Good Games for Free – Naut (AKA Hearing the Good News)

Good Games for Free – Naut (AKA Hearing the Good News)

all right there welcome back good games for free we’re starting a new series today called
good games for free inch in which we look for free games for offer download
online and play them and test them out and see if they’re any good or not I got inspired by this by a list i saw
and read it awhile ago of good indie games you can download for free right
now and I’ve always wanted to try these games out and it seems like a perfect
opportunity to do so so let’s go ahead and start this is not
uh a artistically visually see visual spectacle I believe that’s what the description
set it’s a very short game so this should not take those too long oh wow that’s weird why is the screen
like that I’ve never seen a widescreen format like
that ok so this moves this runs I kind of walked a little
slowly that’s my running cycle by the way and that’s look that’s the exact
almost exactly is walking are all right so what’s the objective in this game wait who are you can I talk to you I guess not what’s this a car drive oh ok yeah i can take this so ok let’s see if I can handle this
beast who she’s a slippery one oh man ok so where are we driving – I’ll
come on is this how the actual terrain is on
Mars oh by the way we’re on Mars this ad this game is set on Mars oh wow yeah i don’t think i can turn very well
with this do what dear sweet fucking christ what’s going
on what it told that I just getting my son
what did you get I I say house and distant we’re going to
it I don’t like this this is that she’s starting to freak me
out a little bit oh and this is allowed by God this is loud there I’m know why do that I didn’t mean to do that give me back to
my car wait there’s another car over there I
think it’s just a car about that house up there Jesus ok no well what are we doing all
right no screw that let’s just go to the house she’s of beasts but there’s no beasts I
can’t tame stop stop stop doing that stop it yeah
hey girl hey girl all right yeah what actual bugs I should use the be room in this place
where is it already what’s going on I should use the broom okay you can’t go
up there just automatically does that for you but
this is so trippy hunts I’m freaking the fuck out let’s just get to our current get the
hell away from here sit no don’t sit this isn’t a scenic route this is hell I think where and how oh my gosh are we know oh great that’s
just what we needed oh no my broom motherfucker Wow sup come on a little bit faster a little bit
faster I like the way this place looks but the
game pls weird oh no there is a hole in my trousers
what this is a baby from the end of two
thousand one I think it is what the hell are you
doing here baby Oh No now the cameras are looped ok area these controls they don’t work as
intended ok yup let’s get the hell away from here the skies turning red oh no vampires are
coming you know those famous Martian vampires Jesus stuff just pops out of nowhere I’ll come on whatever hit their us a little hill of
sand yeah that makes so much sense what I
can’t see anything oh just flip it right damn it where it go Wow not there dumbass ghost ghost ghost
ghost ghost go I’m not even sure where we were heading another one really no don’t miss the
whole suite all right now No dajin were dodging left right zigzag
zigzag zigzag damn you zigzag yup ah stop sitting in the back what would
you give me that option that’s just annoying the that actually looks like a nice
house I hope nice people live there not that
crazy as 2001 space on baby never mind no sir have you heard about Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ uh cool story bro no just keep hitting stuff that’s what
we want just hit more stuff I’m sorry we missed
that one here left how come on more babies now hello sir would you like to join the
Columbia Movie Club fish bones in this place fishbones that’s wrong k you have issues
and issues the Columbia Movie Club can’t really fix sorry great now we’re adding and like me to
the max is just a part of a cluster fuck isn’t it really i don’t even hit anything oh I
hit that little tiny thing down there . that that that that that the car goes
crazy when you hold left why do you hold left when you hold on
the car does a full one hand stand when you hit left all the merry way I can’t see shit I can’t see shit oh now good I thought I was going to miss that
one what I want to miss anything in this
world you know because that’s not annoying hitting every little thing that
never gets knowing god damn it i was wrong that is so annoying that the fuck no no no no no stop it’s actually stuck I’ll come on it’s so far away god damn it I’m a pretty ballerina oui oui Harriet proposed a oh wow that’s so far away for you by phone from i’m about to fuck
up your house son hello Sarah have you heard the good news
of our lord and savior king Xenu I’ve seen some weird things inside to go
mine there is gold in these mines wait gold mine there’s a gold – which
that’s nice but where the hell is your car there is no car so i think that we’re
going to stop here there’s no reason to keep going this
place is just too weird I don’t really understand what the
objective is how do you guys play yourself you know download this put the download down
description you guys want to play yourself so yeah
this has been our new series good games to play go ahead in a like comment subscribe
share this video I’ll see you guys later good games for free peace

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  1. Awesome video man! I just subscribed, could you do the same? Also, when I release my game would you include it in your series?

  2. Trippy game! Cool video!

  3. nice video man, this is an interesting series.

  4. Nice original series man! I would love to see this grow! 🙂

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