Goosebumps HorrorLand All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Wii)

Goosebumps HorrorLand All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Wii)

who is it hello hey wait hey who are you what’s this admit one to the grand
opening of horror line when nightmares come to life
whatever hey you are so not gonna believe this
double whoa you’ve got one to HorrorLand the world’s greatest horror themed
amusement park can you believe it it’s a dream you mean nightmare right whatever
we have to go now mom can you get us a ride to HorrorLand Wow tickets please what are you supposed to
be some kind of swamp monster I’m a horror as in horror land great costume
thanks to you looks like you’re in welcome to HorrorLand where your
nightmares come to life here are some tokens to get you started
check the informations eye next to a ride to see how much it costs and
whatever happens don’t forget to have fun
Harlan here we come hey I thought I told you to take this
down or reform that’s much better looks like you made the fright
restriction no more kiddie ride maybe we should head back to calamity Kim are you
kidding don’t freak out on me hey wait up is so big it’s all plastic I bought
your blood that was too close
I can’t believe you were trapped on that run I knew someone would rescue me there
are some nice people even more what’s up with this place I can’t tell what’s real
right there and over the girl great form
now where are we supposed to go I know a hiding place the curse carat in vampire
village meet me there wait who are you I’m teaching of course huh ah gotcha
what happened to you where have you been the coffin is my religious secrets why
this place just keeps getting better and better one horror mask be careful with it it’s
my last one we’ll go ahead try it on what’s this man it almost feels like yes
how do I look very lifelike hey what’s happening oh oh nice costume stop right there
I know who you are impostor just as I expected and where do you think you’re
going I’m getting out of HorrorLand this place is nuts don’t make me laugh
you’re evil this whole place is evil what’s so bad about that you came here
to be scared right to see your nightmares come to life
you look dandy as a fluffy little baby bunny don’t you think hey my duck terrific oh I got it I got
another piece of the ticket on quick send hell are you thinking it with
that yes join us struggle down all confusing founders I’m so sick of HorrorLand we have a winner you have found an
awesome pieces of your whore wife nigga and are free to go yes free to go to the
next ride visible ride in all of our land the ride even the word whole vibe
the heart stopping what breaking down but a thrill a minute until you just
can’t take it anymore starting done and we do mean circus no
one makes it out alive congratulations you’ve made it all the
way to the end how do you feel is that a trick question
silence it’s your last ride don’t forget to have fun now that was awesome that but you know
what I don’t think this is a real amusement park at all huh are you okay
cheating I I’m happy Oh No
you’re the great guard Quechua

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  1. ”`”°•. `”°••°*”` .•°*”`”*°•.
    •°*”`.•°*”`✿ like ❤  `”°•.`”°•.
    .•°*”` .•°*”` .•°*”` `”°•. `”°•. `”*°

  2. Still waits for the ost ro be released.

  3. WTF is this game

  4. wait. THAT'S HOW IT ENDS?! but what about gargantua?how are they gonna stop it? will they even stop it? CAN THEY EVEN STOP IT?!

  5. talk about a major twist

  6. I just got ps2 from my closet and beat this game in 6 hours was so much fun to play again

  7. finally I can get to see the cutscenes of my FAVORITE Goosebumps Video Game.

  8. 6:04 haunted mask reference 😀

  9. I came here to see if the Game Grumps were right about the ending.

  10. awwwww i remember this! i played it with my sister

  11. I really love goosebumps so much it is very good it is so cool

  12. 10:20 wow lucky guess

  13. This was also made for the ds
    I bought it and it was fun
    Then I lost it
    This happened 4 more times

  14. What if you unlock everything?

  15. Boy the glory days

  16. I have the DS version. It's cut scenes are the same but with worse graphics. Goosebumps HorrorLand is actually pretty good.

  17. The ending giant gargatua should have been final boss

  18. I have this game and I went to vampire Village it is really fun

  19. I never was able to choose a girl so I'm so confused

  20. i have it on the wii. the many hours i playd this game are the best of my life.

