeated
Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders in six-man tag team
elimination action. After Aleister Black defeated
Eric Young, fans in Salt
Lake City saw the RAW debut of Angel
Garza, who had Zelina Vega
by his side. Attacking his own cousin
Humberto Carillo as
payback for what Carillo did to Andrade last
week, this all built to a match between the former NXT
Cruiserweight Champion
and Rey Mysterio, which ended in a
Disqualification when
Garza hit the Hammerlock DDT to the
exposed concrete. After Rhea Ripley confronted
Charlotte Flair and the rematch was made for Becky Lynch Vs
Asuka, it was time for the main event between Ricochet, Seth
Rollins and Bobby Lashley, and though Ricochet now has a
chance to make history in
Riyadh, his path to the WWE Champion
ship will see him collide with The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

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