Golpes de Badminton (Badminton strokes) (बैडमिंटन स्ट्रोक)

Badminton strokes. Then we will see a different strokes. Let’s start with the kick right. The kick right behind him carry it out with semi-flexed arm and with the other hand we hold the shuttlecock ahead to hip height. As you can see in the video, the arm movement is top-down-up, finishing on the opposite shoulder blade. The beginning of the movement, the weight must be on the back leg and end of the movement in the front leg. And here we see then as we drop the shuttlecock and hit up-down-up, the shuttlecock falls on background court that is our intention. If we wanted to do near the net, we would hit weaker. Backhand kick. Backhand grip, is a quarter turn of the racket, the thumb on the wide part of the handle, the grip. The shuttlecock can not exceed the height of the hip, and the blow is a thud we make the shuttlecock. At the beginning and end of the movement, the weight is on the front leg, in my case, in the right leg, because I’m right-handed. And the head of the racket going to my left, the left leg is forward, sorry, this backward and we have more movement path of the racket. This serve is usually always short, but you can also do long to mislead or tense. Here we see how the trajectory of the shot, we will see the Clear, Drop, Lob and Drop Net. We started by Clear. We started half court and make two steps, armed racket in the back, elbow high and just movement in the opposite leg, back-up-down, in a lateral position with the left hand and pointing to the shuttlecock. As we hit back to the starting position that is half court. Two steps back, beating the shuttlecock it is carried over the head with the racket perpendicular to the ground. Important, that the shuttlecock comes up and the ed of the court. If we hit the front, we would do a smash, if hit behind our head, would not arrive until the other court. Here we see how we are two steps, prepare back and hit up. The start of the movement, the weight back and end of movement, weight on. For there to be a change in weight and have to do with her arm so hard. And that helps us again to regain the starting position, which is the courts centre. That is, we see it from different angles. Always hitting up and see how the shuttlecock drops to the end of the court. The Drop. It is a blow like but hit the shuttlecock a little is done later, and what I do is threaten the clear, but the wheel will fall near the net, it is like a kind of smash but without going strong. The same, armed racket in the back, elbow high, and the movement ends in the opposite leg. In lateral position, with the left hand pointing to the wheel and start the movement, weight back and end of the movement, weight forward. As I said, beating the shuttlecock a little is done in front of the body and reach the speed we stop beating racket, so that the shuttlecock remains dead near the net. The Lob. If we remember the kick right we have done before, this coup is very similar, and it is to take the defense behind. There are right and backhand. The right foot backwards and semi-flexed always advance is the racket in my case. Two small steps forward, that is. The semi-flexed arm, and movement back-down-up-forward. And then we send the opponent thoroughly court. As I say, the other variant is as if a corner to take you right back of the court. Drop Net is like the typical drop shot. We will now see the sequence. Two small steps and what I do is, with a handle, will depend on whether we forehand or backhand and wrist movement is practically not just use his arm. And what we do is leave her dead on the other side of the net. Hit to end the right foot forward and semi-flexed. The long arm parallel to the floor to shoulder height, to prevent much lift the shuttlecock or do not get to spend the shuttlecock to the net. Here we see how the shuttlecock always stays near. Any doubt guys, you only have to write or anything and I hope you liked it.

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