  21. Top 10 anime games

  22. Not like the book but ok

  23. I remember I got this game for WII back in 2010. I got stuck on the stupid pharaoh golf course, and ever since then I've never seen that game. Until now at least thank you for this 🙂

  24. So the great garantua created horrorland as a death trap basically?

  25. Hey this one is a rip off, I have always gotten a guy. And this one is a girl?

  26. That was such a goosebumps twist

  27. Did you know that I hate goosebumps not because I am scared it is because it is not


  28. Remember if you rescue children from monsters your basically helping Satan escape hell.

  29. Wouldn't the parents notice their kids are missing?

  30. the game was good

  31. You know… I never knew why the heck they added the scene of the swamp monster stealing your burger.
    Sure flavor and all that but…. Seriously? They added so little flavor to the game and suddenly just one flavor scene?

  32. Goosebumps horror land 2?

  33. You missed out a cutscene; the Self-Destruct gag in Mad Labs, by the Face Off Mask Shop


  35. i spent eight years for this lame ending? pshhhhhh

  36. I had this game for the DS and I honest to God lost it; I literally had the cartridge in DS one moment and it was not there afterwards (and those cartridges lock into place so they don't just slip out).

  37. This game and Spyro was my childhood omg the nostalgia

  38. Ml,



  39. Goosebumps monster stories about nightmare comes to life and werewolf in the cave of Greek woods so cool and scary series

  40. The voice acting is….bad….

  41. I wish I had a Wii to play this video game

  42. 5:48 werewolf form fever swamp refrence in the backround
    Btw that Ening was horrific

  43. I loved this game alot

  44. I love that this time the horrors were the good guys also I wish Goosebumps horrorland came out instead of Goosebumps 2

  45. Wow, what bad graphics

  46. Quality voice acting

  47. No joke the female protagonist is Carley from the Walking Dead but as a kid

  48. The lady said no kiddy rides for you sounds like granny game

  49. I feel so old. I remember playing this on the Nintendo DSI and now I'm looking at it again and the graphics were terrible. But man does this bring back memories ??

  50. Tbh hoping slappy would be at the end 🙁

  51. I have this game!!!

  52. 6:58 Didn’t it sound just like Shao Kahn said it in UMK3?.

  53. 5:25 when your little brother/Sister is playing with the toilet paper,and you just ate Taco Bell. If this becomes a meme in this comment section, I started it.

  54. i’m still at terror tombs, it’s been 8+ years

  55. Graphics are lowkey shit but still wish I beat this game

  56. That better be what the 3rd goosebumps movie must be

  57. Goosebumps horrorland DreamWorks blue sky Nickelodeon warner bros Pixar wait Disney Lionsgate MGM Sony pictures tri star cookie jar 4kids triggerfish universal studios Vivendi and treehouse movie video game cutscene

  58. gamegrumps is wack for not finishing this… holy shit that ending.
    the literal apocalypse is gonna unfold because of a damn theme park.

  59. Goosebumps blue sky land game cutscenes

  60. I played this game when I was 5 and this makes me so happy to see

  61. I remember beating this game on ds back in the day in late elementary maybe very early middle school, it was actually pretty good imo.

  62. My favorite game growing up. I played through the whole game high months ago and THAT was an experience.

  63. Does this prove God is real in the goosebumps universe if that's a demon?

  64. This use to be my shit back in 3rd grade. Good fucking times ?

  65. Goosebumps horrorland dreamworks blue sky nickelodeon warner bros pixar walt disney movie video games cutscenes

  66. Goosebumps horrorland DreamWorks blue sky Nickelodeon warner bros Pixar walt Disney movie video game cutscene

  67. I remember this looking better? man time flies fast

  68. I remember when Nate disappeared I got so scared as an 8 year old

  69. Goosebumps horrorland nicktoons the video game movie cutscene

  70. I got stuck with this girl and I couldn’t go on any rides and I just gave up because I forgot what to do after that

  71. Girl:cool costume
    Horror: you too

  72. Goosebumps horrorland aaahh real monsters movie video game cutscene

  73. This game has one of the best twists I can remember

  74. I remember this from like 3rd grade so damn crazy

  75. Me: looks at this ending
    yea ima go with sonic colors thanks you very much

  76. I’ve never got past the alien area

  77. My sis had almost beat the game, but couldn’t get past the last mini game in terror tombs and now both of my Wii’s don’t work 1st one ejects discs and the 2nd can’t read them so when he gets the time to do it my bigger sister’s bf will fix the 1st

  78. 10:19 that thing looks a lot like Chernabog from Night On Bald Mountain

  79. POPOs new song brought me here

  80. Just realized GiGi is pronounced G.G and stands for great gargancula…

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